Shades of Blue: 2.7 – Rocket for Sale, Like New

Picking up where we left off in the last update, they had just announced the winner of the lottery (not us) and the twins had just became children.  Rebeca rolled Slob and Social Butterfly.

Rachel rolled Bookworm and Whiz Kid.

Once the girls are finished with the birthdays and makeovers, Orion loads up Z and takes him to the vet.  It turns out he has Sizzlepaw and it costs quite a bit to get him feeling better.

Orion is the first in this challenge to reach the top level of his career – Entertainer/Musician!

As I see Buffy jogging by, I hope to get over to visit her family, or to have them over to visit during this update.  Buffy had twins – Jairo and Theo Comer.  So far she is the only one of the first generation to have babies after moving out.

So I just realized I have been spelling Lyndsay’s name wrong for her entire life with the family.  HA!  I also turned on notifications in MCCC and just got a notification that Oriel is pregnant.  HAHA!  Meanwhile, while the family sleeps, Dons cleans the stove.  Which is much appreciated because no one else has taken the time.

I have never done the Grilled Cheese aspiration before and I was looking at what Lexi is going to have to do and Houston, we have a problem.  Lexi will need to eat a grilled cheese sandwich in space.  Well, we don’t have a space ship, and I am pretty sure we don’t have room to build one either.  So either we need a new house, or Lexi is going to have to become a scientist so she can build the space ship at the science lab and use that one.  I was hoping she could finish the aspiration by the time she became a young adult.  Oh and then she has to talk to the Grim Reader about grilled cheese sandwiches.  So she has to be present when someone dies.  Oh Joy to the World.

Rebeca is going to be our first sim in this challenge to get a negative character value trait.  Because of her slob trait, she got a big jump on the Bad Manners trait.  So she is going to encourage that one to continue into the red zone.  What will really be interesting is that she rolled the Social Butterfly also.

Rebeca is trying to make Don her BFF, or at least a friend.  At the same time she is trying to do it without improving her manners, which means she can only use funny interactions as some of the friendly interactions improve manners.  Some of the funny interactions cause negative reactions with Don so they aren’t friends by the time he poofs for the day.  But I have learned some things about how this is going to work.

Spooky Day has rolled around again.  This time the family chooses Star Wars themed costumes across the board.

Dude, for real?  Home Wrecker! Wanton Destruction – and now the kids are going to cry until we can fix the dollhouse tomorrow.

Before Orion destroys the dollhouse, he loves on Z and then sends him out to prowl.

After a good romp through the neighborhood, Z settles down in the empty house to sleep.  He has the house to himself for a little while until the kids come home from school.

The kids come home from school, most of them still dressed in their costumes for Spooky Day.  Lexi is the only one that didn’t make it all day in her costume.

The younger kids had a Yoda party with homework and cake while waiting on the ghosts to come out so that they could complete the traditions for the holiday.

Since she was a toddler, Rachel has regularly run out to meet her parents when they come home from work, if she wasn’t too busy doing other things.

Even Z went out to meet Lyndsay today.

Rachel got caught making another mess – again it is Rachel the mess-maker, not Rebeca, even though it is Rebeca that is going to have negative character traits.

Rebeca needs to make a BFF so she runs down a kid, Linda Yamaguchi, she sees walking around the neighborhood.  They spend time getting to know each other but she isn’t able to get her to BFF status before Linda runs off.  Making friends is a little harder when only using funny interactions.  I should just have her make friends normally and then have her belch and fart her way back into the Bad Manner range.

Paige and Rachel have been fishing all day and Paige is exhausted.  She also has to pee but since she passed out before she could get to the bathroom, she will probably have an accident when she wakes up.

Lexi is so sick of grilled cheese sandwiches at this point.  But she is at the point where she needs a space ship and someone needs to die so she can meet the Grim Reaper.  While she waits she going to start working off the weight she has gained from eating all of the grilled cheese.  She has her mom’s chest and the weight is making her boobs much bigger.

Paige joins the scouts (all of the Bladderstones joined the scouts and I have not had anyone join them during this challenge, but for some reason it seemed the thing to do for Paige).  She earns the Give Back badge by giving some toys to charity and earning a promotion from Llama Scout to Griffon Scout.

She also unlocks the scouting manual, which I always expected to show up in their inventory.  I finally realized it was unlocked in buy mode so Paige was able to buy it.  She is studying it and earned the Scholarly Aptitude badge.

Rebeca has pushed Bad Manners all the way to the red zone and maxed out Social with her conversation with Lyndsay.  She ended up in time out for the things she was saying but you have to be willing to accept the consequences to get what you want.

Upstairs, Paige is working on the Arts and Crafts badge.  Paige is now a Unicorn Scout.

Hey, Buffy.  We are still meaning to get over to meet your kids…

Rebeca walks through the bedroom while Orion and Lyndsay are getting their sexy on.  That is the first time this generation one of the kids has walked in during sexy time.

Finally, we get to meet Buffy’s twins – Theo (Silly) and Jairo (Clingy).  I gave them a makeover and had Orion and Paige introduce themselves so that they can be invited over and out in the future.  I just changed their clothes, they were already identical twins.  The first thing Jairo did was throw a tantrum, then Theo came in and told a joke.  In case you weren’t sure, Theo is smiling and Jairo is not.

Bunny walks by the house for the first time in forever.  At least one of the generation hasn’t blown up all whale like.

Rebeca chases down her friend Linda.  I am beginning to think Linda isn’t going to make a good BFF.  Although she does make Rebeca run a lot.

Rebeca returns home and decides her twin is the better option and makes Rachel her BFF and relegates Linda to the friendzone.  Linda becomes a 1/3 friend.

Lexi is building a rocket… while Mortified from a mood swing…  She only needs the rocket so that she can eat a grilled cheese sandwich while inside.  Seriously a waste of money, but we are going to check it off of the list.

Once again I am taking pictures at night, but I had to move the flamingos around so that there was room to place a rocket.  This is the only place the rocket would fit on this lot with this house.  I looked for another house to replace it, but I just had to start this challenge on a 30×20 lot and now I am stuck.  It sucks.

While Rebeca is going to have some negative character traits, I just can’t live with Irresponsible.  So everyone will always do their homework and their school projects.  Just has to be that way.  My favorite negative traits are Bad Manners and Uncontrolled Emotions.  Those are so much fun to watch.

The rocket is done, Lexi is going inside to eat the damned sandwich.  All of that to eat a sandwich – and she didn’t even go into space (that I noticed).

With that out of the way – now someone needs to die so Lexi can talk to Grim – it is time to do homework.  Orion is helping Rachel and Lyndsay is on her way up to help Lexi.

Rebeca has 1/3 child friends and invites Buffy over to refresh her relationship to make the count 1/2 adult friends.  They play some chess and Rebeca says a lot of bad words.  No one scolds her because that is one of the negative traits she is working on.

You know it is a happening party when even the stereo starts dancing.  Actually Xia was haunting and freaking everyone out.

With the eating portion of the aspiration complete, it is time for Lexi to work off the weight, if she can.  She is going to try yoga.  She might try ice cream.  It just depends on how I feel.  I haven’t decided what I am going to do with her next.

I guess I am going to help her up out of the mud puddle that she didn’t miss.

We end this update with a birthday – Paige is now a teen.  She added Cat Lover to Music Lover and rolled Master Chef.

What?  I have to cook for a living?  And I just figured out who she looks like – Jenny Calendar from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Except for the blue skin, but that is who she reminds me of…


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