Shades of Blue: 2.6 – Chicken Butt

“Butt Butt Butt! You know what? Chicken butt! Haha, that never gets old!”  Silly toddlers are just plain silly.  And random.  And their jokes never make sense.

The twins still aren’t potty trained and they both need baths.  They are getting an intensive potty session to get their training completed.  Rachel didn’t even pause in eating her food while filling her diaper.  It was like she didn’t even notice.  At least when they are fully trained, they stop what they are doing until they are done using their diaper.  Like they notice and it is intentional – or even an accident.  Rachel just didn’t care.

Rebeca needs comforting after the potty training is completed.  It was intensive and there were accidents before we were done.  She was sad for a long time afterwards.  Even wearing her butterfly wings didn’t cheer her up.

The family gathers in the nursery while the twins finish getting their skills up to level 3 in everything except thinking.  Rebeca has her thinking to level 2 and Rachel is struggling with thinking still at level 1.  I still need to take Paige to the park, but have been working with the toddlers and haven’t had a chance yet.  Lexi is done with her aspiration so she has been helping with the toddlers where she can.  Soon, Paige, soon.  I hear it sucks being the middle child – not the oldest, not the youngest, always forgotten.  Besides, Paige still doesn’t have an A in school and she needs to get that brought up before she can take any days off, and I can’t remember if it is the weekend yet.

Everyone is off schedule again – it is 8am and the twins are just going down to sleep for the “night”.  For the day, whatever.  And they will be out all day as their energy levels are exhausted.  And someone will have to stay home with them as I don’t like sending them to daycare.  I need to see who is closer to promotion.  I think it might be Thursday since Orion is going to take the day off – he works Monday through Friday. (I was thinking about a different challenge – it is Saturday, and while Orion does have to work, Lindsay doesn’t so she can stay with the toddlers and Orion can go to work for a change).

While this looks like a sweet moment, in truth, Lindsay is convincing Paige she will be okay after she made herself sad by going to mourn at Don’s grave, again.

Orion is once again having to share the bathroom, this time with Z.  He actually tried to ask Z to leave the bathroom but Z ignored him.

Z realizes that Lexi is heading to the kitchen to feed him and he races to his bowl so that he can be there to watch it feel up with yummy food.

Paige finally gets to work on her aspiration.  She gets to go to the park and play on the pirate ship.  And who does my little eye spy in the background?

Buffy!  Pregnant Buffy!  Very Pregnant Buffy!  Buffy who Hates Children!!

Paige runs over to say hi and Buffy lets her feel the baby.  Then it is time to head home.

Two high chairs, two toddlers, two peanut butter sandwiches.  No tantrums.  It is a miracle.

I spoke too soon.

They are still trying to get their thinking skill up to level 3 and OMG it is torture.  I swear Rachel is the slow-est toddler ever.  But I love her the best-est.

Despite throwing more tantrums, Rebeca is a full level ahead of Rachel and has finally reached level 3 in all of her skills.  She has the rest of her toddlerhood to do her thing.

Paige and Z have a “discussion” on who is going to sleep in/on Paige’s bed.  In the end, Paige wins and Z goes prowling.

Breakfast of champions, or of toddlers – who doesn’t like grilled cheese sandwiches, amirite?

Rebeca is angry and she yells at Paige for no reason when she walks up to get a grilled cheese sandwich.  There was no reason for it – Paige never even said a word, Rebeca just turned and yelled at her.

I finally got an angry face that isn’t camouflaged by a silly face.  Lindsay was coming around the corner and immediately scolded Rebeca.

Since Rachel needs about half a level on thinking, she is carrying the tablet around while everyone else is sleeping, eating, working, etc.  Literally.  One way or another, eventually, this girl is going to learn to think.

And we have a crash – first one in a long time.  She was in bed with Lindsay reading to her and then she decided to get out and sleep on the floor.

