Rhodes to Riches, Rosebud Completed

This may be wishful thinking but I am hoping to complete the challenge during this update. I went back through the rules I used as sources, and using EuphorialQueen’s Rosebud challenge, I am doing pretty darn good.

Link to the Rosebud rules

Also as a reminder, this is where I am as of the last update, which is heavily based upon one of the Rags to Riches rulesets…

  • Have three children (2/3).
  • Dylan and Óscar need to complete one aspiration each;
    • Plus they need to complete one aspiration for each child.
    • With three children, they will need to complete four aspirations each.
    • Currently, Dylan has completed 3 and Óscar has completed 2.
  • Complete the Rosebud achievement (§381,962/§1,000,000).
  • Dylan needs to improve her skills as noted:
    • Handiness, level 7 (3/7)
    • Gardening, level 5 (3/5)
  • Toddlers need to master all skills.
  • Children need to complete one aspiration and get an A in school.
  • Teens need to reach the top of the scouting career and get an A in school.

Two things I want to try now are having Dylan use the sketchpad to make lots of paintings and drawings, and to add a pupper or two or three to the family that can go out hunting for collectibles. Probably would add the pups one at a time rather than a mass adoption type of thing.

Dylan calls and asks to see one of the Bluetick Coonhounds that they have, even though he is a puppy. An adult would have been ready to start hunting immediately, but the puppy is so cute.

His name is Teddy and he is a Hunter, Smart, and a Couch Potato.

Dylan takes him outside for some potty time, and after a few requests he gets the picture. At least partially. She has to carry him back inside, so he needs to grow up quickly.

Elyse is done with the slide for tonight, and she doesn’t even try to head back inside.

Dylan goes out to get her and gets her into bed, and then everyone crashes for the night. At 4am.

Harvestfest is a quiet day, although everyone seems to be struggling to get through the day.

I love Newcrest. I love Seasons. I hate the way toddlers get scared when they are being put to bed, and insist on running away. Even worse, is before they can run away, they call the other parent to come help them out of bed. Both Dylan and Elyse spent time on the floor while they were trying to get her into bed, and to stay in bed.

This is the first time she was read to sleep. Then she woke up and Dylan had to get her back in bed.

So, I reached a point where I just want to be done with the challenge. I mean, the challenge of gaining the riches is gone, and all that is left is grinding the remaining money. So, that means, Dylan is going back into the jungle, to try to get some good treasures to sell.

She picks up a Blessing along the way for a 12-hour skeleton buff.

Yes! This is the toddler at home, and her needs have all been met. Instead of being completely ignored and taken by social services.

When the skeleton blessing wore off, it was exposed that Dylan has also been poisoned. She has not fought this off and will need to return to the jungle to get the cure.

But it was worth it. This is the kind of haul I like to see, but doesn’t happen often. One calendar plate and four golden frogs. Once she sells all of the items, her Rosebud achievement is now at §576,715/§1,000,000.

Natalia is enjoying the freedom of me not telling her what to do. That will be fixed momentarily as she is sent to do her homework, then to bed, and when she gets up she will be working on her aspiration again.

Elyse is really sad because she had a nightmare, so Óscar is coming to put her back to bed.


Later that night, her hunger becomes critical so she gets up to eat, and then she is chained to the potty until she masters it.

She has already mastered movement and communication, so she will be working on thinking and imagination. Go figure.

Teddy grows into a gorgeous hound. And he can finally take himself outside to potty.

While she waits for Óscar to improve his handiness, Dylan makes a bunch of drawings on the sketchpad.

Natalia is still only at level 7 creativity, so she might not complete the aspiration. Not having the top-notch toddler, or even the happy toddler trait, really does slow them down.

Óscar is making a mirror to get his handiness to level 4. At that point, he can upgrade the sketchpad to high performance and it will either make the drawings more valuable or higher quality, or both. I can’t remember, other than it is important to do it.

Elyse has mastered the potty.

Dylan tries to read her a story, but it doesn’t go over well. Maybe it is the green circles all over Dylan that is throwing Elyse off.

Dylan heads back to the marketplace in Selvadorada so that she can find the antidote to whatever poisoned her.

Thankfully, they had some available so she chugged it down and then headed into the jungle for another run.

