Rhodes to Riches, Getting Started

So, I am finally migrating back to the Sims, so here is a little challenge to get back into the swing of things.

Rags to Riches Challenge

Second, I am adjusting the rules for the Rags to Riches slightly. I am sure these are not unique rules, but then I don’t claim to have written them initially.

Links to Rules I might have read…

My rules for the challenge…

  • Start on empty lot with no money
  • Start with one sim
  • Gain 1,000,000 simoleons in a single household
    • Complete the Rosebud achievement
    • Complete the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration
    • Complete the Mansion Baron aspiration
  • Start on an empty lot with nothing but a mailbox and outdoor trashcan
    • An Outdoor trashcan can be bought before reducing funds to Zero.
  • No adding items to Community Lots
    • Missing community lot types can be added
  • You may move in a new sim once your sim has a simple home
    • It can be a studio as long as there are separate areas designated for the bed, bath, and kitchen
    • The bathroom must be enclosed for privacy.
  • You can control all sims in the household
    • They can contribute to your goals
    • They cannot bring any money with them – if they do, it must be removed
    • They can keep any jobs they have when they join the family, but cannot take a new job
  • Additional sims can be moved out at any time
  • Work from Home and Traditional careers ARE NOT allowed
    • Freelance and Odd Jobs ARE allowed
  • Youth potion can only be used as often as you wish, but the sim using the potion must have earned it. No stealing points from other household members.
  • NO Money Trees
  • (I believe) It is possible to complete this with one sim, or this can be played generationally. Your Choice!

Dylan Rhodes has high ambitions and absolutely no money. But she is smart and talented and all of those things sims say when they are trying to make someone feel better about themselves. Truthfully, she is all of that and she is also broke and homeless. She has no marketable skills and no friends or family.

  • Traits: Loves Outdoors, Family-Oriented, Materialistic
  • Aspiration: Fabulously Wealthy

Dylan was created using Story Mode, and all I did was pick out her clothes. This is one of the best results I have had with story mode, although I don’t use it often. Let’s just say that Dylan’s story helped me choose the challenge for her.

It is Spring when Dylan moves into her brand new and “completely empty” lot. And for the record – the “High” Starting Funds was just the normal §20,000. Dylan moves to the empty lot, Twin Oracle Point in Llama Lagoon, Newcrest. She also starts with level 3 in both Parenting and Selvadoradian Culture, but they are not marketable. I can’t help it, this is my favorite lot in the game, but I did think/try to start her in Evergreen Harbor but just couldn’t do it. 🙂

Giving away the §11,500 that she had left over after purchasing the lot was the first order of business, and now she has to decide what to do next. It also sucked, but not as much as if the funds were actually “High”.

Since she just moved to the neighborhood, she heads over to see what action plans are being voted. She doesn’t have enough influence points to actually vote for anything yet, and it looks like Promote Creative Arts and Juiced Community are in the lead.

With literally no money to her name, Dylan takes a bunch of selfies and is able to sell them online. Not sketchy at all, but whatever – she has money for dinner now. At least she had all of her clothes on, so there is that.

I just downloaded this totally awesome community space for all of the versions: Community Space (shown), Community Garden, Marketplace, Maker Space. I haven’t quite figured out how they change from one to the other, but we are starting out with the Community Space.

This was uploaded by gwizzz21, and all four versions match each other, with the only changes being what is needed to make them meet the requirements for the lot’s sub-assignments.

Dylan checks out the board and there are more options here than using the mailbox at home. She can vote on the neighborhood action plan and she can vote on the community space usage.

Well, she could vote, if she had any influence.

After taking some more pictures, which she also sells, she takes her §289 simoleons and starts to practice chess.

Dude! Victor Feng came over and sat down without a by-your-leave, and then he started flirting with her.

First she finds out they are both Materialistic. Then she realizes he is a Genius, Perfectionist.

And apparently, he is also a cheat.

After spending most of the afternoon with Victor (okay a few hours since it is not even 2pm yet). Anyways, after spending time with Victor and getting to know him better, Dylan now has some influence points to spend. She votes for the Community Garden and for Promoting Creative Arts. Those are the ones that seem like that would help her the most.

As the day settles around her, Dylan decides to pick up some Odd Jobs and start building some funds. She will be working to reach a 5-star ranking as quickly as possible.

I believe this is the first time I have ever seen Holly Alto wandering around a neighborhood.

After two jobs, the day is over and Dylan will need to wait until tomorrow for more jobs. Instead, she takes the §445 that she has accumulated and she makes reservations in Selvadorada.

When she gets to Selvadorada, she first works on mastering the Selvadoradian Culture.

Once that is done, she heads into the jungle. She is probably going to regret not sleeping first, but she is broke and can only stay 24 hours.

She has poor luck with each of the clearings, embarrassing herself several times, but not enough to be emotionally dangerous.

She may not be doing well on the popup adventures, but she picks up some simoleons on the first treasure chest. She can stay another day, which means she might be able to complete the temple exploration.

From a distance, this really looked like a floating dead body.

Floating yes, dead no.

Dylan has attracted every creature in the jungle. She has dealt with spiders and bats and spiders and bees.

She also was “blessed” into becoming a skeleton.

She lost her last machete so she is clearing the last bramble by skeleton hand.

The skeleton wears off and she completes the temple. She has been poisoned and set on fire to add to her indignities. But she damn well collected the temple treasure.

She was able to resist the poisoning but with the temple explored, she just wants to go home. Even though home is just an empty field.

It looks like the vote for the community space has turned it into a community garden.

She came home with some cash in her pocket and several things to sell. One expensive plate and a few lower value items.

That feeling when a global celebrity comes to your yard sale and buys your special plate, and you stink to high heaven. But Judith gave Dylan the money for the plate.

At this point, Dylan is refusing to do anything. It is time to take the money she has received so far and begin building herself a house.

The house has begun, and I am building it myself. Dylan ran out of money at this point – she is buying good stuff to start because she is going to have to complete Mansion Baron also, but as a result, she only completed two rooms before cashing out.

She completed one bathroom downstairs. The two rooms will be the dining room and a library/study/office.

Upstairs she got her bedroom done but not the en-suite. There are three empty bedrooms plus another bathroom and a bonus room.

With that done, she sleeps until she wakes, deals with her bodily needs, and then heads to the park next door to get something to eat.

Satisfaction… and her last two needs are fun and social.

It is too early to find an odd job, and she is going to wait to return to Selvadorada for a few days.

She tries to get some more sleep, but she isn’t tired and she is extremely bored. She plays some games on her phone but it isn’t doing the trick.

That means it is time to make a run around the neighborhood collecting things.

Then she remembers the new community garden and heads over there. She plants a few things – strawberries, avocado, and emotion tree (Merryberries). Many other sims come out and add their own seeds and soon the garden is full of plants coming to life.

She meets other sims, but she becomes best friends with Lilith Pleasant.

She almost missed the opportunity to take an odd job today, but it was a good day. She collected a lot and the garden is beginning to look good. Now she is off to take some pictures to prove someone is a mermaid. She is also already at a 3-star rating with only two jobs completed. For the record, you cannot tell what her odd job rating is unless she actually has an odd job scheduled.

It has been four days since the challenge started and Dylan has the beginnings of her house plus §1,133 in savings. Not too shabby.


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