Shades of Blue: 1.5 – Finding a Rhythm

This update starts off with a look at the newest, and last, baby for this generation – Olly.  I don’t know what happened because MCCC said she was pregnant with two boys but she only had Olly.  I am not going to complain about only having five kids this generation.

The nightlights are really not helping.  Monsters wake up the girls every single night.  The girls wake up their parents every single time.  Don sprays the monsters for the girls but they never go back to bed.  Don spends his life feeling trapped.  Too bad, sucker.

Xia reads to her brood.  The girls both have the whiz kid aspiration and need a parent to read to them.  Their toddler years were so hectic that no one ever read to them so Xia is making up for that now.  She is including the younger kids while she is at it, just in case they roll whiz kid.  Life is starting to settle down for the family.

Dammit Orion! Get out of the toilet!

Go stare at the stove with Oriel!  Seriously, it keeps them busy for a few minutes.  I haven’t bought them any toys yet (I just realized that).  They haven’t had any extra money to spare.  It doesn’t really build their thinking skill much but they haven’t had the cash to replace the blocks yet, so I have them stare at the stove and ask themselves “What’s That?”  They do this while their parents sleep – every little bit helps, I guess.

Meanwhile the older girls are working on their mental skills.  They have to play three games of chess so they might as well play them together.  Apparently Bunny needs to work on her sportsmanship.  She lost and knocked the game pieces over.  They still had to play two more games after this.

Xia is on her last tier of her aspiration so color me surprised when I realized that.  She needs to master the comedy skill so she is practicing her joke telling.  That leaves Don to taking care of the house and kids.  Another reason he is feeling trapped and restless.  The green fumes are from a plate – they are not coming from Xia.  Just saying.

Any parent will tell you, you never get any peace – even in the bathroom.

Don works with Orion on his thinking skill with flash cards.  They are very thankful that those are provided automatically and don’t have to be bought.  Oriel chows down.

Xia takes a turn with Oriel and the flash cards giving Don a break so he can sleep.

Finally, the family replaces the blocks and Orion spends some quality time on his own.

And Olly becomes a toddler.  A hungry, exhausted toddler who just spent way too much time being potty trained.

A charmingly grumpy toddler.  I don’t remember why he was grumpy.  But OMG look at that trash can.  Someone seriously needs to take out the trash.

Oriel had a nightmare and was marching to wake Don up to let him know.  I headed her off by sending her to the potty instead.  Don really needed some sleep.  Thankfully she didn’t wake up the other toddlers in her determination to wake up someone.

TV time – everyone is building imagination – well, Olly needed to build imagination and the others were trying to stay out of trouble.  Buffy is not impressed with the pouting toddlers.

Olly is working on movement skill.

Don is reading to the toddlers while the older kids are in school.  Olly needed to get his imagination up and the other toddlers needed to stay out of trouble.

Orion is sad for some reason – probably because he is had an accident on the potty.  Although the look on Oriel’s face looks like she might have been picking on him.

Buffy and Bunny are doing their homework and I am trying to keep the toddlers away until they are done.  They lose their focus when the toddlers come near and start crying.  That really gets irritating since they have to complete their homework while focused.

Don does his part by playing with Orion.

A good (brightly lit) shot of Oriel.  I need to improve the lighting in the house.  It is so dark.

Olly is still working on imagination.  Or I could still be trying to keep him out of trouble.  These kids are gravitating to the messes and toilet.

More staring at the stove.

And then back to the blocks.  Anything to keep them from making messes or playing in the toilet.  They really need a dollhouse – and still the lottery hasn’t shown up on their calendar.

Buffy and Bunny are so close to finishing their aspirations – they just need to get their A’s in school now.

More messes – these toddlers are aggravating me.

Consider this a timeout for all of the toddlers!!!

Xia gets up to pee and ends up cleaning spoiled food from the bathroom floor first.  At this point, I change the wallpaper to something lighter and switch out the lights to see if it will help.

Oriel and Orion have become children (I forgot to take pictures…)  Oriel rolls whiz kid so she plays chess with Buffy – and loses.

Olly being cute and funny – still trying to make Don hysterical.

Stinky Olly and stinky Don going to take a bath.

And more messes.  Seriously, I have done something wrong because this is the most messes I have ever had.

The flamingo army for this generation.

Monday afternoon brings school projects: Buffy and Bunny

Oriel and Orion

Don makes dinner while the kids work on their projects and Olly continues to entertain Don.  Don never gets past playful, but his tense moodlets are stronger than he playful ones.

I had my doubts for awhile but Xia completed her aspiration.  She maxed out comedy and is officially a Joke Star.

Don sets one of the rotting leaf piles on fire to see if it would actually make it go away.  I don’t think it did.  Nope, I just checked, it is still there and still has green fumes.

With almost all of the kids in school, and Xia’s aspiration completed, they finally have time to work on Don’s aspiration.  I had changed him from Serial Romantic to Soul Mate.  Many, many dates.  They end each date with woohoo – I have to be careful not to accidentally select Try For Baby.

Oopsy – Olly comes to ask Don for something and has regrets that he will need counseling for later.

During their dates, I realized that Don and Xia never actually got married.  Since one of the requirements for Soul Mate is to be married, Don proposes to Xia.  She, of course, accepts his proposal.  And before anyone can change his mind, they are married.

While this is taking place, Olly is redecorating the living room.  Again.  I really need to buy them some toys.

Don scolds him.  Again.  It really isn’t doing any good though.  And then he cleans up the mess.  Again.

Once the rest of the kids comes home from school, Olly (charmer) bounces around between everyone talking and telling jokes.

I didn’t catch the perpetrator of this mess, and there wasn’t an option for Don or Xia to scold anyone for it.  But after Bunny and Buffy finished dancing one of them cleaned it up for me.

This lovely move is the moment when Don completed his aspiration.  They are finally having some success.  Don and Xia have completed their aspirations.  On the child level, Buffy and Bunny have completed their whiz kid aspirations.  All of the girls rolled whiz kid and all of the boys rolled social butterfly.

Oriel is working hard on her aspiration – Xia is helping her and I am trying to keep Olly from crying and messing up her focus.

Speaking of Olly, it is his birthday.  Don attempted to make a strawberry cake but it doesn’t look very appealing.

Olly looks pretty good although he didn’t get Xia’s eyes.  And this is where this update will end.

It is time to start the heir poll, which will run until the kids are teens.  They should all be teens for a time together.  While I need to have the blue skin continue for the base game bonus points, I will be including all of the kids in the poll.  I will be leaving the decision up to my voters.

Buffy (does not have the skin or eyes from Xia)

  • Self Assured
  • Top Notch Toddler
  • Mentally Gifted

Bunny (does not have the skin or eyes from Xia)

  • Cheerful
  • Top Notch Toddler
  • Mentally Gifted

Oriel (does not have the skin or eyes from Xia – no idea where the blonde hair came from)

  • Mean
  • Happy Toddler

Orion (has blue skin and purple eyes from Xia)

  • Creative
  • Happy Toddler

Olly (has blue skin from Xia and green eyes from Don)

  • Loner
  • Happy Toddler

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