Shades of Blue: 3.2 – Gnome Invasion

It is time to keep my promise to Rachel and find her a husband.  In looking for a single male, I noticed that even though Bunny and Olly did not have children, they had taken in orphans.  Also, Oriel is now widowed and has two cats.

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There were four possible mates for Rachel.  She set out to beard each lion in his den.  The first one was two men living in a house.  I was hoping they were brothers or roommates but they were married.  This is one that she had seen walking around the neighborhood and he had been single at the time.  He is also, apparently, an alien.

The next possibility was a single male living alone, that she had seen around the neighborhood.  I thought he might be too old – I am trying to keep them in the same age range.  He was not home though.  So on to the third house – a pair of males living together.  These I was sure were not married as they are identical twins.  And they are only five days older than Rachel.  Score – now she has to choose just one of them.

She invites them both back to her house so she can get to know them better.  She spends the afternoon getting to know them and makes good friends with both Chaz and Tyrell.

But it is Chaz that sets her heart on fire.

With her decision made, Rachel tells Chaz how she feels and he tells her he feels the same and soon they are engaged…

and married, then moved out and living in a studio apartment with his brother.  Yeah, that arrangement is going to last.

I was so worried that by switching over to Rachel’s household during her moving out I would come back and Orion would be dead, having died while the household was inactive.  But no, he waited for me to come back.  But just barely.  That is what you call close timing though.

While Orion lay dying on his bedroom floor, Lyndsay was loading the dishwasher downstairs.

Where in the past, the house was full of life and crowded with sims, this time when Grim came to call, it was empty and quiet.  No one knew it was Orion’s time until it was over and done.

Lyndsay cried herself to sleep, alone in bed and in the big empty house.

You might ask yourself, and me, where is Paige and Rhett during this sad time.  Well, they were a little busy.

Successfully busy, indeed.  Our goal is triplets, so keep your fingers crossed.  Triplets and the Golden Trio.  Anything other than triplets and she will be doing three pregnancies as a normal generation.  This will also be the last generation born.  And truthfully, my house is setup for triplets, so I am going to be so disappointed if it isn’t.

Seriously – you could have taken a shower and then told me the good news.

I would have let Lyndsay take a vacation day but she was due for a raise so she went to work.  She is now a level 8 Hedge Fund Manager, and this is where she will top out.  She needs more skills (+1 charisma and +2 logic) and I don’t have the heart to push her to get them.  She can work until the babies (being optimistic) are born and then she can retire and stay home with them.  She is domestic and always had the family aspirations anyway.

So St Gnome’s rolls around and they are going through the motions of appeasing the gnomes.  They leave one for Lyndsay to appease when she gets home from work.  It just happens to be a grim gnome.  For some reason, I get the idea to have Lyndsay kick the grim instead of appease it.  Seems like the thing to do.  Only now all of the gnomes are pissed.  So Lyndsay runs around kicking all of the gnomes because they are shredding the house.  It is going to take days to repair all of the plumbing. – final count was one toilet and three sinks.  Thankfully each bathroom upstairs has two sinks each so the toilet will be first on the list.  But kids listen to me – don’t kick the gnomes.

After Lyndsay demolished all of the existing gnomes, we had to replace two of them – Gnomingo is required to stand guard, and Gnome-Z is the gnome that represents Zzyzx where the flamingos represent each family member.  So, Gnomingo-2 and Gnome-Z2 have been brought in to fill the positions and their first order of business is to make sure Lyndsay understands that there will be no more gnome kicking.  This is really creepy.

My game froze and after waiting (for about 20 minutes – I even went and closed the windows and buttoned up the house) and hoping it would unfreeze I finally had to close the game and reopen it.  I had been saving fairly regularly and had only lost back to the gnome fiasco.  Which means Lyndsay has not kicked the gnomes.  And yes kids, we are going to learn and take advantage of the situation.  Lyndsay will not be kicking the gnomes again.  Instead, everyone will be playing nice and feeding them pie and coffee.  And pleading where necessary.

True story – I lost about 18 game hours – but had not taken a lot of pictures – nothing much was happening except Paige’s baby belly was growing, Lyndsay got her one promotion, Frodo just destroyed the One Ring, and I am getting tired.  But with a small household, there isn’t much going on.  I left the gnome fiasco in the update as a learning lesson just in case someone else thinks it would be cool to kick the gnomes – trust me, don’t.  Not only do they destroy the house, they multiply.  As you can see below, there were five to start.  She ended up kicking eight total.

Damn gnomes – I don’t know why I thought a holiday just for the gnomes was such a great idea.  Drinking and cute little gnomes, that is what I was thinking – like leprechauns.  I should have remembered leprechauns are tricksters.

And still they gather around Lyndsay, almost like they know what happened in another life.

I still haven’t come up with a better career than Business for Rhett.  He just doesn’t seem like he belongs in a business office.  His traits are childish, erratic, and outgoing.  He has an animal aspiration but I don’t want to own/run a vet clinic even though that would probably be the best place for him.  I might make him a painter.

Z didn’t waste any time coming out to haunt the family.  I am so glad to see him.  While I did take up the litter box and food bowl, I left his bed upstairs, his squeaky toys, and his cat tree.

Z made me get him a new food dish, but I am glad I kept his cat tree.  I didn’t think ghosts ate…  {thinking}

Rhett is glad to see Z again also.  His fun was tanked and then it just zoomed full when he sat down with Z.  In fact, it filled up faster from being with Z than it does from woohoo with Paige…

It is somebody’s birthday {read that in a sing-song voice – I can’t figure out to type it though}

Rhett is a full-grown adult

Yep, a full grown adult.  That is why he got a zombie birthday cake.

I rearranged the graves.  The empty spot is for Lyndsay.  I don’t think anyone else should need a spot as the challenge ends once the incoming babies (optimism) become young adults – so barring any accidental deaths…

Orion finally comes out of his grave and pays Lyndsay a visit.  She takes a selfie with him and then they have a quick tumble (which leaves her embarrassed – can’t win with her sometimes).

And it is baby time – the moment of truth.  Both Paige and Rhett have the Fertile trait.  The lot has On Ley Line.  We Want TRIPLETS.  Will we get them?

We Have Triplets: Oceana (not blue), Powell (blue), and Newton (blue).

The Golden Trio (10 Points)
A generation of your choice must give birth to triplets.  You may name each of the babies after a different letter in the naming scheme if you go for this.  You are also exempt from the three pregnancy rule that generation.  Additional children may be born after the triplets, the trio rules do not apply to them. 

  • Each triplet max three skills of your choosing as a child
  • Each triplet must make one best friend and two good friends (outside of the family)
  • Each triplet must get an A in elementary
  • Each triplet must get an A in high school
  • Each triplet must reach the top of their teen career
  • Each triplet must earn at least three positive character value traits
    • NO negative values traits

BoolProp Naming Scheme (10 Points) – completed

  • Buffy and Bunny
  • Oriel and Orion
  • Olly
  • Lexi
  • Paige
  • Rebeca and Rachel
  • Oceana
  • Powell
  • Newton

On Ley, Not the Lonely (10 Points) – in process

  • Buffy: Responsibility
  • Bunny: Responsibility
  • Oriel: Responsibility and Insensitive
  • Orion: Responsibility and Good Manners
  • Olly: Responsibility and Good Manners
  • Lexi: Responsibility
  • Paige: Responsibility
  • Rebeca: Responsibility and Bad Manners
  • Rachel: Responsibility and Good Manners
  • Oceana:
  • Powell:
  • Newton:


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