Rhodes to Riches, Finding a Mate

Dylan cleans out her inventory of the things she is ready to sell, and begins working on her kitchen. She spends all of the savings on the fridge.

She also picks up a bicycle and a soccer ball. She is hoping it will be something fun. And it was cheap.

When she wakes up, she stashes the bicycle in her inventory and begins practicing juggling. It does improve her fun, so she continues to play until the Odd Jobs Board opens up at 8am. And I discovered that the rating is also shown on the Jobs board, but that can only be accessed during the “open hours”.

After completing two more odd jobs, Dylan improves her rating to 4-stars. There are plenty of jobs on the board, but she isn’t qualified for most of them – the skill requirement is more than she has. There best paying job remaining that doesn’t require any skill is some beach cleaning, so she heads off to the beach in Sulani.

She might as well be comfortable while she is beachcombing for trash.

She is excited when she finds out that she gets to keep anything she finds – she just has to remove it from the beach.

She even chases a flock of birds for the fun.

Then she notices that one of the things she found while beachcombing was a Fun Potion. Perfect timing.

Oh yeah, everything is better now.

She decides to grill some burgers when she realizes there is someone walking over to her. She meet him in Selvadorada so it is an interesting coincidence that she now runs into him in Sulani.

Interesting indeed. Mattias is Good, Insider, and Unflirty.

Baako walks by and I thought it was funny to see who was following him.

She takes an odd job to explore a cave and turn over the treasure to Caleb.

After spending all day searching the cave, she finds absolutely nothing and fails at the job. Damned if she isn’t going to keep looking until she finds something, even if it is too late.

Then she heads back to Selvadorada for another run through the jungle. Apparently she would rather bike through the jungle.

She has just enough money to clean off both of the tables. Five machetes is generally about what it takes to make it through.

It is also Love Day so she invites Mr Unflirty along. She gives him a Love Day gift, which he accepts.

But then some random paparazzi man comes along and takes over the conversation.

Dylan leaves them to it, and heads off to clear the first bramble patch.

Once she gets to the flirty part of the path, she invites Mr Flirty to join her once again. That was a crash and burn because even the romantic vibe didn’t work on him.

Run away, run away, as fast as you can.

Dylan gets back to work, working her way through the jungle. She is exhausted and ends up taking many naps along the way. She also has to deal with poisoning again.

Okay, PSA here. Do not let your sims take their bicycle when they travel to Selvadorada.

They should also not take the damn soccer ball.

Dylan isn’t done yet, but her needs are all tanking. She splurges on a moodlet solver – and I hate spending aspiration points on potions. It is even worse when they pass out before drinking the solver and it gets lost. She had to spend another 500 points to get another one to drink after she woke up.

At the end of the temple, she collects her treasure and finds a bottle of water, which she uses to clean herself up.

She goes back to the marketplace, and I am trying to remember why.

Oh yes, she needed to assemble a relic and only had a top. She buys a base and crystal from the secret menu and assembles a totem.

And the ball is back out. It is invasive and constantly in their queue.

She has to activate the relic, but as it is a curse, she makes sure to activate it on someone else.

Damn soccer ball.

She heads home where she immediately dumps the bicycle and soccer ball on the front lawn.

She sets up to sell the two prime treasures so that she can work on the house.

She takes a few more odd jobs and achieves the five-star rating.

So, she is done with the odd jobs. It took less than a week to reach a five-star rating, so that was not much of a challenge.

Now to work on the house. To start, she adds a cover over the yard sale area. The house foundation is raise, a front porch is added, and the house gets a roof.

Dylan has earned the right to find a spouse, if she wants. The bottom floor has been fully allocated – every room has the layout established. There is still a lot of decorating to take place – Mansion Baron doesn’t take place over night – but she has what she needs to live comfortably while she continues to work on accumulating money and stuff, and maybe some sims also.

The upper floor isn’t quite as complete – only the master bed and bath and the upstairs bath are setup. There are still three bedrooms and a bonus room that will need to be completed.

Dylan goes over to the community garden and she tries the dumpster diving.

She picks up a broken Kitchen Witch Stove and takes it home. She puts it on the back porch and decides she will learn to repair it (upcycle?). Or maybe she will recycle it.

She uses the totem relic on Judith which ends up breaking it. She will need another totem relic to finish the aspiration. Which is a duh since she also needs to complete a temple three times for the aspiration.

After making her run through the jungle, successfully without poisoning this time, she stops at the bar to pee and meets the bartender. She starts giving me these looks.

I think she wants to make sure I know that she thinks this one is the one. Óscar Muñoz is his name, and he is going to challenge me with the special characters. I already had to learn the shortcut for the § (alt+21). Now I will be learning the shortcut for Ó (alt+0211). Óscar is a Vegetarian, Child of the Islands, and Loves the Outdoors. He is currently a mixologist, but once he moves in he won’t be any more. And he is single.

She was trying to make a purchase of the missing pieces of the relic, but I think her vacation time is up. The game agreed because it sent her home like this.

A quick update on Dylan’s progress with the challenges set before her…

Gain 1,000,000 simoleons in a single household; Complete the Rosebud achievement.

Complete the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration

Complete the Mansion Baron aspiration

Freelance and Odd Jobs ARE allowed; Dylan has achieve the 5-star rating.

You may move in a new sim once your sim has a simple home; Target acquired, commence romance.

Dylan and Óscar were already best friends, so it was easy to move over into romantic interests.

She waited to propose until they were fully maxed out on both friendship and romance and everyone was still in a good mood.

Óscar still turned her down. And then he left.

Dylan made herself something to eat and moped while she ate it.

Then she repaired and cleaned the stove she found dumpster diving, and put it back into her inventory. She doesn’t want to actually use it at the moment, but isn’t quite ready to sell it.

While she waits for her embarrassment to fade, Dylan heads over to the community space that is now a Maker Space. She tests out the Recycler to see how it works and realizes that she still has her treasures from the last trip to sell.

As she is getting ready to head back to the house, she uses the relic on an unsuspecting Malcolm Landgraab. Each time she uses this relic, her victims are being cursed with the Curse of the Ancients (common). So sneezing. They are all sneezing until it wears off – but it is contagious, so they could be passing it along to other sims.

Back home, she evaluates her treasures – three calendar plates. This is going to be nice.

The next day, Dylan decides to try again with Óscar.

This time he accepts her proposal.

And, they have the typical elopement where they stand.

Óscar didn’t automatically move in when they got married, so Dylan asked him specifically to move in. Sure, he agreed, and then there was the next surprise.

Apparently Dylan has a daughter, Natalia, that we didn’t know about. I am pretty certain that he did not have a daughter when Dylan met him. But now he does, so she also moves in with him since there is no mother in the picture. And she is sent to school because today is a Wednesday and she is late now. Oh, and she is Gloomy.


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