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Paige has officially taken the reigns of the challenge from Orion so he can take his retirement and wander at will.  The main goal I had to get this update started was to get Paige married and to get Rachel’s aspiration finished.  I finally remembered to upload Lexi and Paige to the gallery.  The kids can be found under the hashtag #ZaffreOWBC, under my EAID TSmetana, and under their individual full name “Lexi Zaffre”.  I have looked on both the desktop and the laptop but I can’t find Xia’s original file, so I won’t be able to upload her.  I had reset both computers and reinstalled everything on both computers and apparently I lost anything that wasn’t already uploaded to the gallery when I did.  I was hoping I had started the OWBC after I had created her, but it doesn’t look that way. 🙁 

Zaffres in the Gallery

The Vampire Family is actually one of the easiest to finish, in my opinion, and I want her to be done before she becomes a young adult.  Since the vampire club thing was pissing me off, we regrouped and only added one member at a time.  That way Rachel could control them while they were at the house.  She needed to finish up the training and then she needed to be good friends with them.  So she proceeded to work in that order.  She had her “A” in school so she took the day off and began running gatherings of her small club.  She would start a gathering, train the new vamp, then make them a good friend.

Once they reached good friend status, she would remove them from the club, and add the next offspring, wait until the first vamp left and then start a new gathering.  Since she only needed one more training, she quickly moved into the next tier of her aspiration where she needed five good friends (which she was already in the process of making) and then to become a master vampire.

Once she had all of the good friends, she disbanded the club and focused on earning the remaining points to become a master vampire.  And boom! she is done!  Total time took 7 days as a teen.

With Rachel’s initial aspiration completed, it was time to cure her of the vampirism – Bunny is going to be the only permanent family vampire I think.  So Rachel bought the ingredients needed for the drink, mixed it up, and drank it down.  She never even bought any vampire skills or weaknesses other than the ones she needed to get originally – Vampire Creation, etc.  She just ranked up to Master Vampire, checked off the aspiration, and went straight to the cure.  I am so over vampires right now.  I liked Bunny as a vampire but Rachel’s “gang” was just pissing me off.  And I think I am so close to the end of this challenge that I am getting antsy and I don’t want to be distracted. 😉

With her cured of vampirism, her age reset to the beginning of the teen stage.  But she is not going to relive all of those days.  She will have her birthday at the same time Rebeca does and they will grow up together – they are twins after all.  Now to focus on Rebeca so they can both move out as soon as they are young adults.  It is possible, Rebeca has 7 days to get it done.  Just a comment – my daughter’s name is Rebekah and it is so hard to type Rebeca, and it feels so wrong.  Just sayin’.

While Rachel was finishing up her aspiration, Paige was also taking care of business.  She called up Rhett and invited him over where she chatted and flirted and followed him all over the house trying to keep him from leaving.  And he was trying so hard to get away.  He kept queueing up “Goodbye.”  And he actually left three times.

Orion decided that it was necessary to destroy the dollhouse at this exact moment.  I don’t even know why.

I don’t think they ever noticed either, actually.  Paige went in for her first kiss right after Orion left the room.  After they kissed, Rhett agreed to be her boyfriend.  And then he left.

Rhett left several times during the process.  Each time Paige called him back.  This time she got all the way up to proposing, but he left just before she could pop the question.

While I am switching back and forth between Rachel and Paige, plus making sure Rebeca is still playing chess, I noticed Paige and Rhett were making a beeline for the upstairs.  I thought they were headed back to the nursery but couldn’t figure out why since the dollhouse was already broken.  So, I switched over to see what they were doing.  Paige’s queue was Try for Baby.  I must have accidentally clicked on that.  I absolutely do not want her getting pregnant until there is room in the house for triplets – my plan for her is one and done – triplets on the first pregnancy and then closed for business.  I am so glad I caught them before they made it to the point of no return.  It was close though as they were already splitting to separate sides of the bed.

I was finally able to get Paige to propose – and he accepted on the first attempt.  Hallelujah!

After which they immediately eloped.  And since the house is full, at the moment, there will not be any accidental Try for Baby actions.

Rhett Shearer is Outgoing, Erratic, and Childish.  His aspiration is Friend of the Animals – I don’t know if this one will be completed, but we will do what we can to help him out.  I am also hoping for some blue skinned, red-headed babies.  When the time comes.  Which isn’t now.

Rebeca needs to get busy on her aspiration if she wants to be ready to move out with Rachel.  She still has to level logic and handiness, and she is so slow.

Meanwhile, Rhett is making friends with Z – his whole world revolves around making friends with animals, which makes Z very happy.

I lost track of time, and it is Winterfest again.

Rebeca eventually gets logic up to level 5 and moves into the rocket science phase of the aspiration.  Since they have a rocket sitting outside, she finally has a reason to use it – five trips into space – check and done.

And back in time to open presents.  She missed seeing Father Winter, but then so did everyone else, as they were all sleeping.

Rhett quickly makes himself at home and becomes companions with Z.

He also came into the family with a job as a mailroom technician in the Business field.  Definitely not the right place for him, but I don’t know if I want to own a vet clinic.  I am going to let him learn to be a vet, so first he is going to use up his vacation time , then he will make a decision about his job.

Downstairs, Rebeca is finishing up her homework and then she is going to be upgrading as many things as possible.  She took a day of vacation from school so she can work on her aspiration.  Paige is pampering Z since she doesn’t go to work until later in the day.  Z is getting older and his time is winding down. 🙁  That makes me sad because he has been a pleasant addition to the household and I will miss him when he is gone.

Since I am planning really hard for the Golden Trio to happen in the last generation, I have been slowly converting the house to accommodate them.

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Toddlers Room – currently setup for three girls but will be repainted if there are any/all boys

Singles Room – this will be the triplets room once they are out of the toddlers room.  It is currently being used by Lexi, Rebeca, and Rachel.  The change was necessary when Paige got married.  Again, repaint as necessary if there are any boys.

The play area is now in the common area (dollhouse is still broken but has been recolored to match the other toys)

Babies will be in the living area just because it is easier to keep them in the main part of the house until they become toddlers.  And I haven’t totally given up on high chairs just because sometimes I need the adults to do something with the toddlers.

No, it isn’t time to bring in the triplets, this is just for fun…



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