Shades of Blue: 3.3 – They Come in Threes

The first thing I did starting this play session was move all of the family to Willow Creek so they could be together.  They have never really had a lot of kids so I wanted them to be close together.  Right after I started playing, I received notifications that both Oriel and Olly had died.  Oriel’s son Zane is a teenager now so he is living in their house with their cats.  Olly’s wife is still in their house with the two kids they took in after their parents died.  I should look up their names at some point.  Maybe.  Buffy’s sons moved into the old Goth mansion, next door to Bunny.  Lexi, Rebeca, and Rachel are in houses in the same neighborhood as the challenge house and Paige.

Back to the main household – it is Spring Fling.  Another of my holidays that I created and left in.  Remind me to never make my own holidays again.  It was a good idea, but I definitely need to refine the process a little bit.

Paige needs to continue going to work for the promotions to finish up her aspiration so Rhett takes family leave and Lyndsay takes vacation to take care of the babies.  I was going to have Lyndsay retire, but she has vacation built up so she is going to use that first.  In the meantime, Rhett is going to be taking care of the babies with Lyndsay’s help.  Paige will be pitching in when she isn’t at work.

For the first time since Orion died, Lyndsay has been happy.  She has maxed out parenting but I don’t like using the super efficient baby care because then Rhett and Paige won’t have the opportunity to level parenting, so Lyndsay has to also do it the slow way.

The flamingo army in all of its glory – completely setup – 48 flamingos and 2 gnomes.

Paige is working hard.  So is Rhett.  Lyndsay is happy to be taking care of the babies, but they aren’t really a lot of trouble.  In fact, I think they are not letting me know when they need something because I keep getting messages that they are hungry when they are green.

Since the triplets are a mixed set, and today is Rebate Day, I went ahead and redecorated both the toddler room and the singles room.

The messages about starving babies continue so I went ahead and aged up the babies.  I had received the message that it was almost their birthday a few hours ago so it is just a little early.  I went ahead and had Paige take family leave so that they would each have help on the potty for their first day.  And there is not a redhead in the bunch.  Damn, I really wanted a redhead.  From left to right: Newton (wild), Powell (charmer), Oceana (silly).

Overhead view – it is not a big bathroom.  They may have to finish potty training upstairs where there is more room.

They moved the potty training upstairs and had a marathon session.  It was still cramped but not as cramped.

They were able to spam the training and get all three of them to mid level 2 and above before the tantrums and defiance started showing in force.  With fun tanked, it was time to move to other activities.  Newton was the first to meltdown with a defiance and two emotional meltdowns in a row.

Powell went out to the slide to work on movement while Newton and Oceana started with communication and the stuffed bun-buns.  The slide is important because they can’t get up and down the stairs on their own until they get to level 2 movement, but I am not adding three slides so they will have to take turns. Oceana and Newton were able to max out communication before reaching their quitting point, while Powell was only able to get to level 3 movement.  Since I am not going for Top-Notch Toddler, Communication is the only skill they will get level 5 – the rest of the skills will only be concerned with getting to level 3.

They were finally allowed to eat and then Rhett and Lyndsay read them all to sleep.  Their first day as toddlers ended at 3:30 am.  It was a long, long, productive day.

The boys need to pee, so I wake them up and send them to the potty.

Newton passes out before he can do what he needs to do and Powell finishes his business but passes out before he can get back to bed.  Maybe I should have left them in bed and just let them use their diaper while they slept.  When Newton wakes up, he gets back on the potty, then heads back to bed.  Powell wakes up and heads back to bed.

The second day goes by quickly.  Paige has her “weekend” and isn’t scheduled to work for 4 days she Lyndsay and Rhett will be going to work while Paige stays home with the toddlers.  Paige wakes up Oceana and takes her to the potty (mastered) and then outside to play on the slide (level 3).

Since the boys are sleeping in after their late night/early morning potty passing out in the hallway adventure, Paige and Oceana spend time playing together.

Oceana loves the slide and plays until she gets hungry.  Paige has lunch ready by that time, which is also about the time the boys decide to wake up.

After lunch, Oceana heads upstairs to play with the dolls and then to an early bed, and Newton takes his turn on the slide outside.  All three have mastered the potty and have reached level 3 communication.  Newton is working on bringing his movement up, and then they will be working on imagination and thinking.

Powell is taking advantage of Paige’s attention by listening to a story she is reading to him.

Today I am watching The Hobbit movies, so a little sidetrack…

Chip the glasses and crack the plates!
Blunt the knives and bend the forks!
That’s what Bilbo Baggins hates-
Smash the bottles and burn the corks!
Cut the cloth and tread on the fat!
Pour the milk on the pantry floor!
Leave the bones on the bedroom mat!
Splash the wine on every door!
Dump the crocks in a boiling bowl;
Pound them up with a thumping pole;
And when you’ve finished, if any are whole,
Send them down the hall to roll!
That’s what Bilbo Baggins hates!
So, carefully! carefully with the plates!

~sung by the Company of Thorin Oakenshield

now, back to our regularly scheduled program…

Orion comes out just to destroy the dollhouse.  If he wasn’t already dead, I would build a swimming pool with walls and no door and lock him in without food so he could starve to death while drowning.  He has not come out to haunt in days – this is the very first thing he does.

