Shades of Blue: 1.1 – Where’s the Fun?

Several updates to the rules since my last post:

Several of the bonuses require each generation to participate – these start with the kids of the first generation unless it states otherwise. If you choose to have the founder complete the bonus, add an additional 3 points.

  • This applies to the expansion and game pack bonus sections.  I was seriously freaking out because Xia is doing matriarch which means she is the only sim in her generation, whereas the following generations will have at least three sims to share the load.  And of course, I am attempting a butt-load of mini-challenges.

Base Game Bonus (rephrased for clarity)

  • Achieving the initial (first teen/adult) aspiration for the founder, heirs, and all spares. You can keep the spares in the household until their aspiration is complete. (3 Points)

Season Game Bonus (expanded to not allow deleting holidays – all holidays must be completed

  • Every sim (founder and all household sims) with the ability to participate in holidays must complete each one that is scheduled. Season length should be at least 7 days, in order to make it fair (usually one holiday/week). Season length can’t be changed once the challenge begins. Holidays can’t be deleted – including the surprise ones that show up. (3 Points)
    • This one will be hard for me because I usually delete the neighborhood brawl (senseless fighting) and the night on the town (can’t we just stay home tonight?) and rebate day (I already bought everything I want).

Collector (updated to lower the collection quantity to 15+ items – this will increase the number of available collections)

  • Each generation one sim out of the 3 pregnancies must gather a full collection of anything in the collection tab that has at least 15 items in it. You can choose to do only three, one for each of the generations, or have the founder do one and get an extra 5 points.
    • By lowering the collection count to 15, the available collections to collect increases to 15, if you have all DLC that is currently available.  I noticed that we actually changed it before I posted last time, but I didn’t change the text of the ruling, just my comments about it.

We also added a new SUPER Mini-Challenge:

Aspirational Family (20 Points)

  • Complete all aspirations available to you at least once!
    • Which I doubt will happen, but who knows, anything is possible!?!

We may be adding another SUPER Mini-Challenge relating to maxing all skills.  I have to go back and look at what we discussed and see if I forgot to add it or if I dreamed it.  

As I was working through just exactly what Xia had to do, I started freaking out, just a little.  So I made a list.  And I checked it twice.  Then I posted it here.  Because that is what I do.

Founder, Generation One/Two/Three:
  • Be Blue (founder and heirs)
  • 3 Flamingos (founder, heirs, and spares)
  • Complete aspiration (founder, heirs, and spares)
  • Attend each festival at least once per generation (founder, heir, or spare)
  • Eat and learn all food truck recipes once per generation (founder, heir, or spare)
    • Obtain Spice Hound trait once per generation (founder, heir, or spare)
    • Obtain Chopstick Savvy trait once per generation (founder, heir, or spare)
  • Max Singing once per generation (founder, heir, or spare)
    • Win Karaoke contest once per generation (founder, heir, or spare)
  • Complete holiday traditions (founder, heirs, and spares)
  • Llamacorn Scout (all heirs and spares)
  • One Bad Apple per generation (spare)
  • Golden Trio (single generation of choice)
  • Take selfies to hang in the house (founder, heirs, and spares)
  • One complete 15+ collection per generation (founder, heir, or spare)
  • Gnome to guard the flamingos
  • Grow all available perfect plants
  • Boolprop naming scheme for the kids
  • Matriarch – no spouses, female heirs
  • On Ley Line (lot trait)

Now we start, for real.  The pictures in the last post were a false start, if you will.  Staged to break up the wall of text I “needed” to post.  “Today” we start from Sunday morning at 8:00 am.  Today being relative as I expect it will take me several days to actually play, write, and post this update.  In case it isn’t obvious, I write as I play, then I post at a predetermined point in the game.  For the Bladderstones it was sometime on Sunday.  I haven’t decided yet when my post point for this challenge will be.  Some challenges I post at the end of each play session.  But that is when I get good, solid play sessions.  Lately, they have been sporadic, so I may be picking a point in time to post.  We’ll see how this goes.  Anyways, back to Xia.  She is waiting.

