Shades of Blue: 2.5 – I Got Nothing

For the first time in forever, I don’t even know how to begin this update.  I can’t even write ahead because I don’t know what aspiration Paige is going to get, or what is going to happen since Orion, Lindsay, and Lexi are going to be allowed to do their own thing for awhile.  This is so exciting.

Xia and Don are dead. The first generation spares have completed their aspirations, found love and moved out, and the house feels empty.  Orion and Lindsay have four children and a kitten so the house isn’t empty or quiet.  Orion and Lindsay have completed their aspirations, Lexi has completed her aspiration, and it is almost time for Paige to become a child.  The twins should be toddlers soon and Z will not be a kitten for long.  Lexi did help me understand how to pronounce his name – it is like physics – Zzyzx.  (My son was laughing at me because I was walking down the hall trying to figure out how to say it and it sounded like I was sneezing).  I will just call him Z.

Paige plays with Z while Orion makes her birthday cake.  I love the look of terror on his face but Paige just adores him.

Then it is time for the princess to blow out the candles, she even brought her carriage.  I always check their backpack before they grow up and that was what she had.  I don’t know when she picked it up because I wasn’t aware she ever went near the toybox.

She rolls Music Lover and Rambunctious Scamp.  At least Paige gives us a new aspiration to work on {yay}.  But now we have to go to the park since we don’t live next to a jungle gym and this lot doesn’t have room to add one.

Z goes out prowling and is so adorably cute.  He kept falling over while he was running but I kept missing those pictures.

Paige watches a movie and it makes her so angry – there were so many plot holes and it was just a horrible movie. And she is still smiling.  Stomp-smile-stomp-smile.  Even pissed off she looks happy.

Lexi and Paige bond and have some sister time.  They went out to play with the new basketball goal and I felt it would be a good time to get a side by side picture for comparison.  As normally happens, someone closed their eyes.  I am still trying to figure out what color Lexi’s eyes are.  They are the brownish-red that is next to the purple in CAS – I was able to get a good shot today by creating a new sim in CAS to use for comparison.  I have no idea how she came by that color, but it suits her.

Then Paige yells at Lexi (she is still angry about the movie) and it is just shocking.  Shocking, I say.

The girls are practicing dribbling so that they can work on their motor skill without fighting over the computer.  I never did get a good picture of Paige.  She kept facing into the bushes and wouldn’t turn around.

I remodeled the bedrooms since there are four girls sharing two rooms, and still forgot the damn nightlights.

Orion comes in to spray for monsters but Paige refuses to go back to bed.  I got her to lay down for a nap until her fear wore off and then she went to sleep, at which point it was time to get up and go to school.

The twins become toddlers and they are both blonde and silly.  Rebeca has Orion’s purple eyes.  She is the only one of the four kids to have the purple eyes, but that is not what needs to be passed to the next generation.  She needed to blue skin to go with the purple eyes.  So the purple eyes end here.

Rachel has the green eyes of her mother and they are currently watching Rebeca learn how to use the potty.  Then I realized she would be better off out on the slide building movement skill so she could figure out how to go up and down the stairs.  They do learn (very, very little) from watching someone else use the potty, but not enough to make it a useful way to spend their time.  It is more useful to stare at the stove.

Forgive the Rachel spam here.  Orion came to see if she wanted to go to the potty and she refused him.  This entire series of pictures is just of her face and expressions.  The first three pictures she is actually being defiant and doing the pout no with the silly grin.  After that is her reaction when he gets mad at her.

Orion “convinces” Rachel that she is going to go to the potty one way or another.

Meanwhile downstairs, Lexi notices Z’s food bowl is empty and fills it up and calls him to eat.  He is excited that someone remembers to feed him and comes running as fast as his kitten legs will carry him.  I forgot how hard it is to take a good picture of a black cat.

Domesticity involves a lot of shit, especially when there are toddlers in the house.

Rachel is working on her communication skill and trying out her cute face.

Lindsay finally wakes up in time to see about taking Rebeca to the potty.  She doesn’t have half the trouble with Rebeca that Rachel gave Orion.

Orion free willed his way downstairs for some dancing to relieve his tension.  Z went with to see what he was doing.

No, Z is sparkling – it is time for Z to become a big kitty.

Checking on the older girls, Lexi is coloring quietly at the art table.

Paige is outside dribbling with the basketball.

Someone put out breakfast and the twins are heading downstairs for food.

We have a big boy kitty now – still can’t get a good picture of him, but he is pretty.

And he went straight for the food sitting out on the counter for the twins.

Orion lectures him about eating human food and it doesn’t even phase him.

Lindsay reads the girls several books which succeeds in raising the imagination level for Rebeca and Rachel.

Rebeca is very sad – she had an accident on the potty – and she has a plate stuck to her hand.

After a brief discussion, it is decided that Lindsay will go to work and Orion will take a vacation day to stay home with the twins.  Isn’t he the lucky one.

He starts trying to get them to bed – they still need imagination so he wants to read them a bedtime story.  It takes two tantrums, three bedtime stories, three tuck-ins, and they are finally asleep.

Bubbles, take me the hell away from here.  “There are few things in a Sim’s life that can’t be fixed with bubbles.”

I was going to do this recap later in the generation but now is a good time.  The bonuses and mini challenges keep dropping off as I go along.  At the moment, I have a potential of 52 points, assuming I can get triplets in the third generation and complete the Golden Trio.  The rest I am still eligible for the points, but it is a good thing I am not playing for points, because I am not doing so well.

Basic Requirements (no points – required)

  • Heir polls are required.
    • 1st generation poll posted here.
    • 2nd generation poll posted here.
  • Graves must be kept on the lot.
    • Don, Xia
  • An Army of Flamingos, you must have three flamingos on the lawn for every member of the household.
    • The Army of Flamingos (36 and counting) is in place along with their General Gnome.

Base Game (9 points total)

  • For making a founder with a colorful skin tone and keeping the skin color in the family until third generation
    • Blue skin required
      • Xia >Orion/Olly >Lexi/Paige
    • Purple eyes bonus
      • Xia >Orion >(Rebeca)
  • Achieving the initial (first teen/adult) aspiration for the founder, heirs, and all spares.
    • Xia, Don
    • Buffy, Bunny, Oriel, Orion, Olly
  • Gnomingo Quince is on duty.

BoolProp Naming Scheme (10 Points)

  • Buffy and Bunny
  • Oriel and Orio
  • Olly
  • Lexi
  • Paige
  • Rebeca and Rachel

Family Scrapbook (10 Points)

  • Selfies +
    • Xia wrote a book – Xia Zaffre, Founder
    • Orion wrote a book – How Not to Hate Children

On Ley, Not the Lonely (10 Points)

  • Buffy: Responsibility
  • Bunny: Responsibility
  • Oriel: Responsibility and Insensitive
  • Orion: Responsibility and Good Manners
  • Olly: Responsibility and Good Manners
  • Lexi:
  • Paige:
  • Rebeca:
  • Rachel:


The Golden Trio (10 Points)

  • Planned for the third generation – so whoever is chosen heiress (Lexi or Paige) will have to have triplets.

Blogging and Sharing (3 points)

  • That is what you are reading 😉


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