Rock the Rainbow (Chapter 13)

NooBoo time.  Wait, she doesn’t live here anymore.  Go to the Hospital.  Now, please.  Missy didn’t seem to be ready to leave on her own so Oskar took her to the hospital.   And Missy, apparently, had a boy and because Oskar took her to the hospital, he also received the It’s a Boy 24 hour moodlet.


Although, Primrose did give me the picture for this generation’s banner.


Rick heads out to the local park with a supply of elixirs and proceeds to throw them at various sims.  The town now has a lot more supernatural beings that are extremely blissful.  26/50 thrown in on Saturday afternoon.


Rachel and Prim spend their Saturday playing, rather competing, for tips while Leia works on her sculpting.  Oskar and Molly have completed all of their skill requirements and are just waiting on the last 1 or 2 promotions to finish up their career.  Emilie still has just under a level to go on logic and she will be done with her skills.  She is only halfway to the top of her career though, she hasn’t even made it to the split point where she can choose forensics.  I really have given Han Solo absolutely nothing to accomplish so he just gets sent to a random community lot and allowed to do his own thing.


Because Rachel completed a wooden laundry basket and left it on the pedestal overnight before selling it, Molly got a little confused and gathered up all of the dirty clothes to put inside.  Just for that, the family will now have to do laundry because they have a brand new washer and dryer {applause}.


Just a random picture of Han Solo looking ever so thrilled to be ignored.  Or wondering when the birthdays are going to start.  Sometimes the teen stage feels so freaking long.  I really think I am going to try a speed legacy next, just to play on the shortest lifespan for once.


The family finally has an accomplishment to announce for this chapter.  Oskar has reached the top of his career.  Molly has finally reached level 9 and has been promoted to Triple Agent.

Emilie come home with just a sliver left so she tracks down and stalks her boss to beg for a raise.  This is the house her boss lives in which is almost scary considering they are in Law Enforcement.

The announcement was soon followed by a double birthday as Leia and Han Solo become young adults.  Leia rolls Good to add to her traits and has already chosen the lifetime wish to become a renaissance sim.  She has mastered sculpting and will be working on logic and cooking, I believe. She uses the enlightenment elixirs but they level her fishing skill instead of logic of cooking.


Han Solo added cat person to his masterful list of unuseful traits.  He selects Private Museum and promptly completes it.


These teens really need to grow up.  In many ways.  Oskar caught Primrose setting booby traps and totally went off on her while I was taking pictures of Leia’s sculpting outfit.  I come back to find Primrose “Got in Trouble -5” and “Privilege Revoked -20” (banned from using TV) and “Grounded! -30” (for 2 days).  The math on that is -55.  She really dislikes Oskar at the moment.

Screenshot-10 Screenshot-11

Primrose has her birthday and adds clumsy to her traits and choose Rock Star as her lifetime wish.


Graduation comes and requires everyone’s attendance where Primrose is Voted Most Likely to Burn Down Her House, Han Solo is voted Most Likely to Never Leave the House, and Leia is voted Most Likely to Take Over the World.  With Prim and Han the same age again, it is time to begin setting up the next generation.  Since Peeta has now disappeared from everywhere, Prim sets her sights on Han Solo.  the best part is he will move out with Leia when she leaves.

Screenshot-14 Screenshot-16

As the youngest kids are just twiddling their thumbs waiting for their birthday, they are allowed to have a party a few days early.  Rick rolls Bot Fan and has already chosen Alchemy Artisan.  Rachel rolls inappropriate and has already chosen Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers.  She and Rick will get along just fine.

Now that all of the teens are young adults, it is time to get busy and open up some spots for the triplets to come.  This means Rick and Rachel must be the first to move out so Primrose can get pregnant.  Once Prim is pregnant, Leia and Han Solo will move out.  Eventually Emilie will die which will also open up a spot, but she better not be the first one out the door.  And just a little tidbit… if you plan on having a sim become a firefighter, there actually needs to be a fire station in town.  So, yeah.  A quick recap of the family finds that Molly has completed her lifetime wish and is one day from, finally, reaching the top of the Special Agent career.  Oskar is at the top of his career and has completed his lifetime wish.  Emilie has completed her lifetime wish and is at level 6 in Forensics.  For generation two, Leia is at level 7 in the Sculptor career and still needs to master two more skills.  She is listening to a lot of tabcasts while she sculpts.  Han Solo has completed his lifetime wish and joined the Medical career.  He is working on logic and staying out of my way.  Primrose has joined the Rock career which will also complete her lifetime wish.  Rachel will be leveling firefighter because you can reach the top without ever working a single case.  For her lifetime wish she needs 1 more level in charisma and 2 more levels in guitar.  And finally, Rick needs to master the last four levels of alchemy and use or throw 15 more elixirs to complete his lifetime wish.  And a totally unrelated note, it is time for makeovers as fashion sense they have none.




Han Solo








The list of family lifetime wishes  for the founder, generation one, and generation two:

  1. Seasoned Traveler (visa levels) **Molly** Completed
  2. High Tech Collector (advanced technology and toys) **Wade** Completed
  3. More Than a Machine (bot building and sentience) **Oskar** Completed
  4. Presenting the Perfect Private Aquarium (fishing) **Emilie** Completed
  5. Tinkerer (logic and handiness) **Odo** Died as a Teen from Electrocution
  6. Professional Author (writing) **Missy** Completed
  7. Culinary Librarian (cooking) **Bill** Completed
  8. Super Popular (friends) **Fleur** Completed
  9. Renaissance Sim **Leia**
  10. Private Museum **Han Solo** Completed
  11. Rock Star **Primrose**
  12. Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers **Rachel**
  13. Alchemy Artisan **Rick**

Careers Maxed (Workaholic requires 10 careers maxed)

  1. Culinary (Wade)
  2. Alchemist (Wade)
  3. Law Enforcement/Special Agent (Molly ~ level 9)
  4. Bot Building (Oskar)
  5. Military (Oskar)
  6. Painter (Emilie)
  7. Law Enforcement/Forensics (Emilie ~ level 6)
  8. Sculptor (Leia ~ level 7)
  9. Music/Rock (Primrose ~ level 3)
  10. Firefighter (Rachel ~ level 1)


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