Proud of Darkness, Chapter 8

The first thing I did was update/tweak the house:

3rd floor/Attic

  • remodel the attic for the black sheep -done


  • add the museum -done (top empty room)
  • add holding cells for prisoners -done (four)
  • add the photography studio to the basement -done
  • add a science lab for Vanity -done
    • include pet station (immortality treat for Raven) -done

1st Floor/Public Rooms

  • add cat temple for Ravenclaw -done (next to living room)
  • living room/cat temple/front patio with swimming pool
  • kitchen/dining room with more water features
  • back yard with swimming pool, hot tub, playground, cemetery (right), wishing well (left)

2nd Floor/Private Rooms

  • update master suite suitable for a vampire
    • swap out Vanity’s bed for a coffin
  • children’s room – all children will share as long as nanny is needed
  • nanny’s room – heiress will take over this room as a child/teen


I tried to stop someone walking by to grab a bite to eat, but that just didn’t work and he laughed at me.  I will remember his name and he will pay, later.  For now, my need is immediate though.  I called up Gina, my coworker and invited her over for a visit.  I am just learning my powers and I didn’t realize my strength.  I was so hungry that I drained her life spirit.  I didn’t realize that would wipe her memory of me.  This is powerful, and very useful information.  Of course, I had to introduce myself afterwards.

Gina slept on the floor several times before she finally left.  I think she was confused because she just stood there for a long time.  I had other things to do so I just left her there.  Maybe I wiped more from her memory than just her knowledge of me, maybe she also forgot where she lived.  If she doesn’t leave soon, I have a special room downstairs where she can sleep.  She finally left before I made my way back to her, so she will live another day or two.

Raven does not like visitors.  She is very territorial and will attack anyone that just stands around.  I know that Gina has no idea what monster just attacked her or why, but that is what happens when you just stand in someone’s house doing nothing.

I have decided that it is time to return to work.  This baby will be coming soon and Avarice is growing quickly, but I have plans that I must continue working on.  That requires me to get back to the lab.  There is only so much I can do downstairs.  But I can’t leave the little ones here alone – even I am not that much of a monster.  So, I hired a nanny.  Anvi Basu will be living with us until the little ones are old enough to look after themselves.  Well, Anvi will be with us until the end of her days, but she doesn’t need to know that at this point.

With Anvi in the house to take care of Avarice, I have a pressing concern to address.  I have read that there is a way to turn back time for Raven.  A way to keep her young and make her virtually immortal.  As I will live forever as a vampire, I want my true companion to live forever by my side.  I must learn this secret.  So I will spend all of my spare time experimenting until I develop a treatment that works.

What I didn’t realize is that Anvi had come downstairs into the basement behind me leaving Avarice stuck upstairs crying.  Avarice hasn’t learned how to manage the stairs yet and she is starving.  I sent Anvi upstairs immediately to tend to the toddler and locked all of the downstairs doors so Anvi can’t access the basement any more.  Now she is limited to the main house only.  Her primary function here is to the babies – otherwise she has no reason to live.  The next time she comes into the basement, she won’t be leaving it, that I promise you.

After feeding Avarice, Anvi takes her out to play on the playground.  At least she is attentive once I removed the temptation of all the pretty toys downstairs.  I don’t think she was able to teach Avarice how to navigate the stairs yet, so she will need to keep working on that, but at least she understands her place in the household now.

She even tried to potty train the child before bedtime.  But I think they both had some trouble because when I came up from the basement, I found a horrible, smelly mess in the main bathroom.  I can’t believe no one cleaned it up either.  I will have to talk to her about the housekeeping.  She will have to be responsible for that also.  I don’t have time and I am not hiring a maid.

I explained to Raven what I working on and she is depending on me to find the answer.  But at the same time, she keeps demanding my attention.  I really need to be able to focus on my research.  She can’t understand that every interruption is a delay, and could cost her immortality!  But look at that cutesy face.

I can hear Avarice fussing again.  Anvi better be taking good care of her.  I know that child is hungry again.  I have to go to work now, but I better not come home to an unhappy toddler today!  Or Anvi might find herself facing an early retirement!

Ahhh! It is so wonderful to be back in the lab.  I was feeling so unchallenged staying at home.  I can’t do that again.  Never again.  I must always continue to work, no matter what.  I hope I pass that on to my children – the drive to continually learn – I hope my children are geniuses like me.

My first invention of consequence!  A simray.  I am going to call it – the Vanity-Ray. Mwhahaha!!!

Mwhahaha this is so much fun!  I wonder if he would like to go out with me sometime.

I had a great day at work.  After testing the Vanity-Ray, I was able to upgrade it where it will transform objects, although I haven’t tested that yet.  I was really hungry, so I had a “little snack” after completing all of my tasks for the day and then I took a shower.

