Shades of Blue: 3.1 – Death Comes at the End

“N-nothing important. That is, I heard a good deal about a ring, and a dark lord, and something about the end of the world, but please, Mr. Gandalf, sir, don’t hurt me. Don’t turn me into anything… unnatural.” ~Samwise Gamgee

That quote has nothing to do with this chapter, it just happens to be what I am watching and has always made me laugh when I hear it.  So I thought I would share as I am starting this update as Sam says those particular words.

We haven’t visited with the previous generation much, and won’t here either.  I never mentioned that Oriel had a boy – Zane.  He is a child now.  Buffy’s boys are teens.  Olly and Bunny have not had children and I would be surprised if they did.  I don’t have the MCCC settings set very aggressively for this game apparently.  But at this point, everyone is still alive, although that can change as they all continue to age, except for Bunny.

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When Rhett reaches level 5 veterinarian, I take pity on him and let him go to bed to sleep.

The rest of the house begins to come home from work – Lyndsay is the first.  She comes home tense from both a hard day of work and her klepto trait is needing to steal something, anything.

She is getting brazen – having stolen her boss’s chair out from under him – and setting it out in the living room for all to see.  It actually looks a lot like my son’s desk chair.

As penance, I send her to spend time on the yoga mat.  She needs to “tone up” just a bit.  Age is catching up with her and her birthday will be here in a day or two.

Lexi is going to complete the mixology aspiration while she waits on someone to die so she can complete the grilled cheese aspiration.  I thought about helping someone die to move that along, but I haven’t gotten to the point where I NEED that spot in the house so I wait.  In the meantime, she makes a drink for Z.  I don’t know if he likes it because right after he drank it his picture turned orange and he went running for Paige.  “Minty Fresh Pet Confection”

Lyndsay is able to complete the Successful Lineage aspiration by helping Rachel with her homework, making that two family aspirations for her.  She chooses Big Happy Family next and is on the last tier but needs 4 grandchildren so I doubt she will ever finish it.

I remember there is a vegetarian in the family and Paige makes tofurkey for the grand meal for New Year’s Eve.  She sets it out and tells everyone it is ready.  There isn’t a formal sit-down today.  It is a casual meal.

Lyndsay goes for a brownie instead…

Wha…?  Chocolate vs tofu, not a choice really.

Everyone is eating and dancing, generally hanging out together.  Rachel was in the bathroom and missed being in the picture.  Z was running around like cats do.  Lyndsay is sitting in her “new” chair.

Rhett is excited about the possibilities that the New Year is going to bring.  He keeps throwing confetti and I have no idea where he found the drink.

So I sent everyone to bed (I will regret this shortly) and as I am putting everyone to bed, happy that for once they are all going to bed at a decent hour, I click on Z to find him not at home…

I wake up Rhett to summon him home (then realize no one had to be awake to click on the whistle).  So Rhett goes back to bed and Z comes running home.

As Z comes home, Lyndsay gets up.  So I go to send Lyndsay back to bed only to discover that she has something else in mind.  Our first abduction, I believe.

Then I remember that it is New Year’s Eve – everyone is supposed to stay up until midnight.  It is 11pm so I am getting everyone up out of bed and down to watch TV.  Lyndsay is still abducted so her NYE is going to suck.

Woo. Hugs. Kisses. Back to bed.  Lyndsay is brought back 15 minutes after midnight so she missed everything.

I had my doubts but Rebeca did it – she completed her aspiration before her birthday!  Woohoo – both she and Rachel will be moving out when they become young adults!

Huh?  I’m done?

Yep – now we can find you and Rachel someone to love. <3

Two different someones, right?

Lexi is also seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.  With Orion and Z both elders (someone is going to die soon), she has been checking out the men walking by.  When this specimen walked by she fell in love at first sight.  This past week on the radio they had the “question of the day”.  The question was something about the top two fashion faux pas men make “in their opinion”.

  1. Socks with sandals
  2. Man bun

Our man here, Boston Lance, hits it on both accounts.  Lexi has excellent taste.  When she saw him, she knew he was the ONE.  Whether he wants to be or not.  To make it more sure – he is single and of the right age.  Meaning only a few days older than her.

Lexi chases him down (why do these kids always have to chase down their targets?) and convinces to come inside out of the rain.  Inside she works on him until she has to go to work.  If I had remembered in time I would have had her take the day off.  I didn’t.  She left.  Hopefully, he stays single long enough for her to come home and MCCC doesn’t pair him up before she can tie him up, I mean down.

So the girls begin looking for a guy – not to share – but each to have their own.  The first option up is Reginald Redding.  Reginald was on Rebeca’s contact screen so she claims priority.

She works on him until he finally agrees to be her boyfriend.  He apparently wanted her to not be stinky before he would agree.  She had to go take a shower.  He is one day older so the age is right.  He should be aging up right before or around the time she does.