Yeah, that didn’t take long. She has been poisoned again.

The secret with the antidote is there is more than one dose in the glass. Even if it looks empty. Once Dylan confirmed that she had not been able to fight it off, she took a second dose and is all better now.

Dylan gets home and immediately begins a yard sale. §746,778/§1,000,000.

I believe the reason she is finding so many of the high value collectibles is because she has completed the Jungle Exploration aspiration and the reward trait is Treasure Hunter.

While Dylan is home this time, there are several things that need to happen. Elyse needs to get her skills to at least level 3 and Natalia is going to complete her creative aspiration.

Elyse watches Natalia as she masters creativity. This also is what Elyse needs to get thinking to level 3.

Teddy is doing his part for the family funds, although he keeps bringing home dog toys.

Now that Elyse is a happy toddler, she is going back to bed. She needs to get some sleep.

Natalia was bubbling as she completed the creative aspiration, so Óscar bakes her a cake and she skips scouts in order to blow out the candles.

Óscar doesn’t even want to look.

This would be Óscar and Dylan as they occupy the same space.

A look at Natalia as Dylan points in the air. I guess this is something new with Eco because they do it all the time now. For the record, it has only been three weeks since Dylan started this challenge. Today is Sunday, the beginning of the fourth week. Elyse’s birthday is on Tuesday, so that is her goal to be back from the next jungle run.

This is the first time anyone has used the pool.

Dylan is back in the jungle, hoping to have another record run.

Dude, you are distracting. Go away.

Back home, and yes she had a record run. I am loving that trait, which I did not truly appreciate because my sims normally stop going once they complete the aspiration.

This time, she came home with two calendar plates and five golden frogs.

Little bit is have a very disjointed time as a toddler.

After selling the treasure, Dylan is close to completing the achievement. §963,680/§1,000,000.

With Dylan so close to finishing the Rosebud achievement, and the challenge, and with Elyse’s birthday in about 24 hours, the question is how close can she get to Top-Notch Toddler.

First she takes care of business, then she gets busy.

Outside, Dylan and Óscar are helping Natalia finish her project for school. Then they will all go to bed.

Go, baby, go! She reaches level 4 in imagination.

She is so close to mastering imagination now, but surely she has time for a quick nap.

Imagination is mastered, so Óscar puts her to bed for a better sleep than the floor.

They are getting close to the million, so Óscar tries to help by woodworking. Unfortunately, he isn’t making the high value items, because I suck at woodworking, despite just completing a challenge in the tournament at Carl’s.

Dylan is having much better luck with her paintings.

Elyse got her energy back up about halfway but she needed to potty and eat, so here she is.

After eating she takes a nap on the loveseat while Teddy sleeps on the couch. She is literally racing her birthday as the notification has already come. She should have about 12 hours from the notification before she grows up automatically.

Time for Elyse to begin watching, and Dylan is giving Teddy some love.

Watch, watch, watch, while Dylan paints, paints, paints.

Elyse reaches level 4 in thinking and starts to Ask Why, but I really feel like there is a better improvement with watching, and the recipient doesn’t get irritated.

Another nap, but she is halfway through the level so she isn’t stopping now.

More watching.

Another nap – and she is literally right there.

Now, Elyse has become a Top-Notch Toddler.

Since her age bar is bubbling, she lays down for some naps on the couch while Óscar makes her a birthday cake. Natalia was sent to bed, because I am just a little frazzled at the moment and didn’t want to keep up with her also.

Dylan needs to get back to her drawings. They are getting so close.

Dude, turn off that monster thing!

Elyse wakes up from her nap and she is waiting patiently for Óscar to come get her to blow out the candles. Dylan is still furiously painting.

She gives them a big blow and a lot of spit, but the candles go out.

Elyse rolled Outgoing and took the Social aspiration. Then she went upstairs where the nursery was converted into a bedroom for her. She put her ass to bed, and I won’t see her again this challenge.

Natalia is just being random. Her traits as a teen are Klepto plus Gloomy from her childhood. She has the Chief of Mischief aspiration.

This is it, they are down to the wire.

So freaking close.

And there it is. Rosebud challenge completed, Rags to Riches challenge completed.

That’s right, challenge completed. Go, Dylan!


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