Shades of Blue: 2.9 – All About the Food

There is no time like the present to get started on the vampire thing, so Lexi invites Bunny over.  There is a benefit to having a vampire in the family after all.  Rachel chats with her for awhile and then makes a special request.  Bunny agrees to turn her and soon the deed is done.  Now Rachel just needs to wait out the turning.

The girls didn’t get their homework done so they are trying to do it before school – but they still didn’t get finished before they had to run.  Slackers.

Lexi needed to mix three drinks at a social event so the she threw a house party.  It was still going strong when the teens got home from school.

Lexi got her three drinks made and then ended up with a silver medal for the event.  They were one kiss away -that close- from the gold medal when time ran out – Orion and Lyndsay just couldn’t kiss fast enough.

Rachel is so hungry but nothing tastes good anymore.  She is not enjoying this part of the transition.

Xia came out to visit and haunted the sink all freaking night.  Hours and hours of the bouncing sink and everyone being scared by the ghost.  You would think they would be used to it by the time morning came.

Rachel transformed into a vampire with either really horrible taste in clothes or a preference for comfort over style.  She definitely looks the Slob.

Either way, she is getting a makeover, immediately.  Now her dark form is much more dark looking and not so much the slob.

Once again the girls are trying to get their homework done before school.  Z is not being very helpful, but he is being very adorable.

Once she finishes her homework, Rachel changes back into her “normal” outfit and heads to school.  The other girls are still plugging away.

With the house cleared out (the girls finally finished their homework and left for school) and with time to spare before heading to work, Orion continues to practice the guitar.  He will eventually master it.  I hope.

And just like that, in seemingly an instant, the school day is over, and the teens are home.  Where did the time go?  (speed 3 while Orion practiced guitar…)

Paige is the only one that came home in a good enough mood to immediately work on her homework, with Z’s help.  Rachel started her homework and then disappeared to do something other than what she was told.

Rebeca is so tense from a mood swing that she spends an hour throwing tantrum after tantrum and then crying through a movie.  Finally she feels like doing her homework.

Rachel goes out to suck her first victim dry – well not completely dry, she hasn’t learned how to turn anyone yet.  She just needs a deep drink.  I don’t want her losing control and randomly attacking her family.

My food challenged teens…  Rebeca is a vegetarian – I forgot and had her eat leftover and she chose a meat dish, so now she is sad about violating her principles, and she is nauseous and about to throw up.  Rachel is a vampire – and normal food makes her throw up.  What is even funnier is that the other two teens in this generation are in the culinary field – chef and mixology/grilled cheese.  And I didn’t plan that, it is just how it turned out.

Doesn’t Orion look dashing in his tuxedo in front of his piano?  Maybe once he masters guitar he can work in some yoga.

Rebeca decided that the front porch during a blizzard is the best place to read a book.  She got the brains, that one 😉 but at least she put on her cold weather clothes.

This was supposed to be Orion’s birthday cake, but they were faster than I was – so Orion had to make a second cake.

The second time I was able to get the candles on the cake before anyone cut into it and Orion blew out the candles and turned gray.

Rebeca is eating meat again.  Seriously, she is doing this herself.  I didn’t tell her to eat meat.  I don’t think she is really serious about being a vegetarian.

Rachel needs to turn five sims into vampires and we didn’t put a lot of thought into it.  There is a blizzard outside so she took whoever walked by…

Then the blizzard started taking a toll and Rachel balked at moving anywhere but back to the house.  So she went home…

…long enough to pack up the family and go to a café somewhere in Windenburg where she found the last two “volunteers” plus a spare to drink.

Back home, she creates a club for her offspring and when it is time for them to start turning, she calls a gathering.  Brice is drinking from the ones who haven’t turned yet.  Rachel finally sent everyone home because I don’t want Brice drinking from the family, and the positive club actions do include drinking plasma.  Which, in hindsight, might not be a good thing.  Paige needs to train three offspring and she was able to train Brice (1/3).  There is a cool down so she couldn’t do any more training anyways.  Once she completes her aspiration she will move into a group home with this group, most likely.

Paige has a lead in the polls and nothing has changed recently so I am moving forward with the assumption that she is going to be the heiress.  Her birthday is in two days so it is time to start finding her someone to love.  Looking to the young adult males, Lexi created a club for young adults, then she called a gathering and Paige introduced herself the single ones that came over.  There were two so we will start with these options.  We did not include the ones that Rachel is turning into vampires – those guys are already spoken for.  Paige’s choices are Rhett Shearer (redhead) and Wade Walsh (son of Darling Walsh)

I do believe Wade knows that I, and that means Paige, have a preference for Rhett.

After Wade leaves, Paige invites Rhett back over to get to know him better.  Yep, hopefully he stays single long enough for Paige to become old enough to snag him.

Paige heads up to bed and finds it is already taken.  I wish that it was possible to share the bed with the pets.  That would be really cool.

This is going to suck – Z just got old.

Orion has finally mastered the guitar – that is all three instruments (do not remind me there is a fourth instrument in the game now, dammit – he is old, he deserves a retirement from learning more skills).

Damn vampires.  Rachel is going to disband this stupid club.  All of her offspring have turned, but she needs to train two of them, if she can just be in a decent mood.  Unfortunately at this gathering she was having a mood swing was too sad to train.  This is the last time the group of vampires will be invited into the house.  Damn vampires.

That brings us to Paige’s birthday sparkles.  As she was getting ready to blow out the candles, Z was running to the kitchen.  It was a race to see who could get to the cake first, Paige or Z.

Paige has been chosen as the heiress woot.  Her personality traits are Cat Lover, Music Lover, and Bookworm.  She has Happy Toddler, Scouting Aptitude, Physically Gifted, and Essence of Flavor (from choosing a Food aspiration).  She is our first five character value trait sim – with five positive character traits – Mediator, Responsible, Emotional Control, Good Manners, and Compassionate.  And I still think she looks like Jenny Calendar from Buffy.  Her aspiration is a repeat of Olly’s aspiration but she is moving along quickly in it.  Her big project will be to have the Golden Trio once the house is empty enough to hold them.


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