Proud of Darkness, Introduction

Well, here we are.  Our new home, such as it is.  Bare, bleak.  But it is mine.  I have nothing left, making this purchase took every Simolean I had.  Now I have to figure out my next step.  I have to make a plan. When I am done, this town will not only fear me, they will accept me as their Leader.  I will control their destiny.  This town will be mine!

My name is Vanity Proud and my companion is Ravenclaw.

DyNasty of Darkness

Boolprop challenge rules


Length: 5 generations

Objective: Founder must survive until the end of the challenge

Family Goals:

Family Trait: Evil (most likely)

Enemies: 25 total enemies by the end of the challenge

Criminal Career: reach the top of both branches

Influence Careers: Politics, Journalism, Secret Agent, and Astronaut

Life States: Ghost, Vampire, Alien, Human

House Goals:

Dungeon: Hostages and prisoners

Museum: Portraits, shrines, and collections

Attic: Black Sheep Apartment

Graveyard: 10 tombstones; 6 unique death types

Highest Quality: Furnishings

Household Value: §750,000

Mini Challenges:

Left With Nothing: Start on the largest lot with zero dollars

  • Started on 50×50 lot with zero dollars

Special Spouse: Spouse’s traits can be counted for points (plus/minus)

Scaredy Cats: Must have at least one pet cat in the house throughout the challenge

  • Ravenclaw (Affectionate, Spoiled, Territorial)

Monster Dynasty: In addition to the founder, all heirs must become immortal and remain alive until the end of the challenge

Gnome Invasion: Have at least 20 gnomes on the lot by the end of the challenge

Monster Holiday: Create a themed family holiday – must earn gold every year

  • Monster Mash: scheduled for the last day of Summer
    • Spooky Spirit, Mischief Spirit, Fighting, Decorate, Air Grievances
    • Day off Work/School 

Aspiration Aficionado: Complete at least 15 unique aspirations by the end of the challenge

For the Love of Frogs: Collect every frog mainly through breeding

Vampiric Nightmare: Have a vampire in the family who drinks from others without permission for at least two generations.

Super Challenges:

Ghost Hunter: Have 10 different ghosts (death types) roaming freely by the end of the challenge

Monster Idiots: Can only control the founder and the current heir throughout the challenge


Founder’s Traits: +10

  • Evil +5, Jealous +5, Genius 0


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