Shades of Blue: 3.4 – I Did a Thing

I’ll be damned.  Rhett has gone and surprised me by getting promoted.  He is now Assistant Manager.  Maybe he does belong in Business.  He did this exhausted, stinky, hungry, and tense as hell.  Go figure.

I set up a little area for the toddlers to sit while they eat.  It is close to where the food is so they won’t go traipsing off, one to the office, one or two to the living room.  This way they can sit and eat and maybe talk to one another or even {gasp} one of the adults.

After they finished eating they all put their plates down and then sat back down to talk.  Nicely so far.  And then Lyndsay came swooping through and picked up all the dirty plates.  She is in a cleaning frenzy and Oceana had to get down to watch.  It is so nice to see all of them smiling.  I wonder how long it will last.  Even better, during their talking, somehow, Powell ticked up his thinking skill from level 1 just enough to get it to level 2.  Now they are all in level 2 thinking.  I am so excited.  They are 4 days from their birthday and “only” need to gain one level of thinking to get the Happy Toddler trait.  I also just realized I put them all in some form of yellow nighties.

With their bellies full of good food, it is time to work on how to use their brains.  A hard enough task for anyone, especially munchkins known as toddlers.  They all head upstairs to their room.  Oceana snags the tablet while the boys each settle down with a stack of blocks.

I think they spend more time talking then thinking though as Powell increases his communication skill – he is the only one of the three that did not max out communication while he was with the bun-bun.  Amazingly, they are all nice to each other, telling jokes and making faces.  No one gets their feelings hurt and everyone is in a good mood throughout the process.  Until Powell decides he doesn’t want to play any more.  I didn’t get any pictures of him by himself apparently.

Paige and Lyndsay were in there trying to keep them on task, helping the boys with the blocks.  When they got tired of the blocks, they worked on flash cards.  All the while, Oceana kept right on going with the tablet.

Oceana is the first to reach level 3 in thinking.  She heads out to the potty and then Rhett reads her to sleep.  She is a Happy Toddler.

About the time she finishes on the potty, Powell has reached level 3 thinking.  He also makes a trip to the potty and then Lyndsay reads him to sleep.  He is a Happy Toddler.

Newton, once again bringing up the rear, reaches level 3 last, heads to the potty and then Paige reads him to sleep.  He is a Happy ToddlerThis is his happy face. 😉

It is morning and they are all still asleep – no one had a nightmare!  Six hours straight.  Everyone had a good night’s sleep, for the first time since the triplets were born.  And, even better, today they do not have to work on any skills.

They slept until noon.  Paige had lunch ready when they finally woke up and they all enjoyed a relaxed lunch talking and joking and enjoying each other.

We were all enjoying it so much, I missed the part about Paige needing to go back to work.  Lyndsay and Rhett were still at work.  As per challenge rules, I clicked Send to Daycare, then immediately brought Lyndsay home early.  Oceana and Powell had just started to fade out when Lyndsay came home so they never actually left.  They came back to where they were standing as they were fading out.

Dance party!

So, I did a thing and I got ambitious.  I wanted the little ones to know their cousins, so Lyndsay gathered them all up and next door we went.  Once there, she made a group and brought everyone back to the house.  I find it much easier to work the things at home.  Paige’s are reacting to the rain, Rachel’s are not.  The blonde in green is Miracle, the redhead is Yang, the blonde in blue is Leanne.

A bigger dance party.  It was the only way to actually get them all into the house.  After awhile their dad showed up also.

Because of timing, about this point I realized it was Love Day.  So Paige and Rhett had a Gold Medal Date.

Eventually our toddlers went to bed but had to get back up so Lyndsay could read them to sleep.  Paige and Rhett went to bed after their date. The guests disappeared around 2am.  this is the last time you will see the cousins until they are children, most likely.




In the doing what they want of yesterday, Oceana and Newton increased movement to level 4 and Powell is the big winner increasing communication to level 5 and imagination and movement both to level 4.  And Orion came out to haunt and broke the damn dollhouse again.  Yes, it is still floating because he is still in it.

The family is enjoying a lazy Saturday on the last day of spring.  The kids are playing in the kiddie pool and I was trying really hard to get all three of them in at the same time.  Three adults, three toddlers, I believe it is possible, one in each corner.  They all needed baths first and, as usual Newton was last.  By the time he got down there Powell had decided to go to bed.  I had sent Lyndsay back inside to bring him back to the pool.  (Oh yeah, and it is another freaking holiday, this time it is Talk Like a Pirate Day.  I am having holiday after holiday.  Not just mine but EA’s holidays also.  They are driving me crazy.)

