San Myshuno, Chapter 2

So, I started this household out as a prosperity but have decided to just play the one household.  Jordan is the EA sim that helped promote City Living expansion, so it makes sense to experience city living through her eyes.

Mommy and Daddy are wrestling.  I am not supposed to watch when they wrestle.

So, I will stand here and look at the wall until they are finished.

Too much wrestling spells doom for Diego.

What is that weird stranger doing here?

Jordan is angry to see Grim.

She picks up Ariella while keeping a watchful eye on Grim.

Once Ariella is safe, Jordan begins yelling at Grim for scaring Ariella.  Not sure that pissing off the Grim Reaper is the right thing to do.

A little comfort for Ariella.  Jordan never became sad with Diego’s passing, but Ariella cried and cried.

Long busy day, eventful night – toddler falls asleep in the high chair.

Even though death came calling, the toilet and potty chair still need cleaning.

What do you mean by “find a nanny”?

Oh, that is what you mean.  And he lives here too.

So, Jordan needs more bedrooms, and the apartment across the hall is vacant.  With the money Youssef brings into the household, she is just barely able to afford moving.

With the adults asleep, Ariella heads down stairs.

Jordan needs cash, so she begins painting in earnest.  And, she is pregnant again.  A last memory of Diego.

Beautiful view for a bath.

Splish splash, taking a bath

And after the bath, she plays in the toilet.

Youssef found the coffee pot, which must be removed from the household as they are addicted to drinking it and it interferes in them doing what needs to be done.  He also catches Ariella playing in the toilet.

What scared Ariella?

That would be the floating toilet, courtesy of Deigo’s ghost.

And once again, Ariella passes out.  She does this a lot.

Having used Youssef’s money for the bigger apartment, it is time for Youssef to die.  Since I have never had a death by pufferfish, he heads out to track down the recipe.  This is not pufferfish.

While Youssef is out and about, we see Sofia Newcrest practicing her music.

Baby time!

Ariella is hungry, mom is having a baby, and Youssef is sleeping.  So, she heads downstairs, finds a plate sitting on the table, snags it, and heads back upstairs to eat.

Finally, Youssef finds the pufferfish.  He has learned the recipe.

Ariella is stuck in the high chair and wants out so badly that she actually talks to the stranger-maid.

Diego’s ghost asks Jordan out to dinner.  This sounds like fun, so she agrees.  What she doesn’t realize is that Ariella followed them.  Ariella has gotten over her stranger danger for the moment, because the waiter asks her what she wants and she asks him to play.  Jordan gets up to see what is happening and is surprised to see her daughter playing with the waiter.

With the date over, Jordan and Ariella head back to the apartment.

We have a new toddler – Jocelyn.

Jocelyn doesn’t have a bed because Ariella has not grown up yet.

The sisters are getting to know each other.

Cute little nappers.

And Youssef gets the cake baked and it is time for Ariella to grow up.

Sisterly hugs.

“Hey, we are done hugging”  “Nope, still hugging”

Doesn’t she look like angelic?

So I always thought jealous sims would only be jealous of their romantic interests.  Apparently, they also get jealous when others are getting some loving.  And no, Youssef has not died from pufferfish poisoning.  He has eaten four or five servings and nothing.

The girls bond over sneaking cake at 1am.

Jocelyn wants some love and to get some sleep.  She sure looks sleepy.  It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with cake at 1am and the following sugar crash.

Youssef comforts her and puts her back to bed.  Again.

For the record, the toddlers will try to eat pufferfish but they will put the plate down without taking a bite.  I look to see where everyone is, and I find Jordan eating the pufferfish.  She better not die.

Jordan Mayer

  • Aspiration: Painter Extraordinaire – Brushing with Greatness
  • Career: Painter – Hungry Artist
  • Traits: Cheerful, Art Lover, Self-assured

Youssef Seddiki

  • Career: Live-in Nanny
  • Traits: Clumsy, Jealous, Family-oriented

Ariella Mayer

  • Toddler Trait: Fussy
  • Traits: Squeamish

Jocelyn Mayer

  • Toddler Trait: Angelic

Achievements Completed – 405 points

  • Introvert – 25 points
  • Just Getting Started – 25 points
  • Harvested Interest – 25 points
  • Splice of Life – 25 points
  • You-Reek-A! – 10 points
  • All Nighter – 25 points
  • In the Game – 50 points
  • Older & Wiser – 10 points
  • What Makes a Sim Turn Neutral? – 25 points
  • Whimsical – 50 points
  • Green Thumb – 50 points
  • Triple Play – 25 points
  • Knock, Knock… – 50 points
  • What Would It Be Like? – 10 points


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