It is birthday time!  Lexi is able to get to the cake before Z takes a bite.  And she blows out the candles…

HAHAHA – Lexi adds Neat to Cat Lover and picks up the Grilled Cheese aspiration.

Of course, she had to eat three grilled cheese sandwiches to actually unlock the aspiration so that she could talk about grilled cheese with other sims. 

Paige needs to play on the monkey bars, and that will fit into the very small backyard, so she is playing outside in the rain to get that accomplished.  Once that is done, she is allowed back in the house.

Back in the house where Lindsay begins to spend time teaching her manners and conflict resolution.  Lindsay needs at least one of her kids to have three positive character values, and since Paige is currently leading at the polls, she is the lucky child that will be working on them.

Meanwhile, Rachel finally gets her thinking to level 3 – yay for Rachel. The twins still have four days until they become children, so they will be free ranging for the next few days.  Paige will get the focus to finish up her childhood aspiration and Lexi will be working on the grilled cheese aspiration – and then Lexi will be working off the grilled cheese aspiration.

I was wondering why Z would never sleep in the cat bed and it was because I put it next to the TV – next to the fireplace.  He is scared of the TV.  So I moved it to Lexi’s room and now he sleeps in it.  Silly cat – my cats sleep on the TV, which hangs on the wall.

Lindsay takes the time to teach Rebeca some manners, even though it doesn’t move the green any.

There is a free will dance party happening right over here.

Rachel gets all derpy playing with her toys.

The girls are home with Orion and they watch him practice the piano.  He has almost mastered it.  Which is good because he has not spent any time with the girls today.

There are projects so it must be Monday.

Rebeca had a nightmare and she proceeded to wake everyone up.  I sent Orion downstairs to help Paige with her homework and had Lindsay comfort Rebeca and put her back to bed.

Lexi didn’t quite make it to bed before she passed out.

Both girls get up need to potty and a bath.  Since Rachel woke up first, she went first into the bath.  Rebeca went to the potty and then cried while she waited for her bath.

Rebeca sneaked into the spare bedroom – the bedroom that she will be sharing with Rachel when they age out of the nursery and redecorated the floors.  So far, Orion and Lindsay have been too exhausted to clean it up.

I don’t even know who to blame this one.  Lindsay found the mess when she came home from work.  She decided that it was time for her to stay home and Orion to go to work for a few days.  I think it is Rachel because she is the one that has started queueing up make a mess and play in the toilet.  Rebeca has been queueing up play with dolls and toys and watch Rachel.

Paige has completed her aspiration of becoming a Rambunctious Scamp.

She is almost in the zone for both Manners and Responsibility so Lindsay is working with her on Conflict Resolution.  Lindsay needs one of her children to have three positive character traits so, Paige is going for all five.

Rachel was scared by the ghost of Grandma Xia.  Wha!? What was… no, no! That ghost was too mean…


We finally have our first Lottery holiday so both Orion and Lindsay buy tickets.  Teens and younger can’t participate.  Fingers crossed because it would be awesome to win the prize.  The family finally does have money, but still.  I had Rachel take a nap to sleep off the sadness, and when I checked back on the girls, Rebeca was also taking a nap.

I sent the twins out to play in the sprinkler because they worked hard to get level 3 in their skills and they deserved some fun time.  And I was trying to keep them busy so they wouldn’t make messes.

What I didn’t do was look at the season or the weather.

Apparently it is storming and it is freezing.  So much for having water fun today.

The girls come in wet and cold and head upstairs to their room.

Lexi gives Z some love.

After the girls get dried off and warmed up, they go to bed because that was exhausting.  But they don’t stay in bed.  Rebeca is up with either a nightmare or because she is scared of the thunderstorm and Rachel is up to potty.  Anytime a toddler has to get on their tiptoes before they start to cry, it is going to be a doozy.

It is time to take Z to the vet – radioactive paws is not normal.

But first, we have birthday cake for Rebeca and Rachel…


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