With a clean, fresh outlook on life, I browsed the web until it was time to go home.  Jacques continued to slack off the rest of the day.  I don’t know why they keep these slackers on the payroll.  He obviously didn’t get any work done this afternoon.  I think he needs to retire soon since he can’t even make it through the day without stopping to take a nap.

Well, that is disappointing.  I did a fantastic job today – their words – but I did not get a promotion.  Maybe tomorrow, they said.  We’ll see, they said.  Just you wait.  One day I will be in charge.  Then we’ll see.

I am so proud of Avarice.  I came home today and she was going to the potty by herself!  She is getting to be such a big girl.

Anvi was downstairs watching videos on the tablet, but when I came home, I noticed she started cleaning the house.  Slacker.  She better watch it or she will be retiring early.  I am not in the mood today for slackers.

I found Raven laying on Anvi’s bed and I was so jealous but I guess I shouldn’t be since I don’t have a bed for her to lay on.  She can’t exactly get comfortable on top of my coffin.  Although since when has a cat’s idea of comfort been the same as ours and really, get off her bed.  I will not share my true companion with anyone else.

But, I just had to love on Avarice after being such a big girl and going potty by herself.  She has been so sad lately.  I know I haven’t spent a lot of time with her, but she will get over that.  It is a part of life and she will understand one day that everything I am doing now is for our future.

She asks me to read her a story, and even though I need to get back to work on the research for immortality for Raven, I take a few minutes to read a story to Avarice.

She still wants more hugs.  She is such an angel, I think maybe she can’t be Vlad’s daughter.  If only it were possible that she had another father, and another mother, because how could two evil sims have had such an angelic toddler?  I wonder if she will grow up like me or become a black sheep and never fit into the family.  I do worry about that.

I take her downstairs as she still can’t maneuver the stairs, and I put her in the high chair and give her some cheese crackers for dinner.  Then I head down into the lab to get to work.  It is time for Anvi to take over her care for the evening.

Anvi?!?  Where are you?  You should not be upstairs in the attic, or you might find yourself locked in there forever!  Yep, another door that needs to be locked!  Get downstairs and take care of Avarice!!

I swear I should have checked her credentials when the nanny agency sent her over, but I hired her on the spot.  She finally tends to Avarice and lets her out of the high chair.  Of course Avarice loves on Raven because Raven is very affectionate and loves attention – unless you are a stranger.

I am working hard downstairs but I can hear Avarice’s excitement as she finally figures out how to manage the stairs.  It is a big day indeed.  She is no longer limited to a single floor and dependent on someone to carry her up and down the stairs.  This might not be a good thing, but it will definitely be easier to manage now.  She will be able to come tell me if Anvi is neglecting her and she won’t have to stand around and cry.

I don’t know who is the bigger mess-maker, Avarice or Anvi, but everywhere they go they leave a huge mess behind.

Thankfully, Anvi understands it is her responsibility to keep the house clean as well as take care of Avarice.  While she may not stay with Avarice as much as I prefer, she does seem to do the cleaning without me telling her.

I find Avarice using the potty again, and I an cheering her on when the contractions start signaling the beginning of labor with my second child.  It is time to meet the new baby.  I wonder what Vlad’s final gift to me will be – a boy or a girl, good or evil.

There will always be a battle between good and evil, and as much as I love Avarice, her goodness is a struggle.  I still have hope that I can convince her to cross over to the dark side.  But with this new baby, there is the unknowing – the potential – the … OWWWW…

Meet my son, Larceny Proud.  A boy.  Isn’t that special.

Right after Larceny was born, I had to leave for work.  Let’s just say it, work sucked today.  Before I left, I was able to feed Larceny and Raven came up to meet him.  So there was that.

But work.  Bleh.  Today was “collection day”.  That means I spend all morning “collecting” crap.  That sucks the fun and productivity out of the day.

Then I went over to talk to Srik (Srikumar Stark to be specific but I just call him Srik).  I wanted to let him know that I had given birth and I wasn’t pregnant any more.  {wink, wink}

Timing is everything, and of course Gina decided to die at that exact moment.  I mean, couldn’t she have waited until she went home?

Then, I was assigned the task to collect DNA samples from everyone.  Yeah, right.  I can’t get anyone to share crystals and metals with me, do you really think they are going to give up DNA to me?  Like they are afraid of what I might do with it – and they should be.

But once I asked Srik, then I forgot about asking anyone else because we starting flirting, covertly of course.  He is still married, after all.

But, because of Gina deciding to DIE, I didn’t get anything done and therefore didn’t get promoted, AGAIN.  They said my performance was only Adequate.  Like it wasn’t my fault GINA decided to DIE today at work instead of waiting until she got home like any reasonable sim would have.  Inconsiderate bitch.  I knew I should have locked her in the dungeon when she was at the house the other day.

