Rock the Rainbow (Chapter 12)

The polls have closed and Primrose will be the heiress.  The count was very close and Rachel almost pulled out a come from behind win.  Leia will marry Han Solo and Rachel will marry Rick.  As Peeta is still glitched, Primrose will “allow” Han Solo to be her baby daddy before he and Leia get married.  This was not my idea, but I noticed that at the prom Han Solo and Primrose developed a romantic attraction and he is only best friends with Leia.  Primrose should only have to be pregnant once as she will be attempting to have the Golden Trio.  As the heiress, Primrose will be going into Rock Music and has started learning to play the guitar.


As I have decided to keep the core family intact, Molly chose to become a fairy.  Since no other extended life occults are allowed, Oskar takes the Young Again potion to remain alive until the end of the challenge.  It is possible he will only need the one dose, but we will see.  He is already level 8 in the Military and won’t be working on any additional challenges.


A quick recap of where the family stands

  • Every family member that has reached young adult has completed their lifetime wish
  • 4 careers have been maxed with the challenge requiring 10.
  • 3 more should be completed soon*.
  • This leaves 3 careers to be completed by the current generation.
    • Leia ~ Sculptor
    • Primrose ~ Rock Music
    • Rachel ~ Firefighter
  • Primrose will achieve the Philanthropy statue
  • Primrose will give birth to the Golden Trio
  • One of the Golden Trio will complete the Entertainer statue
  • Monster Mash is still on the table but the family only has single life-states up to this point.


Rick decides to become a Monster Maker and will be learning alchemy.  While we know that mummies and simbots count, the question is raised regarding supernatural life states and plumbots.  Han Solo (who had the Adventurous trait already when he was made real) has decided to have a Private Museum.  A side note regarding Missy and her relationship status.  Apparently, she is now a widow and making time with young Wesley Blush.  Wedding announcement is expected to be forthcoming any day now.  And along with the wedding announcement there comes a birth announcement.


The teens all have a fairly quiet and uneventful time.  Rachel and Primrose work on their guitar skills and Leia is making a lot of sculptures to sell eventually.  Rick has a collection of alchemy elixirs to test out for making monsters and Han Solo spends his time at the art gallery.  Eventually they will make the right choice regarding their lifetime wish.  Eventually.  In the end I have let the family do their own thing with just a few skill requests here and there, the occasional get your ass to bed instruction, and requiring some hard work.  But the family is just enjoying their quiet time.  The quiet before the storm.


Han Solo feels left out as he hasn’t been assigned a skill, so he starts a blog, “Life in the OWBC” .  Maybe he will become a Blog Artist.  Probably not. I am having a hard time coming up with plans for Han Solo and am actually glad that he and Leia will be young adults soon.  Not that they can leave until Leia is finished, but that will happen soon enough.  Han will get an “easy” lifetime wish.


Voohon Xip takes Molly out on a date and they begin going steady, at which time Molly becomes a “cheater”.  Seriously?  Wade has been a ghost for a long time and there has been, and is no one else in her panel.  My first alien and there is no room in the inn. >.<  With a lack of empty double beds, Molly and Voohon come up with an alternate plan.  And then Molly goes to work at midnight.


Overwatch has found Peeta and continues to try to reset him and unstick him but it just isn’t working.  And speaking of things that aren’t working – Snow Day but here comes the bus, which takes the teens to school, then abandons them.  If they don’t get on the bus they get lectured.


Oskar is explaining to Rachel that she didn’t win the heiress poll and therefore, must move out once she has completed her lifetime wish and married Rick.  Move on out, when the time comes.  Move out and make room.  And I just realized he is in his underwear.


The list of family lifetime wishes  for the founder, generation one, and generation two:

  1. Seasoned Traveler (visa levels) **Molly** Completed
  2. High Tech Collector (advanced technology and toys) **Wade** Completed
  3. More Than a Machine (bot building and sentience) **Oskar** Completed
  4. Presenting the Perfect Private Aquarium (fishing) **Emilie** Completed
  5. Tinkerer (logic and handiness) **Odo** Died as a Teen from Electrocution
  6. Professional Author (writing) **Missy** Completed
  7. Culinary Librarian (cooking) **Bill** Completed
  8. Super Popular (friends) **Fleur** Completed
  9. Renaissance Sim **Leia**
  10. Private Museum **Han Solo**
  11. Rock Star **Primrose**
  12. Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers **Rachel**
  13. Alchemy Artisan **Rick**

Careers Maxed (Workaholic requires 10)

  1. Culinary (Wade)
  2. Alchemist (Wade)
  3. Law Enforcement/Special Agent (Molly ~ level 8)
  4. Bot Building (Oskar)
  5. Military (Oskar ~ level 9)
  6. Painter (Emilie)
  7. Law Enforcement/Forensics (Emilie ~ level 4)
  8. Sculptor (Leia ~ level 5)
  9. Music/Rock (Primrose)
  10. Firefighter (Rachel)



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