Proud of Darkness, Chapter 9

I just don’t get it.  I have tried everything I can think of to kill Srik.  Vlad made it look so easy, but it definitely is not easy!  I left him in a room with a cheap grill and he just made plates of food, which I let Avarice eat.  I switched it out with a fireplace and he never set himself on fire.  I finally brought him out into the desert and locked him up without any protection from the weather.  Of course, he lived in the hot tub and just slept most of the time.

I even bought one of those weather machines and set it for a heatwave.  He loved it.

Then I changed to thunderstorms.  He didn’t love that so much.

He was even struck by lightning twice.

Still he lives.  Then I tried to freeze him.  First with the freeze ray and then by making a blizzard.  Let’s just say that blizzards in Oasis Springs just aren’t the same as in other worlds.  There is no accumulation.  So that was a bust.

During all of this, I finally made him my enemy.  Again, that is much easier said than done.  Another thing that Vlad made look much too easy.

As for the toddlers – the non-stop thunderstorms made for a horrible few days. The boy is a terror. He is definitely way too clingy. He is always making messes.

I try to explain to him that being creative is not how you get ahead in this world, but then he takes it out on the dollhouse.

Well, I don’t have time to repair that right now, and I am not bringing a repairman into this house until I deal with the Srik situation. Anvi really is worthless. She should be handling the boy but I don’t think she even pays him any attention. I have started to use her for food. Her time is running short, that I can assure you.

Avarice seems to be doing okay. She isn’t getting much attention either, but she will adapt. She needs to figure out how to entertain herself and at least she isn’t as clingy as the boy.

I finally saw Vlad’s ghost the other day. I even think it was struck by lightning. I laughed.

While I am trying to deal with Srik I need Anvi to take care of the toddlers.  She is virtually ignoring Avarice and the boy.  I came into the house to find her standing there watching him poop his diaper while Avarice is passed out on the living room floor.  I can’t take care of them and figure out why Srik is resistant to everything lethal.  That is her function – her reason to still be living.

And another time, I find her and Avarice sitting downstairs eating while the boy is standing at the top of the stairs waiting for someone to carry him down so that he can also eat.  He still can’t get up and down without help and yet she is stuffing her face first while he starves.

I am still working on finding a way for Raven to become immortal “in my spare time”, not that there is much of that with all the “help” I have around here.

Although, don’t tell anyone, but I have to take a break sometimes and play a few hands of cards just to relax.  If I don’t find some way to relax, there is going to be hell to pay, that’s for sure.

The boy is not very smart.  He trapped himself behind his bed and couldn’t get out without help.  I almost left him there, but then he would have started crying, again, and I had just gotten Avarice to sleep, again.

Dinner out, yummy.

Just keep walking, I don’t need an audience, or your approval.

I finally got time to repair the damn dollhouse.

I just put the boy in there and gave him food.  Don’t you dare take him out of the high chair.

Dammit, Anvi!  I am just about done with your help.

I was surprised when Anvi suggested that she make friends with him and take him with her as she tracks down the recipe for the pufferfish.  That is actually a good idea and really devious.  But, apparently the Japanese food stall is closed on Sundays.  They are rumored to be open on Mondays, so she will try again then.

Finally Anvi succeeded at something.  She convinced Srik to join the household as a member instead of a prisoner.  He agreed to not try to escape and was released from captivity. 

In return, he has to share her bed – that is one area they haven’t come to agreement on yet.  My understanding is that they are still negotiating the terms of that arrangement.  I know he is married, but he has agreed to not contact his family in exchange for their safety.

For the one thing Anvi did right, she can’t seem to remember to take care of the boy.  She will not be getting a good reference from me.  Well, she ain’t be needing a reference so I guess that doesn’t really matter does it.

I finally found the boy on the front porch and put him to bed myself.  He still can’t get up and down the stairs by himself and gets trapped on whatever floor he is on so he has to sleep wherever he can.  He doesn’t smell as bad as normal so maybe Anvi actually changed his diaper (nope), changed his clothes (nope), gave him a bath (I did that yesterday).

