Shades of Blue: 1.4 – Changes

Well, hmm the plantain and cherry trees are dead.  I guess we forgot to water them.

I did delete several of the custom holidays that I had added originally, but today is TV Season Premiere Day: Peach is the New Orange.  Only Don and Xia will be participating as the toddlers don’t care much for this particular tradition.

While Xia sleeps off the last trimester of her second pregnancy, Don shows Bunny flash cards work on her thinking skill, and Buffy is trying to figure out the stove.  Buffy and Bunny have maxed out all of their other skills and have only their thinking skill remaining.  They have 4 days remaining and are both working on getting from level 1 to level 2 thinking.  It is going s-o s-l-o-w-l-y.

Once the girls are finally up to level 2, Don heads to bed to get some sleep, and the girls spend some quality time together in their room with each other and their blocks.  I think they spend more time chatting then actually learning anything from the blocks though.

Bunny celebrates reaching level 3 thinking by throwing a temper tantrum.  At the very least, both girls have level 3 in all skills.  they still have 3 days to get the last two levels in their thinking skills and become Top-Notch Toddlers.  Now if only they were the Golden Trio and triplets and blue because they might be my first and only toddlers to actually master all of their skills.

While the toddlers were doing their thing, Xia went into labor and gave birth to another set of twins – Orion and Oriel.  This time she had a mixed set (boy/girl).  She also finally had one with blue skin.  At this point it is good that I gave up the matriarchy as none of the girls have inherited the blue skin.  Since the base game bonus requires it, at this time, Orion is the only choice for heir – depending on her last pregnancy.

Xia and Don spend time with the newest set of twins getting them settled while the older twins sleep away the day.

Then when the girls wake up it is time to make everyone miserable as I am determined to get Tip Top Toddlers, although I really am not sure why.  Buffy has mastered all of her skills with two days to spare.  Bunny still is a full level behind.  And I am wondering why this is so important to me.  The babies are stinky and starving.  The toddlers are stinky and sad because of the thunderstorm.  Xia is miserable because Buffy spammed why over and over and over and over and she is hangry and pregnant and exhausted.  Don is exhausted and stinky and feeling trapped.

Of course, I can’t leave things along, at least not so close to the finish line, and Bunny finishes up her thinking skill and drives Don crazy with her questioning why repeatedly.  I have my first twin Tip Top Toddlers.  Of course they are not my heiresses and they are not part of the Golden Trio.  Finally, both girls get baths and are finally rid of their green clouds.

It is birthday time for Orion and Oriel.

They both roll clingy.  Oh joy.  At least they get hair this time.

Everyone is sad thanks to non stop thunderstorms.  And it is time to stop and make some changes to the house so everyone has a place to sleep.  My timing was off so I do have four toddlers.

Since I was remodeling the house, everyone was dumped out onto the sidewalk, in the thunderstorm.  Once the house was ready, Xia and Don took the youngest in to read them to sleep, leaving the two oldest to make their own way back on their own.

This did not go over well.

A look at our only boy, and the only current option for heir.  He is actually not sad at the moment.  Although I think I may include everyone in the heir poll and let the chips fall where they may.  And Xia is pregnant, so there will be another baby (or two) to include as potentials.

I took a week off from playing and tried to figure out why I wasn’t bonding with the challenge.  Finally I realized that it was the Seasons bonus set.  I don’t like gardening.  So, I am dropping the Seasons bonus set.  Also, apparently during my week of piddling around, I removed all of the custom content.  I was not feeling well (fighting off a migraine) and in a blah mood and so I purged things.  All of the girls were affected by it.  The family also got a new house.  Again.  Which resulted in everyone being dumped outside in the rain.  Again.  And then I forgot to put potty chairs in the house.  Four toddlers – no potty chairs.  Buffy is pooping her diaper in the picture below.  Oriel is about to run from fear of the thunder (twice).  Orion and Bunny are just very sad.

Xia is nearing the end of her third pregnancy.  She also lost her Harley hair.  She isn’t very happy about that and neither am I  – but not enough to go track it back down.

Buffy and Bunny spend their time dancing.  Buffy also makes lots and lots of messes.  Don doesn’t have any patience with her and yells a lot.  The toddlers did their best to make him hysterical but no luck there.

Don changes Buffy’s diaper and then gives her a bath.  Figured it was only fair since they were both exuding green fumes.

Oriel and Orion work on maxing their communication skill.  I am slowly getting this family pulled together.  I am not really worried about the level 5 skills – just wanting to get everyone to level 3 as normal.

Buffy grew up Self-assured and Top-Notch Toddler with the Whiz Kid aspiration.

Bunny grew up Cheerful and Top-Notch Toddler also with the Whiz Kid aspiration.

Xia set the kitchen on fire messing up everyone’s day again.

And even though MCCC told me that Xia was pregnant with twin boys, she only gave birth to one single boy – Olly.  In the kitchen, while everyone is eating breakfast.  Which is a good place to end this update.  Such as it is.  Orion is still stinking up the place – he has been slacking on his potty training and really needs a bath.  Xia left a puddle of pee in the hallway, which someone needs to go clean up.


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