Some pictures are the same whether staged or not – Xia needs a job.  Level 1, Amateur Entertainer it is.  If a joke is told in a comedy club, and nobody’s there to hear it, does it make a sound?” 

In the practice run for the first day, Xia never received a welcoming party from her neighbors.  Xia needs to be funny to 5 sims so she needs to meet someone.  Anyone.  In the practice run yesterday, she nearly killed several joggers who stopped to talk – they weren’t dressed to stand around in the cold spring day.  This time, she is going to take a different approach.

This time, Xia heads to the library.  She needs to use the computer anyways and there should be people there that she can introduce herself using her funny greetings.

While I was hoping for a larger selection of men to choose from, this was her initial group.  Two children, two women, and the librarian.

At least he is single – for the moment.  With MC Command Center installed, that may not last for long.  Of course, since this is a matriarchy, nothing says the baby daddy has to be single.

By the end of the day, early Monday morning, Xia has completed the first two tiers of her aspiration (Practical Joker and Stand-up Start-up) and she has completed her daily task for work and she even has met four single men.  (…and six married men…and she still needs to get Don Lothario on her contact list…)

Time jump to Monday evening – and this is her promotion face.  Well, this is her really needs some fun face.  She has had a long, hard day at work and she came home with a promotion and a bad attitude.  Someone needs to have some fun.  Generally, the quickest way is a quickie.  So, she calls up the librarian and invites him over.

However, she really was a little impatient and jumped the gun with Tetsu.  She flirted before he was ready.  They were friends, they were having a great conversation, and he rejected her flirt.

Seriously, she just wants the woohoo. It isn’t like she asked him to get married or even to try for a baby.  She just wanted some fun.  After spending the entire evening trying to repair that budding relationship, she is going to move on.  She would get them back to casual discussion, he would become flirty, she would flirt, and he would reject her.  Every . Single . Time .  So Goodbye Jerk!

Xia found the wild strawberry bush so we can make sure she has at least one girl.  She is ready for bed though – it has been a rough day.  And she still hasn’t had any fun.

Xia comes home to find Tetsu hasn’t left.  She quickly shows him the door and once he has definitely left, she goes to bed.  Jerk!

Xia attends her first festival – the GeekCon – which turns out to be a Godsend as she still needs some fun.

Interestingly, Jerkface invited her.  She went with him, but “lost” him as soon as they arrived.

First she practiced programming but didn’t place in the Hackathon because her programming skill was non existent (and she couldn’t actually hack anything).  Then she met Rodney (single).

Then she entered the Ultimate Gaming Test.  She didn’t do very well, which wasn’t unexpected since she had no gaming skill when she started.  Her total score was 30 and the minimum score to pass was a 70.  Maybe next time.  But she finally found her fun and she scored a Gold for the Social Event (City Invite).  Now maybe she can find a boyfriend.

Hmm, Marcus or Rodney…? and Jerkface in the background.  While I am look at this trio, Xia takes the rocket for a jaunt.  She is waiting for the festival to end, and the rocket was fully functional, so why not.

Why not, I asked.  Well, there were two reasons.  Apparently, I forgot that she had a job and the festival was almost over.  And the festival has ended, and she is still in space.



The festival is fading out…

Still waiting…

Now, she is late for work…

And finally she is back…

Run, Xia, Run!

After work, Xia worked on her promotion and daily tasks for her job: she learned to play the guitar. yippee?!?

Apparently I was determined to use Don as the baby daddy for Xia since I sent her over to his house to track him down.  He was very receptive to her advances and they are now officially a couple.  While they will never be able to get married, he did agree to be her boyfriend.  Now she can have the woohoo when she needs the fun.

Speaking of the woohoo…

Xia left afterwards while Don was sleeping, and she was smiling.  “The first time under the covers with a new sim is always a memorable experience!”


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