I even found Avarice crying in the high chair forgotten today.  She wasn’t even hungry so I don’t know why she was sitting in the high chair.

Once I rescued her, she wanted to go through her flash cards.  I still have hope she will be a genius like me.  Maybe that will balance out her goodness.  We’ll see.

I am so frustrated with this boy.  He is constantly trapping himself behind his bed against the wall.  It is almost like he wants to be a captive, a prisoner.  Is he trying to tell me something?

Where did I go wrong?

Avarice is working hard trying to please me and that should please me, but the fact that she tries so hard is not pleasing me.  She should be in bed asleep, but she keeps getting up to play her game.  She said she wants to be a genius like me.  But why does she have to be so good?

I need something to eat.

Well, I ordered a pizzaman, but a repairman will do if the pizza doesn’t show up soon.  Can you fix the broken crap first?

Ahh pizza.  The kids will have something to eat tomorrow.

Now, for my dinner.  A pizza girl will be nice and tasty.  Cute too.

Well guess who is awake and out for some fun.  Oh, I need to talk to them about wearing clothing in the hot tub, and making sure the gate is locked when they are getting frisky.

Well, I guess Anvi just retired.  I hope she enjoyed her final activity.  Srik doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to get out of the hot tub.  I am really glad Anvi put on some clothes before she collapsed into eternity.  A naked ghost floating around forever would have been really awkward.

I liked the pizza girl.  Maybe we can be friends.  She would be good to have over for dinner again. 

Well this I just noticed.  All those damned thunderstorms trying to fry Srik fried the damned toddler playground.  That cost a pretty penny to replace.  Damned Srik.  I am going to find a way to kill him before we are done with this.

I caught the kids talking about the new baby.  I didn’t think they understood but I guess they do understand more than I realized.  At first Avarice seemed excited but Larceny must have said something that upset her.  When they saw me, they stopped talking about it and went off to play.

I checked on Avarice and she said she was sleepy and she was going to bed.

Two things about this boy.  One, he is finally developing his motor skills.  He might even be able to make it up and down the stairs without help now.

Two, Anvi has never even showed him the potty chair.  He has absolutely no idea that he should be trying to not use his diaper.  I found him just standing in the ball pit pooping.

I am not sure how but the fact that I was pregnant slipped my mind.  Well, it didn’t exactly slip my mind, it just wasn’t the most important thing on my mind recently.  But going into labor brought it back to the to top of the list.  Well might as well have something to eat before I deliver – and Srik is the easiest food source, and since this is his fault I am pregnant – he just got volunteered.

Then the babies came.  Yes, babies.  Twins.  Can things get any worse?  Treasure and Cache.  Yes, those are their names.  Treasure is the girl and Cache is the boy.

Family Goals (Household):

  • Life States: Human, Vampire

Supernatural Dynasty (Bloodline):

  • Human: Vanity Proud
  • Vampire: Avarice Proud

Enemies (Household): 5/25

  1. Dan Keener (Vlad)
  2. Roy Curry (Vlad)
  3. Aubrey Curry (Vlad)
  4. Srikmar Stark (Vanity)

Ghost Hunter (Household): 5/10

  1. Drowning: Rene Curry
  2. Sunlight: Vladislaus Straud
  3. Starvation: Roy Curry
  4. Sauna: Aubrey Curry
  5. Overexertion: Anvi Basu

House Goals:

  • Dungeon: Complete
  • Museum: In Progress
  • Attic: Complete
  • Graveyard: In Progress
  • Highest Quality: Complete
  • Household Value: ~§475,000


  • Vanity (in progress)
  • Avarice (in progress)


  • Vanity:
    • Master Vampire (in progress)


  • Vanity:
    • Scientist (in progress)

Scoring: 45

Founder’s Traits: +10

  • Evil +5, Jealous +5, Genius 0

Spouse’s Traits: +10

  • Vladislaus Straud: Evil +5, Loner +5, Music Lover 0

Left With Nothing: +25

  • 50×50 lot (bulldozed Affluista Mansion), reduced funds to §0


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