Over on the other side of the room, Rhett is having an interesting conversation with the toy robot…  Every time I leave Rhett to his own devices, this is the device Rhett goes to.  He loves this toy robot.

While Rebeca is working on Reginald, Lexi invites Boston over.  He dressed a little different for his visit this time.

Lexi and Boston hit it off quickly and they move along a lot faster than Rebeca and Reginald.  But I am seeing a strange green glow surrounding the man.

It helps that they can actually get engaged.  He says yes on the first proposal.  I am so happy.  And now there is a strange pink glow.

Lexi asks Boston for a little space bound woohoo, to which he agrees, and then he changes his mind at the base of the rocket and decides it is time to leave.  He does this twice.  Like, you ain’t getting me to step foot on that ship for any reason.  Not even for the woohoo.

I check Lexi’s information on Boston, and yes, he is a Known Alien.  Nice!  Alien babies – although she isn’t the heiress. {sigh}

it is Lyndsay’s birthday – she has been sparkling since she woke up this morning – and I sent her down to make a cake, but then I got distracted with Rebeca and Lexi and their love lives and I forgot about Lyndsay and the cake.  Lyndsay is now at work and the cake is half gone.  I will have Orion make another cake to be waiting for her when she gets home in case there is time for her to blow it out.  Fingers crossed, otherwise she can cry about getting older like everyone else.

Is it my turn yet?

You spent a week as a vampire, be patient.

Is it my turn yet?

Yes, it is your turn now.


As soon as Orion bakes a cake for Lyndsay, and she comes home and blows out the candles.

I am worried that Z’s time is coming soon as he has been spamming lots of attention actions.  Then we get the notification that Buffy has died.  She is the first of the first generation to die.  Bunny won’t die since she is a vampire, and I know Orion’s time is coming soon, which means Oriel’s time will be up soon also.  {sadness}  All of the sadness, and Lyndsay just arrived home and is hurrying to her cake to try to beat the aging process.

She made it to the cake on time.  Now she desperately needs to make it to the shower.

Immediately after Lyndsay’s birthday, but not quick enough it is Rebeca and Rachel’s birthday.  Someone got to the hamburger cake before I could put the candles back on it – I was distracted by two people that kept texting me.  So Paige made another cake.  This time a blue confetti cake.

Rebeca is a Slob, Vegetarian, and a Bookworm – Responsible with Bad Manners.  She completed Nerd Brain and will be getting married and moving out with Reginald Redding momentarily.

Rachel is a Slob, Bookworm, and a Kleptomaniac – Responsible with Good Manners.  She completed Vampire Family and will be getting married and moving out as soon as we find her a honey.

We have delayed Rachel’s trip to find a mate as I don’t want to leave Z at home as I am concerned his time is up (and Lexi has to talk with Grim so she can get married and move out).  So Rachel waits.  And everyone is spending a lot of time with Z.  He reminds me of my Apollo (personality not looks) and this is making me sad.


My feelings exactly

So, Hi, My name is Lexi. Nice to meet you.

Can I tell you about the melty goodness of Grilled Cheese?

Oh please let’s get married right now and get me out of this house – tonight, right now, here in front of my cat’s grave beside the ghost of my grieving grandfather.  Marry me now!

And Rebeca moved out.

Into Reginald’s house.  Which consists of quite a lot of people.  Rebeca took the last available spot.  The last room in the inn.  From the frying pan into the fire.

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Being the benevolent being that I am, I split off a lot of the household, leaving Rebeca, Reginald, and Yang (since she had the same last name as Reg).  I believe the other two are his sisters and the rest of the household are all of their kids and they are now sharing a household of their own.  I also changed the household name to Redding, although MCCC would have cleaned it up eventually.

How the hell do you set a bar on fire?  However it is done, Lexi did it.  And then she completed Master Mixologist.  She completed Grilled Cheese aspiration by talking with Grim but she couldn’t move out because Boston was sleeping (1 am, whatever) so she had time to kill and just a little bit left to complete on the mixology aspiration.  So while she waited she finished leveling mixology – and set the bar on fire.  Now she has to wait another 45 minutes (6:15 am) and then she can invite Boston over and get married and move out.  During the fire, she never stopped mixing either.  It flared and then went out on its own.  Magic fire.  And then Grim left and we got the notification that she and Grim were friends.

Hello, Darkness, My Old Chum

I am free – please get me out of here.  They eloped at the top of the stairs, in her nighties and his running clothes (I am pretty sure that is that those are) and then they moved out.

Can it be my turn now?

Yes, it is your turn now.

Like I believe you anymore.

It has to be your turn – you are the only one left in the house that isn’t going to die here…

…as soon as I swap the DVD to the next Lord of the Rings movie…


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