San Myshuno, Chapter 5

As we round out the rotation, we have another group of projects to work on.  It appears that projects come home on Mondays.

A group of bears camp out in the park across the street.  Jocelyn heads over to check them out.  One is evil and mean and gets under her skin.

After school friends.  Jocelyn entertains them while Ariella has a temper tantrum.

The trashcan is the target for her frustrations.

And she keeps on venting.

Flick Jocelyn’s nose…

…they both laugh.

Jordan is collecting masterpieces.  One large from each style.

Ariella is doing something to this box.  Not real sure since it wasn’t an action in her queue.

She steals the poster from the back, and spews more forbidden words.

It is late and time for an energy drink.

Jordan’s emotional paintings.

And the last is a masterpiece landscape.

Today Ariella is having a mood swing.  She is angry.

And she is sad.

And then she throws a temper tantrum.

Jordan and Jocelyn play chess.

Everyone came home today at the same time.  Jordan is cheerful, Jocelyn is sad…

And Ariella is angry.  Jordan takes the girls to volunteer at a local soup kitchen.

Ariella has focused on playing basketball, but when she is alone, she plays Jocelyn’s violin.

Snuggles before bedtime.

this is an awkward painting

Ariella is glowing – no, that is Jocelyn growing up, her birthday was forgotten.  Oops

Jocelyn heads out to order some food from the vendors.

It is really spicy.

Ariella is practicing shooting.

And is grossed out by the slimy icky dirty feeling.

Really dirty.

Jocelyn catches up on her homework.

And then cries because everyone forgot her birthday.

Jordan Mayer

  • Aspiration: Fabulously Wealthy – Fabulously Wealthy
  • Career: Painter – Professional Painter
  • Traits: Cheerful, Art Lover, Self-assured
    • Muser
    • Expressionistic
    • Creative Visionary

Ariella Mayer

  • Toddler Trait: Fussy
  • Traits: Squeamish, Bro
    • Happy Toddler, Physically Gifted
    • High Metabolism
      • Phase: Loud (Teen)

Jocelyn Mayer

  • Toddler Trait: Angelic
  • Traits: Cheerful, Foodie
    • Happy Toddler, Creatively Gifted
    • Home Turf
      • Phases: Picky Eater (Child), Loud (Child)

Achievements Completed – 1035 points

  • 50-Mile-High Club – 10 points
  • All Nighter – 25 points
  • Code Monk – 50 points
  • Fired Up – 50 points
  • Full House – 10 points
  • Green Thumb – 50 points
  • Harvested Interest – 25 points
  • Honorary SimGuru – 100 points
  • In the Game – 50 points
  • Introvert – 25 points
  • It’s Not Brain Surgery – 50 points
  • Just Getting Started – 25 points
  • Knock, Knock… – 50 points
  • Literal Genius – 50 points
  • Mael-Strum – 50 points
  • No Excuse – 10 points
  • Older & Wiser – 10 points
  • Refined Palette – 50 points
  • Smooth Talker – 50 points
  • Splice of Life – 25 points
  • Tender Loving – 50 points
  • The Most Interesting Sim in the World – 50 points
  • Triple Play – 25 points
  • Very Special Delivery – 50 points
  • What Makes a Sim Turn Neutral? – 25 points
  • What Would It Be Like? – 10 points
  • Whimsical – 50 points
  • You-Reek-A! – 10 points


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