Shades of Blue: 2.2 – Your Face is Going to Freeze Like That

Bunny continues to grow in her powers, adding two new abilities:

  • Detect Personality
  • Eternally Welcome

I am waiting for two things to happen before taking Buffy back to Granite Falls again: Don to die (finally) and something (what was it…? Ohyeah) and Bunny to complete her aspiration.  I decided that Bunny needs to move on with her life since she has someone waiting for her, even though they have an eternity.  Buffy’s aspiration is glitched and hopefully I will be able to work around it, but Bunny should go ahead and move out once hers is completed.  Once Don and/or Bunny have vacated the house, Lindsay will begin the process of baking the next nooboo, or two.

I am uploading the Zaffres as they become young adults to the gallery.  They can be found under the hashtag #ZaffreOWBC, under my EAID TSmetana, and under their individual full name “Buffy Zaffre”.  For the most part, they should be uploaded on their birthday.  At the moment, Buffy is 5 days past, but I will fix that when I get home.  I am looking for the save where Olly became a young adult, because I forgot about him.  I am also pretty sure I have Xia saved in the library on my desktop also so she will be uploaded when I get home also.  they are not blank slates – they should come with their skills in place up to the time when I uploaded them. Also I found Olly – he is also 5 days into his young adult stage.  I don’t know if they maintain that age when being downloaded into a new game or go back to Day 1 – but I believe they retain their skills, traits, and aspiration history.  Not really sure how that works.  The link posted is to the hashtag so it should always show all of the Zaffres available, now and future.

Zaffres in the Gallery

Lexi is turning out to be more trouble than twins, possibly triplets.  She wakes up in the middle of the night, wakes up Lindsay for no reason, and then goes to the potty.  Just like my kids used to do.  They would walk BY the bathroom to come tell me that they had to use the bathroom before they would actually go TO the bathroom.  Every . Single . Night.  Welp, if you are going to wake up Mom, then Mom is going to get into your business.  Lindsay took Lexi back to bed after more potty training and everyone was able to sleep the rest of the night.  Thankfully.

Lexi’s next meltdown took place the next afternoon.  She had been playing on the slide – maxed movement, yay – and came in hungry.  She asked Xia for food, and Xia gave her animal crackers.   Lexi literally took one look and shoved the bowl onto the floor.  I was anticipating it, Xia wasn’t.  For the record, Xia has five choices in each outfit category.  This particular outfit is her favorite out of all of them.  It is the one she chooses to wear all the time – if she is wearing something else, it is because I told her to change clothes.

Orion knows his daughter – he was also watching and he was on her case the minute the bowl hit the floor.

After her scolding, Xia gives her a sandwich, which she grudgingly eats without throwing onto the floor.  I really think this is her permanent expression.  I rarely have seen her smile.

Once she is done eating, Xia puts Lexi’s grumpy ass in bed.

And at this point I received the notification that Bunny has completed her aspiration.  Yay, Bunny.  You go girl.  Get out while you can.  That is the first thing I have been waiting to happen.

Bunny tries to invite Aditya over.  First he can’t come over because it is nighttime and he is sleeping, then he can’t come over because it is daytime and he is a vampire.  So, Bunny goes to him, they elope, she moves into his house, and it is done.  The second kid from the first generation has moved out.  Two to go – come on Buffy and Olly – you can do it!

Buffy has quit trying, she is done with this challenge thing, and has abdicated her part – she says if you need her, she will be in the backyard drowning herself in the kiddie pool.  She needs to level gardening but someone lost all of her plants and she doesn’t want to start over.  She needs to level logic and she is tired of playing chess.  She needs to find three more herbs in Granite Falls but it has been a long winter.  She can’t find a lover.  She is doomed to be trapped in this house forever.  The only way out is death.

Zzzzz, this is nice…

Olly has completed everything for his aspiration except for the last two promotions – and I thought he would be the straggler – he looks to be done before Buffy at this point.  He has the skills he needs, he just needs to work days.  Of course, he is on a long “weekend” having four days off before he goes back to work.  He should be choosing the “Work Hard” for the next few days to try to get those promotions faster.  Although, I probably don’t want him to move out until after the second pregnancy.  His moving out needs to open up space for the third pregnancy, not make triplets possible on the second pregnancy.  Okay, Olly, you can relax.  You need to take another week to finish – Lindsay needs to do the pregnancy thing first, so you have a little time.

Despite a bad attitude, Lexi has been doing her part.  She has mastered movement and communication.  And she actually can smile.

She hasn’t mastered the potty yet but she is still working on that with Don’s help.  He also cleans her up afterwards.  And another smile, as she splashes Don and gets him soaked.

Now temper tantrums – those she has mastered.  She may be Inquisitive, but she acts like she is Impatient.

The next skill on her to do list is Imagination.  I am not sure I would call that a smile.  (there isn’t a baby in the bassinet – Lexi has been such a handful that her parents decided to wait until she starts school before getting pregnant for the second time.) And they are still waiting on Don to “leave”.

She was clean when she went to bed last night.  She is not clean this morning when she wakes up.  Lexi still hasn’t mastered the potty.  I am not sure when she used her diaper because I checked her before she went to bed and she was good – fully pottied and not even a little low.  When she woke up, her bar was just barely down, may 85-90%.  Her stink meter was not low either so she didn’t go to bed stinky.  She honestly got stinky in bed overnight and then got up and cried because she was stinky.

She asks for a bath, which she gets, and then she gets another lesson on using the potty.  This lesson is the one where she masters the potty.  That is three skills mastered just leaving creativity and thinking.  I still can’t tell about her eyes – they don’t look true brown but with the red dress they don’t look red.  I need to get in and create a new sim so I can figure out what color those are.  We are going to say she inherited them from the Landgraab side of the family.

Today, Lexi is working on belching and farting.  I was planning on taking the family on their annual camping trip, but no one remembered to schedule vacation so instead we bring you belches and farts for your viewing pleasure.

And, we bring you death.  Our first death of this challenge is going to be Don.

  • Death: Old Age
  • Aspiration completed: Soulmate
  • Skills Mastered: Charisma, Dancing, Parenting
  • Traits Earned/Purchased: Active, Romantic, Noncommittal, Alluring, Companion, Great Kisser, Companion

  • Xia: “Oh my Love!”
  • Lexi: “Who is going to give me baths now?”
  • All of the kids, except Buffy: “Dad! No!”
  • Buffy: “These brownies are good, who made them? Can we go camping now?

We are definitely going camping now- I think we have a week before it will be time for Xia to kick the bucket.

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