Shades of Blue: 2.8 – Must Love Cats

I caught Z playing with one of his toys.  A rare occurrence.  I don’t like not being able to see his needs.  He is always orange and I can’t figure out why.  He also is always running around the house – which is actually pretty catlike behavior.

Rebeca completes her social aspiration while maintaining her Bad Manners at maximum.  I will be interested to see what trait and aspiration the random mod gives her when she becomes a teen.

Paige has completed three more badges, earning a promotion to Pegasus Scout:

  • Sociability
  • Good Deeds
  • Keep Fit

Paige begins working on her cooking skill with Z supervising.  This is how cooking works in my house also.

It is Harvestfest so the family has a Grand Feast and everyone sits at the table together to eat.  It is a miracle.

Lexi picks a really weird place to do her homework.

Orion catches Z scratching his claws on the expensively “free” leather chair that they picked up as a career reward.

School is tough.  Lexi comes home enraged and Paige comes home mortified.  Rebeca and Rachel came home happy to be out of school for the weekend.  Rachel raised her grade to an A so she completed her aspiration {yay}.  Even though the twins are BFFs, their relationship is one of sisters – complicated.

Even though there over many, many moodlet solvers in their inventory, I never remember to actually use them.

Z makes himself the center of attention – he is Affectionate – and he likes attention.

Paige needs to have a silver dinner party for her aspiration, so on Saturday, she has a party for the family.  She successfully has a gold dinner party even with Lexi’s unfortunate accident.

With violin and piano mastered, Orion is now working on learning guitar.

With it time to become a young adult, Lexi takes a few minutes to write down her most embarrassing moments.

Then it is cake time. Paige had made a cake for her dinner party which no one had cut so Lexi pulled it out and added some candles.

Paige adds Self-assured to Cat Lover and Neat, along with Responsible and  Good Manners, Socially Gifted, and Happy Toddler.  She only lacks talking to the Grim Reaper to complete her aspiration.  She needs to choose a career and another aspiration to work on while she waits for someone to die.  I also just realized that because she rolled into the grilled cheese aspiration she did not get the aspiration trait, so she is short a trait – she should have Essence of Flavor also. {sad}  If I can figure out MCCC, I will add Essence of Flavor [done] and she will take Master Mixologist to work on while she is waiting on death to visit.   Actually, I just noticed none of the sims are getting the aspirational trait.  {hmmm}  I have gone in through MCCC and added the original aspirational trait they should have received for everyone in the household currently.  I will have to watch that. 

Don comes out to play and scares Lyndsay by haunting one of the headphones that has been lying around since Don or Xia died.

Z is not impressed with the floating headphones either.  He is also scared of the fireplace and the TV.

Don is either going to play or cleaning up.  Not really sure, but he tends to clean when he isn’t floating things around.  The three bassinets in the background are in anticipation of triplets for the Golden Trio in the next generation.

With nothing pressing to work on and all of the kids able to take care of themselves, Lyndsay finds herself spending a lot of time with Z.  Z is definitely not complaining about the extra attention or the pampering.

Paige is working on her fifth positive character value – emotional control.  She has the other four character values maxed out in the green zone.  If she can hold on to the progress, she will be the first five character traited sim in this challenge.  She is doing a combination of writing in her journal and jogging.  It is winter now, so jogging will be limited to non-blizzard days.

Paige has completed the last three badges, earning the last promotion to Llamacorn Scout.  Doesn’t she look so proud?  She is definitely an overachiever.

  • Civic Responsibility
  • Outdoor Adventurer
  • Young Scientist

Evening Xia.  Haven’t seen you out and about recently.

And Buffy, you are looking a little cold.  Maybe you should go home and put on something a little warmer when you go jogging. At least you have to give her credit for jogging no matter how cold it is, I sure wouldn’t be out jogging in cold weather.  Actually I wouldn’t be out jogging in any weather.  I walk, that is all I do.  If you see me running, you better run too, because I can guarantee something bad is chasing me.

Just a random shot of Xia doing sit-ups in the bathroom while Z uses the litterbox.  Because that is where I would do sit-ups, if I did sit-ups.

Lexi has had a rough day.  She really needs a bubble bath.  Her hygiene and her fun were tanked.

Paige’s cooking skills are improving.  She catches the knives most of the time now.

Because who hasn’t had sexy time in front of a pet – a pet that seems to watch very intently…

I am still not remembering to use the damn moodlet solvers.  Paige seems to suffer the most.  The others don’t pass out as much, or at all.  It is always Paige that passes out.

The family pitches in to help Paige complete her project so everyone can go to bed on time, or at least before midnight, for a change.  The only reason Lexi isn’t helping is she is at work.  Excuses, excuses…

Wrapping up this update, Orion continues to skill up guitar,

Lyndsay works on building her logic skill,

Lexi is learning mixology,

Paige has mastered cooking and is now working on gourmet cooking,

Rachel is playing with the doctor set,

Rebeca is crying over the broken dollhouse, again,

and Z is curious and always looking for petting and food.  This is probably the best picture I have been able to take of him.

Paige has worked her fifth character value into the range for a positive trait and just needs to keep them there until her birthday.  Don comes out to visit every evening, while Xia only shows up once a week, maybe.

and…. this update ends with a double birthday – the twins are now teens.

Rebeca went first and added Vegetarian to Slob and rolled Master Vampire (crapola, I really don’t want to do this one again).

Since I have already completed Master Vampire I am going to change Rebeca to a different Knowledge aspiration since she received the Quick Learner aspiration trait: Nerd Brain – after all, we still have the stupid rocket, might as well get some use out of it.  The rules don’t specifically say you can’t change the aspiration, just that the first one needs to be completed.  It is also not required that the aspirations be random, so we are allowed to choose the aspiration to begin with.  So I am interpreting them to allow me to make the change.

The mod glitched out on Rachel and she did not get her second trait, so I rolled for it using Create a Random Sim.  Rachel added Slob to Bookworm and her aspiration is Big Happy Family (given by the mod).  Since the mod gave her Big Happy Family I selected only it so the randomizer would give me the right aspiration but it was only the second trait that I was rolling for… 🙂

Big Happy Family is one of the aspirations that cannot be completed during the challenge (she has to have 3 children and 4 grandchildren to complete it and there is only one more generation to go).  So, I am going to switch her to another Family aspiration since she picked up the Domestic aspiration trait: Vampire Family – it is the only one that does not require her to actually have a child.

Rachel is going to be a vampire – woo?

The wall of selfies is complete for the first three generations!  One more generation to bring into the world and grow up…


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