Proud of Darkness, Chapter 5

I am a prisoner in my own house, held captive by my own husband.  That much has finally sunk in.  I don’t know what is going on.  So I am waiting for him to come back and tell me he didn’t mean to leave me locked up.  That he didn’t realize the door was only set to let him through it.  Eventually he will come and let me out and tell this is a mistake.  That is what he will say, but I am not a fool.  This is a warning, pure and simple.  I get the message.  But I am not going to play be his rules.  That is where he made his mistake.  While I wait, I am doing some research on vampires.  The first thing I realize is that I am basically immortal, barring unfortunate exposure to the sun.

When I started to hear screaming, I realized I wasn’t the only one being held prisoner in my basement.  How many others has Vlad kept captive, did he still have captive?  How many have died down here?

While I am researching vampires, I come across information on Vlad and realize that I never knew him at all.  Vlad is at least 200 years old.  Wow, I am only 20, that is a huge age difference.  He founded Forgotten Hollow and he “runs” it.  He never sold his mansion in Forgotten Hollow, he has been playing me all along.  What has he been after?  Is it my inventions?  I was showing my prototypes and telling my ideas when we first met – maybe he thinks I will invent something important.  Wait, what is it he said – he wants to walk in the sunlight again.  Is he looking for a cure to being a vampire or just to be resistant to the sun?  I don’t know that I can help him with that, or that I even want to any more.  He burnt that bridge.  Hmm, fire.

Okay, now let me see about getting out of here.  First things first.  But just as I was starting to work on my exit plan, Vlad showed up, all sweet and charming.  Well not charming, but Vlad.  I can see now, he is using vampire charm on me and now that I am a vampire also, his charms are not as strong.  So I am resisting him, but trying not to show it, because I don’t want him to realize and lock me up for real.  For real, because I was right.  Locking me in this room was an “accident”.  He didn’t “realize the door was only set for his voice”.  He is so “sorry” he left me down here all day.  Well, that bridge is still burnt.  I just have to figure out what my next steps.  I might have lost my head for awhile, but I found it and it is screwed on tight now.  Vlad wants me to be a good girl and play nice.  Well, I will be good, very good at what I do next.  But I don’t play nice, unless it is to get what I want.

Vlad did have a point about the convenience of having a food source easily accessible downstairs.  Especially with the dangers that come from going out during the day.  I found myself going down when the need to feed became overwhelming and realized that his prisoner, well our prisoner, was actually one of my coworkers.  Well, former coworkers as he won’t be leaving here anytime soon, or ever.  Roy Curry and his family went missing the night I came home with my last promotion.  His family.  His wife, Aubrey, and their son, Rene.  If I remember correctly, Aubrey won the §1,000,000 lottery earlier in the week also.  What a coincidence.  I need to do some digging while Vlad is “out of pocket” and see if I can find where he keeps all of the money he “earned”.

It is like he has a tracker on me, or maybe he was just coming down to eat also, but Vlad poofed into Roy’s cell right after I finished my dinner.  Of course, now he is all over me because he thinks I am fully under his spell.  So, I am still playing nice.

When Vlad heads off to do whatever Vlad does, I find Raven and spend some quality time with her.  It seems like forever since I have just snuggled with her and I think she is kind of mad at me too.  I know she was outside the door during the time I was “trapped” to use Vlad’s word.  Yes, you loves your mama, don’t you.

Eventually Raven goes off to shred another piece of furniture – she is spoiled and nothing I say will change her, so I don’t even try anymore – so i settle down to read one of Vlad’s vampire books.  This is interesting.  Did you know that vampires can have the ability to cast mind powers?  I know that is what Vlad has been doing to me.  And that some of them feel guilty for feeding on Sims?  Not me – I have no problem with it.

While Vlad is gone wherever, I am going to see if I can find where he stashed the money from the Currys.  That would go a long way to setting me up for the future.  I was very surprised to realize that he hadn’t hidden it at all.  It was right there with all of his money, which he gave me full access to when he moved in with me.  It was going to be very easy for me to take it.  For a 200-year old vampire, he doesn’t seem to have many security methods in place.  Or maybe he underestimates me.

I made a phone call to lay the groundwork.  Now I just need to wait for everything to happen.  There are four things that need to happen and then I will finally be in control.  I am not sure what order they will happen, or if they will happen at the same time, but they should all be happening soon.  I am excited – finally I feel like this is my choice.

Family Goals (Household):

  • Life States: Human, Vampire

Supernatural Dynasty (Bloodline):

  • Human: Vanity Proud

Enemies (Household):

  1. Dan Keener
  2. Roy Curry
  3. Aubrey Curry

Ghost Hunter (Household):

  • Drowning: Rene Curry

Scoring: 45

Founder’s Traits: +10

  • Evil +5, Jealous +5, Genius 0

Spouse’s Traits: +10

  • Vladislaus Straud: Evil +5, Loner +5, Music Lover 0

Left With Nothing: +25

  • 50×50 lot (bulldozed Affluista Mansion), reduced funds to §0


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