Shades of Blue: 2.3 – Center of the Universe

With Don’s death, I took the family camping.  As with anything, timing is everything.  Timing was not in our favor this time.  First, it was still spring.  Spring in Granite Falls means rain. Rain every day. Spring does not mean the herbs we need are growing and ready to harvest.  It just means rain.  Second, everyone was still in mourning.  A house full of sad people, trapped inside because it is raining.  Third, it was Love Day the day they arrived.  The only couple in the group was Orion and Lindsay and they were too sad to do anything romantic.  Buffy had made a stack of Sadness Alleviation Potions which everyone tried out.

The only person that had any bit of luck was Lindsay, and she had just enough luck to get the option to Try for Baby to show up.  Orion was not happy with the results.  His moodlets included tension from trying for baby, sadness from mourning, and embarrassment from poor performance during woohoo.  Lindsay is not happy with his reaction to her news and Lexi is not happy because, well, she is Lexi.

After the impromptu family meeting, Lindsay goes to take a bubble bath, Orion heads upstairs to take a shower, leaving Lexi alone, where she cries, because she is Lexi.

Buffy has nothing to collect so she plays horseshoes.

Lexi gets dressed and eats breakfast – Olly made pancakes – and then she has another cry.

The family decides to head into the deep woods to see how the plants look there.  Of course, it is raining, which Lexi does not like at all.  Or it could be the outdoors that she doesn’t like – she has made the same face every time we have loaded into the vacation – but I think it is the rain.

While Buffy makes her rounds to see if anything at all is growing, the older family members head out to fish.  Lindsay and Lexi go into the cabin so that Lexi can do imagination things like reading books and thinking things like flash cards.  Lindsay keeps going to do other things leaving Lexi to her own devices.  This is the first mess for this generation.  For all of her trouble making ways, Lexi has not been a mess maker.  Also, I think, but am not sure, but I think this might be building her imagination.  If so, she can make messes until it is maxed.  Besides, I don’t have to live with this one and I am not cleaning it up.

However, they did take her into the woods without a potty chair, so she came back with a loaded diaper.  I just wish that changing the diaper actually did something to improve her hygiene.

After changing the diaper, Xia reads her a story.  She is half a level from maxing imagination, then she will have only thinking to work on raising and mastering.  And look at that, there is another smile.

Xia has Lexi’s number – after reading her the story, she picked her up and put her down behind the couch.  Then walked away to eat.  Apparently Lexi couldn’t get out from behind the couch.  The plant and teddy bear blocked the way out so she was trapped.  HAHAHA!  I thought about leaving her there and just putting plates of food into her inventory.

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Lexi reaches level 3 in thinking but just barely before she has had enough.  Which is normal for a toddler – to decide they are done, before they are done.

Lindsay asks if she would like to hear a story and Lexi emphatically says NO!  She is done with everything.

With that definitive answer, Lindsay heads downstairs to find the rest of the adults leaving Lexi to herself.  Who is already angry – hungry and tired – and promptly throws a temper tantrum.  When she said she was done, she didn’t mean she wanted to be left alone.

Then for good measure she pooped her diaper – that will show everyone to just leave her.

Buffy decided it was time for everyone to go home.  She would get more done if she were alone.  She sent the adults home first and Lindsay and Lexi last.  Lexi was ready to go home.  She was not having fun with this camping thing.

Another bug for Buffy’s aspiration: Plants in Granite Falls only product harvestables at 5am if someone is on the lot [bug report].  We’ll see if anything grows tomorrow at 5am.  If not, then Buffy is going home.

I am going to cheat this tier done, and move her along.  Or maybe I will switch her to a different aspiration – readers, give me your opinion – Buffy has 5 days left as a young adult + 3 weeks as an adult.  Should I just cheat this tier and complete the last tier, or switch her to a different Nature aspiration?  As a reminder,

  • Cheat to move to forward – complete Outdoor Enthusiast?
  • Choose a different aspiration – start over with Freelance Botanist?

Nothing changed at 5am – and it is now Summer so I am so done with Outdoor Enthusiast.

Buffy arrives home to a sad Lexi (like that is a new thing) standing out at the road.  Lexi had a full 48 hours of mourning moodlet, which she shouldn’t have still had as it had been eliminated during the time in Granite Falls.  So Buffy, despite hating children, took one for the team and consoled Lexi to reduce it down.

Too many hugs – STAAHP!

Everyone is busy so Lexi puts herself to bed.  Despite getting rid of the mourning sadness, there is always something for Lexi to be sad or angry about.  If she doesn’t roll gloomy or hot-headed I will be so surprised.

Lexi wakes up when everyone is either asleep or at work, except Orion.  Orion is practicing the piano and therefore busy.  Lexi is starving and there is food sitting on the counter for her.  She knows this.  Yet she calls for Orion, who cannot hear her.  She proceeds to sit there for three hours – calling for him four times and waiting.  I just watched to see how long she would wait.  Finally, I gave in – she won.  I told her to get her spoiled ass out of bed herself and walk her hungry self down the stairs to eat.

By the time Lexi gets the message that she needs to do it herself, Lindsay is in labor – here we go with the second pregnancy.

But first things first, Lexi’s waiting dinner has now spoiled so she wants chicken nuggets, so Lindsay has to fix them before she can give birth.

Well, it happened again.  MCCC tells me there are twins coming, but delivery is only a single baby.  This time we get another girl – Paige.  Not sure what is happening, but I will check out the notes as I know this is a new version of the mod.  Again, not going to complain about not getting multiples, but definitely going to check why MCCC is telling me there are twins when there aren’t.

OMG look at that big smile – I never would have guessed it was possible.

Lexi comes down to see what Lindsay is doing and notices something has changed.  What could it be?

OH NO!  How could they do this to her?!?

Lexi tries to work the sympathy angle but Lindsay doesn’t seem to be paying attention to her cries.

Lexi can’t believe she is being ignored.

And then Lindsay walks away and goes upstairs without her, leaving her alone with the new creature.  It is like she has already been forgotten.  This sucks.

Now what is she supposed to do?  This isn’t how things are supposed work.  She is the center of the universe – there can’t be another.

Don picks tonight to come out to visit.  He takes pity on Lexi and carries her up to bed and reads her a bedtime story.

Xia can feel his presence in the house and comes to him.  They rekindle their romance and spend the rest of the night in bed.  I seriously tried to have Xia join him in the afterlife – three woohoos in a row, but she survived the attempts…


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