I arrived home starving – because of the way the day went at work, I never was able to get anything to eat.  So I ordered up delivery.  After I ate, Raven made sure to add her disapproval to strangers at the house.

Srik came over after work.  I told you he was interested now that I wasn’t pregnant any longer.  His wife is some boring redhead named Nina.  Rumor around town is that she used to live with her sister and mother with a man named, get this, Don Lothario.  Now that is a hoot and half.  Of course, Raven was not happy to see another stranger but she will just have to deal.

Once she was done making her feelings known, Srik and I talked for hours.

Anvi is still doing her usual “fine” job of taking care of Avarice, Larceny, and the house.  The kitchen is a pigsty, but I never go in there since I generally eat at the front door, so whatever.

But, I finally saw our resident ghosts for the first time.  Well, at least some of them.  Vlad hasn’t made an appearance yet.  I still need to win three vampire fights, and I was wondering if I could fight him as a ghost and have it count, or if I am going to have to meet those Vatores and fight them.  Hmm.

Srik might be a stalker type of boyfriend.  At work today, he was all over me.  I mean, I am not complaining because I can always take care of that if it gets annoying, but come on, discretion.

After I finished my work – and today I stayed focused even with lover boy on, and after, my tail all day – but after I finished my work, we snuck out and took the rocket for a spin.  I had permission because it is “my” rocket.  I sneaked Srik in with me and took him up also, although he pissed his pants afterwards.  You would think he was a coward or something.

Then we took me up to the observatory to show me the stars, and I showed him stars, if you know what I mean.  Stink and all, doesn’t matter to me.  After all, I was married to Vlad and he was pretty gross most of the time also.

After a productive work day and two tumbles, I had just enough time for a snack before quitting time.  Yummy, divine.  I am going to have to remember this and come back for more.

It was just my luck that Srik would walk in as I was eating.  He was shocked to say the least.  I can see I am going to have to remedy this because I can’t have him gossiping about what he has seem.  Up until now, the true nature of my beast has not been known.  I know I was careless to eat in the lobby, but everyone was supposed to be working in the back.  I did not realize Srik had come to the front to take a shower, although I should have checked.

Avarice! NO!, Use the potty like a big girl.  I can’t believe it, you are almost completely potty trained – you are getting too big to be pooping your diaper like that.

Now, of course I must take care of my business.  I invite Srik over.  He is excited to see me and we head for the hot tub for some quality time together.  If I am going to have to end it, I might as well have some fun first.

I invite Srik downstairs for a tour that ends in a special room.  He is dismayed when I explain that he will be staying there until I decide what to do with him.

Raven also has to have her say in the matter.  She has made her opinion known from the beginning, I know.  But he is so different from Vlad that I just couldn’t help myself.  Now see where we are.

Raven and I head upstairs to check on Avarice.

And I find her eating popcorn.  Where the hell is that worthless nanny?

I scold Avarice because that is not a proper meal and the little angelic shit yells at me?  What is this crap – am I starting to rub off on her?  I can only hope.  Of course, I can’t let her get away with yelling at me, so I send her to her room.  Without the popcorn, of course.



I finally remembered to have my portraits done for the museum.  I let Anvi come down into the photography studio just long enough to take them – I took one in my original form and one in my new form and then I hung them both up on either side of the family portrait.  Anvi still shows up in the family portrait but that is just temporary while she lives here.  And that shouldn’t be too much longer.  Just until Larceny can grow past the toddler stage.

I visit Srik every once in awhile.  Today is Monster Mash which is making it hard to become enemies as the entire purpose of the day is to be mean, which makes meanness fun.  Timing sucks sometimes.

I am still trusting Anvi to take care of Avarice but she better not be undoing the evilness I am trying to install in that child.

Oh no, no no no!  I haven’t eaten anything I shouldn’t have.  There is no reason I should be throwing up.  Okay, there is only one reason I would be throwing up.  I can’t be, not again.  Damn!

One pregnancy test later, and here I am cleaning the toilet.  Yes, I am pregnant, once again.  Crap!  This was not in my plans.  I am definitely killing that sim!  This is all his fault.

I have been giving Srik various fire making objects trying to see if he will start a fire.  So far he hasn’t.  But he did make some veggie burgers, which I gave one to Avarice to eat since Anvi is falling down on the job.  She is getting very close to retirement.

And apparently, the boy is now a toddler.  He is already showing clingy tendencies and he has a lot of his father’s coloring.  This is not a good thing – to remind me so much of Vlad.  Hopefully he can grow out of that.  But he does have my eyes.  Maybe that will be enough to save him.


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