San Myshuno, Chapter 1

Prosperity Challenge in San Myshuno

All played sims will continue to be played.  If they move out from the house, they will be setup as a new household and added to the rotation.

Joining our last household for the first round, we catch Jordan on her way to visit a renowned art critic.  Diego is a weird man, but Jordan has heard he is willing to help struggling artists.

He comes around the corner all prim and proper and Jordan is in love.

She plays her best move and attempts to seduce dear Diego.

It works,  she spends the night and then moves in with him.

Diego is hot-headed and it really makes him furious when the neighbors have loud parties.

Oh yeah, there is a baby on the way.  And I mean it is coming now.

Skipping infant pictures, we get to their fussy toddler, Ariella.  She has her daddy’s curls.

Fussy toddler fusses . all . the . time!

Daddy hugs are great!

Daddy’s temper is not so great 🙁

Comforting the witness to the destruction…

…then repairing the destruction.

Ariella is not cooperative with Diego’s suggestion of more potty training.  She is defiant and grouchy.

Diego heads into the bedroom to get some work done.  Ariella continues to babble while he is trying to work and he yells at her to stop talking.  Jordan has just walked in from work but not in time to head off the scolding.

He sends her to a take a time out.  Fussy toddler is plotting payback.

Jordan takes her to get some dinner.  Which she promptly throws on the floor.  Which results in another lecture.  Ariella has had a rough first day of toddlery-goodness.

Finally, Ariella is in bed, Jordan is heading to bed, and oh yeah – Diego becomes an elder, alone in the kitchen making a salad for dinner.

Jordan Mayer

  • Aspiration: Painter Extraordinaire – Brushing with Greatness
  • Career: Painter – Hungry Artist
  • Traits: Cheerful, Art Lover, Self-assured

Diego Lobo

  • Aspiration: Fabulously Wealthy – Learning Earning
  • Career: Arts Critic – Chief Critic
  • Traits: Art Lover, Snob, Hot-headed

Ariella Mayer

  • Toddler Trait: Fussy

Achievements Completed – 220 points

  • Introvert – 25 points
  • Just Getting Started – 25 points
  • Harvested Interest – 25 points
  • Splice of Life – 25 points
  • You-Reek-A! – 10 points
  • All Nighter – 25 points
  • In the Game – 50 points
  • Older & Wiser – 10 points
  • What Makes a Sim Turn Neutral? – 25 points


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