Rhodes to Riches, Mansion Baron

While Dylan cleans the house, Óscar heads out to the shop to work on his fabrication skill. They start off this chapter needing to complete Mansion Baron (§200,383/§350,000) and earn the Rosebud achievement (§411/875/§1,000,000). Dylan has completed the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration so she will begin receiving the weekly interest payments. Óscar only needs §1,500 to complete Fabulously Wealthy. That leave Elyse needing some attention and Natalia sleeping. It is early in the morning at the moment.

And they received money for something so he has completed Fabulously Wealthy now.

Apparently it is not possible queue up candle making. But Dylan is working on the woodworking table to increase her handiness so that she can upgrade the vertical gardens. Dylan is working on his Fabrication skill by making candles.

Natalia has a great day at school and brings home a B. She gets right to her homework, and then she completes her project for the week, with a little help from Óscar.

Dylan decides she is not going back into the jungle, so she tries to sell her supplies. But, no one wants them at 300% markup. So, she loads them back into her inventory and just sells them that way.

She keeps the relic of wealth and uses it on herself. She doesn’t get much, but it is a steady stream of payments until it peters out.

Natalia is working on her badges, and is able to reach level 4 mental before she has to stop for bed.

Dylan works on putting together this thing so that the kids will have something to play with – Natalia can help build and then Elyse will be able to “play” when she becomes a toddler.

Dylan spends some quality time with Elyse because her birthday is coming up fast and she isn’t going to be a little baby much longer.

Óscar still has not mastered the fabricator and a lot of his attempts end like this.

More money is spent on the house – it is now §289,000 with the target of §350,000.

His last bout with the fabricator left Óscar dazed. So he is drinking milk to make himself feel better.

Natalia absolutely hates the windchimes. Which sucks for her because they are everywhere outside.

Elyse grows into a charming toddler and begins learning her skills. If, for some reason, Dylan cannot earn the Rosebud achievement, then the responsibility will fall to Elyse.

Elyse is thinking that Dylan needs to get the job done.

Natalia is working on her aspiration, which means she is on the porch with the windchimes. Once I realized the chimes could be turned off,

No tantrums yet.

What just happened?!?

Someone is hungry but trapped upstairs because she hasn’t had time to learn about the stairs.

It might be time for Óscar to find something else to do.

The house is complete – Mansion Baron has been achieved. Now the only thing remaining to finish is to earn the Rosebud achievement. Throughout the rest of this update, I will be sharing pictures of the house. I am actually really happy with it.

It looks like someone has been fed and is actually going to eat it all. Hopefully.

After Elyse finishes her dinner, Óscar tells her they are going to play a little so that she will be able to get up and down the stairs on her own. That sounded scary and Elyse told him NO!

But Óscar got her to playing anyway and after three rounds so airplane, Elyse now has the movement needed for the stairs.

Óscar needs a shower, so Dylan will be putting Elyse to bed as soon as they are done playing. After all, it is almost midnight. Natalia was released from the piano for tonight and sent to bed also.

A tour of the outside starts with the pool area. There is also a sandy area set up for sunbathing. And, they have a lot of eco-items for power production, because this house uses a lot of power.

From the pool, looking across the back, there are two levels of porches, along with the back patio which is broken up into different activities.

There are two pavilions setup. The first one is for lounging. The vertical gardens are in the center with two statues displayed in front.

The second pavilion is setup for conversation and visiting. I thought about putting a television out there, but I don’t think the pavilion has a solid roof, so the kids’ scouting trophies will be set out on the table as they are earned.

The bottom back porch is split into two sections with this side setup for grilling and weather protected picnic.

The other side is set up for musical entertainment with a keyboard and violin.

There is a small play area setup for the toddlers and kids, and even the big kids will have a swing to enjoy.

This side of the house has more trees and alcoves. This one includes a wedding arch and seating to enjoy the ceremony.

Then in the front corner is the water garden. It is not stocked yet, but it will be at some point.

Back to the section between the pool and the workshop for a better view.

The front porch is more for relaxing, although there is an easel in the corner, which is currently displaying Dylan’s latest figure drawing.

The other side of the front porch is another conversation grouping.

When morning comes, Dylan wakes up Elyse to get her to the potty. They actually made it before she used her diaper.

I wanted to have Óscar do something else, but his aspiration is Master Maker, which means he is heading back to the workshop.

For the record, this is not my idea of sister bonding. And it looks like they agree as they make a point to ignore each other.

Óscar has finally reached level 5 in fabrication. He needs to do more with the insects, and keep on fabricating.

Natalia is off to school and Elyse is off to babble and hug the stuffed dog.

Looky, she has both the cat and the dog.

Someone didn’t finish building the thing on the table.

The upstairs, back porch is for the childrens’ play area. And it is empty compared to the rest of the lot. They also have an indoor room setup. If there happens to be a need for another bedroom, there is plenty of room out here for the rest of their activities.

Óscar tended to the bees and then moved over to the crickets. The bees followed him, so apparently they are pissed.

It is only noon, but Elyse has been up a long time, so she is headed upstairs for a nap. A nap, that will last the rest of the day.

I feel like I haven’t had a chance to really focus on anyone. Although Elyse has level 4 in communication and level 2 in movement, and then level 1 in the other three skills. So she isn’t being ignored.

Dylan is working on Painter Extraordinaire, and she is on the part where she has to create three emotional paintings. Each time she finishes one, she gets a long-lasting inspired moodlet, so she is taking a long time to get the three paintings completed.

Natalia has received her A in school. Which is good timing since tomorrow is Harvestfest, and then her birthday is on Sunday.

She calls the school to tell them she ain’t ever coming back. The remind her that she still has to get an A in high school, so she agrees to return some time next week.

Mac and cheese for dinner as Dylan waits for the inpired moodlet to expire so she can create one more emotional painting.

Óscar realizes that he can upgrade the dew collector, and so he does. He also cleaned out the crickets and replaced them with beetles. Apparently, it can be difficult to get them to produce something to be collected, which he has to collect for his aspiration. New batches seem to produce fine at the 24 hour mark, so he is trying that.

Natalia is probably not going to be a musician. She pouted and fumed the entire time she was practicing – five hours in total.

Elyse wakes about in the early evening, so she is sent to work – first to master communication.


Dylan finally gets to create the third, and final, emotional painting.

I forgot why I took this picture, and then it was to say that at least candle making counts towards the fabrication skill.

After mastering communication, Elyse heads outside to work on movement.

This was her first time going down the slide, and she did so without falling backwards.

Natalia has four days until she returns to school, so she is working on completing the creative aspiration. She is on the last tier – draw one of each type of picture and master creativity. Guess where she will be until she is done.

Sassy is feeling pretty proud of herself tonight. She hasn’t mastered movement yet, but she is feeling playful and having fun.

I compared my version of the rules to the rules from Mod The Sims for the Rags to Riches Mega Challenge. I knew I was making my own (modifying other rulesets), but as I reach this point, I feel like there are other things they should complete before I consider the challenge completed. Some of these are listed as mandatory requirements before doing something that I have already done.

Goals for the Challenge to be Completed

  • Have three children (2/3)
  • Dylan and Óscar need to complete one aspiration each;
    • Plus they need to complete one aspiration for each child.
    • With three children, they will need to complete four aspirations each
  • Complete the Rosebud achievement (§381,962/§1,000,000)
  • Dylan needs to improve her skills as noted:
    • Handiness, level 7 (3/7)
    • Gardening, level 5 (3/5)
  • Toddlers need to master all skills
  • Children need to complete one aspiration and get an A in school
  • Teens need to reach the top of the scouting career and get an A in school


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