Shades of Blue: 2.1 – Making Choices

This is my view when I play in my office – Apollo has to be near me, and his place of choice is laying on top of the tower behind my monitors.  He also likes to get down behind the monitors and attack my hands and mouse under the monitors (tipping them over in the process).

Bunny continues her skill building and masters handiness.  This update is going to be mostly blurbs.  I didn’t do any writing at work, so it ended up being captions as I played.

It is New Year’s Eve so the family took a break from their assigned tasks and celebrated the holiday.  I would be worried if my TV started spewing streamers.

Trying again in Granite Falls – it is raining and there is water everywhere – but the plants aren’t growing yet.  Buffy gets homesick immediately.  Waste of time.

She is so homesick and doesn’t stay for the entire 24 hours before she heads home.

Aditya’s unique style – Bunny chose well.

As far as I can tell they are identical twins.  I can see some differences in their mouth and eyes but overall the differences are so small that it would be impossible to see without having them side by side.


  • Loner, Music Lover, Materialistic


  • Neat, Goofball, Kleptomaniac

I gave my sister a blind choice (I gave her the traits for each but didn’t tell her what she was choosing and she got to choose one set – that is how I randomize a lot of things) and Lyndsay was chosen.  Orion asked Carlee to be just friends and Carlee was not impressed with Orion’s decision.

Orion had to work to get Lyndsay to agree to join the family.  So far every proposal in this challenge has been rejected on the first attempt – even with maxed relationship and flirty moods.

Lindsay is materialistic and she made a point to examine the ring carefully.  They had an audience during the proposal and the wedding that took place immediately afterwards.

With the new wife, they got a new house.  This was another gallery house from teawenye.

Still no luck in Granite Falls – it is too early in spring – the plants either aren’t growing or the ones that are growing aren’t ready to harvest.  There are even some that are dead.  I am growing concerned.

Lyndsay’s mini-makeover – I didn’t change her clothes, just her hair.  It was late and I didn’t want to spend the hour I normally spend giving her an entire wardrobe – maybe tomorrow.

Oriel needs two space prints to complete a collection and finish her aspiration:

  • Surfacing (Search for Truth)
  • Big Star (Stargaze)

And it is done and she is the first of the first generation to complete her aspiration.  

After scouring the world for a single young adult male sim, she found one!  Vikram Kadukin – a sim after her own heart – Mean, Jealous, and a Goofball.  A match made in heaven – and he has a big house.

She calls and takes the day off from work so she can build a relationship.  Priorities.

They are hitting on all cylinders. Mean + Mean and not a bad interaction yet.

Everything is going wonderfully. Fingers crossed.

And then she proposes – and he rejects it.  She heads home – he was tired and Oriel needed to let the embarrassed moodlet wear off before trying again.  She didn’t have enough positive moodlets to counteract it.

Our last teen becomes a young adult – it is Olly’s birthday!

Olly adds Music Lover to Goofball and Loner, Responsible and Good Manners, Socially Gifted and Happy Toddler.

Buffy barely gets the bills paid this week – Tuesday evening 7pm – I can’t remember what time they cut it off but I was sweating that.

Oriel and Vikram get married and move out!  He accepted the second proposal.  She moves into Oakenstead with him and his two teenage half-brothers.  He also has twin daughters with Cassandra Goth. Since Oriel hates children I will be surprised if they have any together.  Bye-bye!

The end of an era is coming closer – Xia is becoming an elder.

Bunny maxes singing – I have officially given up on City Living bonuses – but Bunny is still working on skills.

Lyndsay tells Orion she is pregnant.  I guess he missed that memo on what becoming heir means in this challenge.

Buffy tries Granite Falls again.  Eventually the plants will grow again.  I hope.

She comes home because she receives notice that Don’s time is almost up – and it is St. Gnome’s Day.  This is so much fun.

Got to appease the gnomes.  The begging for forgiveness doesn’t take as long this time.  In fact, it only takes one begging for everyone but Orion, who has to beg twice.