Oceana is desperately needing to potty – so desperate that I am not sure she is going to make it.  But she does, and now she is awake, and since she needs to level imagination – and the dollhouse is BROKEN – she plays with a toy.  and OMG it levels her skill so fast.  Have I just missed this or am I thinking it is faster than it really is.  She stood here and waved the toy around and went from the middle of level 1 to level 3 in several game hours.

I made Orion stand there with her – She asked him to join her – since he was the one that broke the dollhouse.  It made him tense and now he matches the color scheme of the play area.

When Powell gets up to potty, he gets a toy and does the play thing to level 3 before he goes down stairs for food.

And Newton is last.  He doesn’t even get out of bed before he starts playing with his toy.  He didn’t have to potty when he woke up.  So he played, then went down stairs to eat.  All three toddlers are now at level 3+ on everything except thinking.

It looks like they are on the same schedule, but they aren’t.  Their schedule is staggered a little bit.  Their bedtime overlaps a bit which is where I get the calm picture of them all sleeping, but keeping it staggered lets me focus on one or two at a time, and when all three are awake, I am generally winding one down for bed and winding one up.  All three played with toys to get their imagination up to level 3, then went down stairs to eat, then had baths, then went back bed.  If they weren’t ready for bed, they worked on flashcards (Powell and Oceana).  Tomorrow is all thinking – flashcards and blocks.

With the toddlers down for the night, Paige and Rhett slip out and up for some rocket woohoo.  They need something fun.

For those that feel I was mean to Rachel (you know who you are), she had the Big Happy Family aspiration.  Well, she has had triplets.  Three girls: Leanne, Yang, and Miracle.  When Lyndsay realized that she had more grandchildren she went over to meet them.

She met Rachel standing outside in her nightgown next to a rotting pile of leaves.  Hmm.

Of course, when she got back home, everyone was awake.  So, time to work on flashcards.  Newton is the only one that doesn’t get to level 2 during this set.  I am figuring out which areas of the house do not have good lighting.  Front entrance…

Oceana was the first to call it quits for some food.  I sent Lyndsay to bed leaving Ocie in the high chair.  Yep there goes the sandwich.  And Oceana is calling Paige to let her out.


Now the fun begins.  Paige brings Powell, Rhett brings Newton.  Just as they put them in the let me outs begin.  But since I already have the sandwiches queued up, they put them in, let them out, and set out the sandwich.  Then I have the put them back in queued up so Paige catches Newton and Rhett catches Powell before they can run off and back in they go.  Now they eat.  Some where in the musical chairs, Paige let Oceana out and she ran off for the potty.

Then Newton tosses his plate on the floor to go with Oceana’s while Powell eats all of his.  Paige promptly scolds him for making a mess.

Even funnier, is after Paige scolded Newton for making a mess, Rhett took his turn scolding him.  And Powell is sitting there smiling.  To be fair, they weren’t piling on Newton.  He had two emotional breakdowns and was yelling at Rhett so he was getting in trouble for being mean also.  He is a little terror.

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Let me out of this stinking high chair!

When Newton finally gets out of the high chair, actually they all went straight for the potty chair, then upstairs.  Newton, however, went straight to bed.  He was exhausted after all of the emotional meltdowns.  Powell and Oceana went to play blocks until bedtime.  Powell played a little too long and started taking it out on Oceana.  She would tell him a joke and he would yell at her.  Repeatedly.  They are probably not going to be best friends.  Finally they both went to bed.  Maybe tomorrow will be a better (calmer) day.  Maybe I should move the blocks to separate rooms.

Pain in the ass toddlers can’t even sleep – now they are having nightmares.  Powell heads in to begin waking everyone up.  he starts with Paige and before Paige can wake up enough to get up and take him back to bed, he has woken Rhett up also.  This works out as Rhett has to get ready for work – he is going to not have a good day as he stinks and is starving and is exhausted, but life sucks.

Paige picks him up and takes him back to bed, reading him a story to get him to sleep.

Just as she is getting him back to sleep, Oceana wakes up and is out of bed before I notice.  Thankfully I notice her before she starts crying and waking up Newton.  Paige gets her back in bed with a story and then for good measure tucks in Newton.  Fingers crossed he stays asleep.

Lyndsay’s days are coming to an end.  She just received notification that her twin sister died, so it is just a matter of days.  She only needs to become good friends with one more child or grandchild to complete the third family aspiration – Big Happy Family.  She will be the first sim I have ever had that has completed all three family aspirations.  At first I was thinking she would need to do this with a grandchild but then I remembered – she has four children.  So I checked to see which child she was not good friends with – Rebeca.

A little chatting, some pleasant conversation, and good old-fashioned cloud-gazing.  It is done, she has completed another aspiration.  She is going to be missed (when her time comes) – the quintessential mom and grandma.

I just realized how long this update is, so I am going to end this one here…

Money trees – I keep forgetting they are in the game, and finally remembered to spend Orion’s aspirations points on them!  They were full of bugs and Lyndsay tried to take of them but she kept getting sick and they made her too uncomfortable, even after using a moodlet solver.  So Paige had to finish up weeding and selling the fruit!

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