Rhodes to Riches, Building a Family

Dylan got a little more than she bargained when she married Óscar. He has decent traits (vegetarian, loves outdoors, child of the islands), although vegetarian is not one of my favorites. But the first real surprise is that his aspiration is to become the Chief of Mischief, and he has the Dastardly trait as a result. He changes his aspiration to Master Maker and will be exploring the fabrication skill. As expected he lost his bartending job when he joined the household, so he is unemployed. And, he has four (4) lumps of clay in his inventory.

I do believe Dylan is telling Óscar that he is as scrumptious as a grilled cheese sandwich.

Anyways, back to the house. With Óscar moving in, the first thing they do is complete the workshop. And yes, that is a lot of orange bromelaids. They worked for the look and I just kept adding them.

Inside the shop, he is starting with the recycler and the fabricator.

Outside, behind the shop is a dumpster and an atmospheric water generator. No clue how it works, but I saw it in the catalog and had to buy him one.

And then I read through the aspiration that Óscar will be completing and added an insect farm and a candle making table. Óscar will also becoming a Freelance Crafter.

Now that Óscar is setup and ready to go, it is time to provide for Natalia. Natalia is Gloomy and she wants to become an Artistic Prodigy. We can work with this. First she gets a bedroom.

Then the beginning of the children’s activity room with the art table and the chemistry table.

An upstairs balcony is added with more items for the children, including the scouting board.

She even gets an outdoors area for playing.

With these changes, it made sense to move the dew collector over near the shop.

Dive for Thrills?

Well, it is exactly what it sounds like. So gross, truthfully.

After the ultimate dumpster dive, Óscar sets up the insect farm with crickets. He hasn’t had a need for bees yet, so we will wait to add them until they need it.

With his inventory full, it is time to begin recycling and fabricating. Dylan went inside to get cleaned up and make dinner.

Speaking of dinner, Natalia has come home from school and she had a very embarrassing day.

Once Natalia gets home from school, it is time for makeovers for her and Óscar. She trims her hair and updates her outfits, which is about the same for Óscar. No major changes really.

Then it is time to join the scouts and start working on badges, and homework of course.

Dylan helps her finish her homework and then heads upstairs for a nap.

Óscar is busy learning how to use the fabricator.

This was from lightning – Newcrest in the summer is one long thunderstorm.

Rain or not, Natalia is sent off to complete the fishing badge.

It looks like Óscar still has some learning to complete.

And Natalia is completely over this fishing thing.

While everyone sleeps, Dylan hires a vegetarian caterer to come over and stock the fridge.

Dylan still needs to complete the last tier of the Jungle Explorer aspiration, so she heads back for a quick trip.

Her first treasure results in the skeleton blessing, which is a blessing because she will have full, static needs to 12 hours.

Confetti? It is not obvious but apparently Dylan is pregnant.

She gets through the temple fairly quickly, collects the treasure, and heads home.

She checks out the toddler waiting in front of the house. After the Natalia surprise, she wants to make sure there are more random stepkids running around. But no, he is just random.

Inside, she greets Óscar.

Then she gives him the good news.

And then they share the big news with Natalia.


Dylan had to get up and come downstairs to put him out. I was actually wanting to see the fire suppression equipment work, and the new firefighter didn’t even show up.

So, Dylan was putting out the fire on the stove, not on Óscar. His fire was put out by the sprinkler. Either way, he survived, the stove did not.

Dylan only has the single golden frog to sell and she has two potential buyers.

Bjorn was there first, but Marcus ran up and got in front of him. I was laughing at them and didn’t notice who actually bought the frog.

Dylan would like to make another trip into the jungle before the baby is born, but for today, she is working around the house. And yes, they got the bees.

Natalia is not progressing well in school. She still has a C and only has another week of school to bring that up to an A. She has the skill needed, and she has been doing her homework. She should get the B on Monday (today is Friday) and then hopefully the A by Thursday.


Natalia needs to work on her aspiration, but she is embarrassed and right now she needs to be inspired. But either way, once Óscar and Natalia go to bed that evening, Dylan slips away for another trip through the jungle.

She is 13 hours away from the 3rd trimester, so she should have time to make it through and get back home before she goes into labor. This should also be the last time she has to come to the jungle for the aspiration.


Dylan was hoping someone would show up so that she could buy another machete, but no one ever did. So she had a sip of juice and headed into the jungle.

Her luck is much better now than when she first started exploring, but she still gets attacked frequently. Thankfully there have been no poisonings lately.

She uses the relic to curse her last target, and she is done with that now.

As she finishes the temple, she completes the Jungle Explorer aspiration and switches back to Fabulously Wealthy. She also really has to pee and is firmly in the last trimester, so she is going home.

Dylan will get a rest now for her maternity leave. That means Natalia will be the focus of attention for a little bit. She is working on both the creativity aspiration and her scouting badges.

Dylan had a really great trip this last time and has three frogs and one plate ready to sell. She has also completed Fabulously Wealthy, leaving Mansion Baron as the next aspiration to complete.

One thing I am enjoying is the patch that stopped the customers from coming over and heading straight into the house. Now they act normal and just shop from the table, chat, and leave.

And done. Well, not with the challenge. Dylan has sold the last of the treasures, completed the jungle aspiration, completed the wealthy aspiration, and she is getting close to giving birth. Now to spend their savings on changes to the house.

The last aspiration Dylan needs to complete is Mansion Baron. And then of course, the family needs to complete the Rosebud achievement by earning one million simoleons.

Dylan is getting a little lonely so she goes out to talk with Óscar.

Óscar is a little busy at the moment and doesn’t stop to talk with Dylan.

However, when Dylan begins having labor pains, he is paying attention now.

Since Óscar is busy with the upgrades, and there is still time before the baby comes, Dylan goes to check on Natalia. She adopts her as a caregiver.

And when she tries to have a conversation, Natalia suddenly has to go to a scouts meeting.

And the new baby, Elyse, has arrived. Auntie Sam provided the name for me.

Since Óscar is still out in the shop, Dylan goes out to let him know he has another daughter.

Óscar heads upstairs to check out the new baby and meets up with Natalia, who is back from scouts.

Dylan plants a variety of flowers, herbs, and fruits in the new vertical planters. Apparently, they can be upgraded for watering and pest control. As soon as Óscar improves his handiness skill. Natalia is happy about having a new sister.


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