Shades of Blue: 1.3 – Reality Check

After getting some sleep, taking a long walk on the beach, talking to my sounding board (sister), and getting some wonderful feedback over at, I am going to drop a couple of mini challenges from this attempt.  This is the WACKY challenge, not the VEXING challenge.  So, I will be keeping the three BONUSES:

  • Base Game (9 points)
  • City Living (9 points)
  • Seasons (9 points)

I will be keeping these MINI Challenges:

  • BOOLPROP Naming Scheme (10 points)
  • Golden Trio (10 points)
  • Family Scrapbook (10 points)
  • On Ley, Not the Lonely (10 points)

I will be dropping these MINI Challenges:

  • One Bad Apple
  • Matriarch
  • Collector

The SUPER mini-challenges (SUPER-maxi challenges because they sure aren’t mini challenges) will either happen or not, depending on how the family does in reaching the tops of their careers, completing aspirations, completing collections, and maxing skills.  I think these changes will reduce MY stress levels with the challenge.

This is the updated list of things to do during the challenge:

Founder, Generation One/Two/Three:

  • Be Blue (founder and heirs)
  • 3 Flamingos (founder and all household sims)
  • Complete aspiration (founder, heirs, and spares)
  • Attend each festival at least once per generation (one sim each generation)
  • Eat and learn all food truck recipes once per generation (one sim each generation)
    • Obtain Spice Hound trait once per generation (same sim)
    • Obtain Chopstick Savvy trait once per generation (same sim)
  • Max Singing once per generation (one sim each generation)
    • Win Karaoke contest once per generation (same sim)
  • Complete holiday traditions (founder and all household sims)
  • Llamacorn Scout (all heirs and spares – as children)
  • Golden Trio (single generation of choice)
  • Take selfies to hang in the house (founder and all household sims)


  • Gnome to guard the flamingos
  • Grow all available perfect plants
  • Boolprop naming scheme for the kids
  • On Ley Line (lot trait)

Getting back to Xia, I was so excited that Xia could marry Don, that I did stop to think if she should marry Don.

So he moved in instead.  The flamingos have increased in population to account for Don, Buffy, and Bunny.

Don apologizes for rejecting Xia’s proposal and promises to be a good partner, even if he wants to be a serial romantic and really doesn’t want to get married.  It is a good thing I don’t have to complete the spouse’s aspirations.  In fact, there isn’t anything in the rules that says I can’t change Don’t aspiration, so I think I will change it from Serial Romantic to Soulmate, to keep it within the original category of Love, but change it to one I am willing to work on with him.

When I got home from the coast, I transferred the save file back to my desktop and decided to roll it back to just before the twins became toddlers.  I had only played through their aging up, so it was a minimal roll back.  What it did allow was for me to install the mod by graycurse to automatically assign traits and aspirations.  This is so cool.  Xia helped Buffy and Don helped Bunny and they both became toddlers without a glitch.  Although I am very amazed that they both grew up bald (is that a glitch?).  Not a single hair to be found between them.  They both need a trip to the dresser, a turn on the potty, something to eat, and then to bed.

When I took them to the dresser, or rather Don went to the dresser while they went to bed, they both had blond eyebrows but when I selected their head and eyebrows they both changed to black.  I am not sure if they tried to grow up with blue hair, but for now they have Don’s coloring.

Buffy is the older twin, and yes, she is named after Buffy the vampire slayer.  We are currently rewatching Buffy once again.  We watch the series twice a year and this is our first time this year.  We are currently on season 4 – the first year of college and the first year of Riley.  Buffy is Inquisitive.

Bunny is the younger twin.  Her name was chosen because this is the name that people would call Buffy whenever they got her name wrong.  She is a Charmer.  I think the girls are identical twins.

Potty training in tandem and synchronized checking of the poops.  And they both made stinky messes that Don had to clean up after the girls were put to bed.

Xia and Don are trying to build something on the block play table so I can see if the toddlers can play with it.  I read that children and up can build and toddlers can only imagine but I want to see for myself.

When your daughter wants you to play with her, you play with her – no matter what doll she gives you to play with.

While Don and Bunny play with the blocks table, Buffy is working on her movement skill on the slide outside.

Xia messes up everyone’s day by setting the kitchen on fire.  They don’t have the cash to replace the stove, so they will be eating food that doesn’t need to be cooked until someone can earn some cash.  Xia, I am looking at you.

So far, the girls are on the same eating and sleeping schedule although they are working on different skills.  Buffy has maxed out Potty, Movement, and Communication.  She is level 4 on Imagination and level 1 on Thinking.  Bunny has maxed out Potty, Communication, and is a sliver away from maxing out Imagination.  She is level 3 on Movement and level 1 on Thinking.  I was hoping the bedtime story would top her Imagination out, but I missed the notification if it did.  Xia is pregnant again – pregnancy #2.  I think I timed it right so the new baby (or babies) will not become toddlers until the twins become children – but I really haven’t counted the days.  Now, I get to go watch a few Buffy episodes with my husband…


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