Orion maxes violin, and completes his aspiration.  He doesn’t get to move out of the madhouse though because this is his circus and these are his monkeys.

Bunny maxes Comedy with Don and Xia watching.  Moving along.  I was going to include the list of her maxed skills, but I closed the game without writing them game, so next time.

The gnomes are still leaving gifts of seeds.  I thought they stopped when the holiday was over.

The mud puddles are treacherous.  The rain needs to stop already.

Apparently Lindsay’s grilled cheese sandwiches are so good even Bunny has to eat one.  She is not hungry, she is thirsty.  She needs to feed on someone, not something.  But at least she has never lost control.

Lexi joins the family – and she is blue – so yay!  Orion looks so thrilled.

The hates children trait appears to only apply to children.  Orion doesn’t hate being around Lexi.  In fact he chooses to socialize with her.

Talk like a pirate day has everyone trying to complete the tradition.  This is a weird holiday.

Apparently Don and Lindsay flirted – I didn’t realize Unfurl Your Sail was a flirt interaction or maybe it isn’t and they flirted some other way, but all of the sudden Xia and Orion were pissed as hell at Don and Lindsay.

Then Lindsay sets the kitchen on fire – and she didn’t even hang around to panic.  She just hauled ass out of the house.

Orion immediately ran to put the fire out.  Xia was right behind him.  This was the first kitchen fire that only damaged the stove and none of the counters.  Fast reactions were had.

Flower Bunny day, or whatever I called it – Spring Fling.  They completed the egg collection but had a bad day because not everyone was able to complete the tradition because I didn’t set it as a holiday from work and everyone had to work instead of getting to talk to the bunny.  Boo!

And then there were accidents because they had to chase down the bunny at the park and everyone had to pee.  Lindsay didn’t make it back to the house.

It is time for another house.  This one is pretty but the layout isn’t working for me.  I know which one I want them to have, but they are just a little bit short on funds, so Bunny does the career bounce and soon they have the extra cash.  (I wish it worked like that in real life – take a job, get a bonus and rewards, quit that job and take another, rinse and repeat through 10-15 jobs, be done in 2-3 hours, cash in approximately 20k)

Eternal vampire sadness.  She has finally decided on her life career – she will be in social media.  Yes, that would make me cry also.  She has 2 days left until she completes her aspiration and I may let her move out so she and Aditya can be together.  I am still thinking.  Since Buffy’s aspiration is glitched and she may never move out – and she doesn’t have anyone waiting for her.

Their new, and last, house is the Commodious Residence.  This is the house that Maxis built, and released with Parenthood. It only needed minor redecorating for my requirements.  It is a two-story which is something I don’t play often, but it has the space I need since this is a smaller lot than I am used to playing.  The one thing I lost in the last move was Buffy’s plants.

The reason for the new house is that it is time for Lexi to become a toddler.  Everyone needs to sleep so Bunny will be aging her up and starting her potty training.  Then I believe that is where this update is going to end.

Lexi Zaffre, Inquisitive – blue skin and those eyes are not purple and they are not green – brown or red?

I lied about stopping – Bunny needs her weekly deep drink – she can go with one to two drinks per week.

Defiant Lexi doesn’t want to stop sliding and go learn potty.  She is having fun!

Hangry Lexi is hangry and impatient and exhausted.  She wants her food right now!

High chair drama ensues again.  Two emotional meltdowns, two dinners, two scoldings later and she is finally fed.  She is not happy with Lindsay either.

At least her hunger was satisfied before she fell asleep.

Lindsay wakes her up to put her to bed.  This also did not make her happy.

Lindsay reads her a bedtime story which did not impress Lexi.  Apparently nothing is going to make her happy at the moment.  And for real, this is the end of this update.  I am leaving for my weekend trip – but I will be taking my laptop and playing, so there will be another update at some point this weekend.  Most likely.


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