Lyndsay’s time came to an end while she was inside bring Powell back out to the pool.  She had just picked up Powell and then she put him down and that was it.  I sent him down stairs and out side.  Lyndsay gave us four more money tree seeds from her aspiration points – which Paige still needs to plant.

Powell went outside and when he flinched I realized it had started raining so it was time to get out of the pool for several reasons.

By the time everyone gets out of the pool and back up stairs and Paige and Rhett get the kids to bed, everyone pretty much just passes out – some more literally than others.

Don-Xia – Zzyzx – Orion-Lyndsay

I realized that the little shits were starving and needed to potty so I placed a plate of food in their room and had them get up to eat then go potty and back to bed.

Of course, they couldn’t get out of bed to go potty – they had to keep calling Paige and Rhett to come pick them up and put them down.  After canceling the action way too many times, I finally had them step away from their bed and then told them to go potty.  Finally they agreed to go potty by themselves.  Once they were finished, they were all sent back to bed.  My frustration with these toddlers right now is so very high.

The reason I didn’t want them interrupting Paige and Rhett is because they were both trying to take bubble baths to improve their moods so they could woohoo which would help their needs overall.

So I did a thing.  I wasn’t going to do the thing, but I did.  This is Brandy Zaffre.  She is a Shih Tzu, I think.  She is Loyal, Jumpy, and a Couch Potato.

Rhett is in love with her.  I am pretty sure the feeling is mutual.

I am not sure how the trained commands work but either she already is trained in Heel, or that is the only command he can train her at this point.  When I clicked on Heel, they went outside and kind of stood around in this area while the queue thingy wound down.

Isn’t she adorable?

Paige really needs to do some cleaning.  Maybe she will have time once the toddlers aren’t toddlers any more.

Paige takes some time to make sure the boys know that “They will be Okay”.  This reduces the sadness mourning by half each time so she can virtually eliminate it.  Oceana has gotten so her sadness isn’t primary so Paige can’t take care of her at the moment.

By the time Oceana is sad again, Paige is walking out the door to work.  And she needs to go to work as she still needs her promotions for her aspiration and she only works four days a week.  So, Rhett tries to comfort Oceana.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the option to tell her that she will be okay.  He can only comfort her (it doesn’t work) and Oceana isn’t receptive.

Newton goes to play with Brandy and does this thing where he imitates her.  It is fun to watch but hard to get pictures of.

Then he hugs her… this is the first time where the kitten or puppy has not looked terrified to be held by the toddler.

Autonomous hugging – aww.

Newton and Oceana stood and told each other jokes and kept Oceana in a playful mood.  They would keep saying nonsense to each other and just laugh and laugh.

But for some reason she didn’t like the knock knock jokes, they seemed to make her sad.

Eventually, they went their separate ways.  I haven’t seen them play in the dishwasher before.  She looks like she is trying to repair it.

Stretch and release that tension…  The toddlers were in bed by 9 pm and he was in bed by 10 pm.  And, they had put themselves to bed.  He didn’t have to do a thing.

Brandy likes to sleep outside, so far.  She is jumpy so I can’t think she will sleep outside a lot.

So I did this other thing…

Welcome back to the family Z…

I think Z is glad to have a litter box again.  The very first thing he did was to use it.  Sounds just like a cat and a fresh batch of litter.

Z the ghost cat and Brandy the little puppy.

Z catching some Zzzz’s

Brandy standing guard in the kitchen.  It just dawns on me that she can’t get up the stairs to sleep with the rest of the family yet.

The only mess making I didn’t catch and put a stop to before it started.  Newton.

Last minute accident as Oceana decided eating was more important than stopping off at the potty.  She couldn’t make it and literally had the accident while Paige is making the cake for their birthday.  She could waited to eat birthday cake, but no she made her choice.

This update ends with the toddlers becoming children.  It was a productive day.  They all got Happy Toddler, of course, yay.

Oceana went first, then Powell, and Newton is bringing up the rear.  Hazards of being born last – you always go last.

Oceana… Neat – Rambunctious Scamp

Powell… Erratic – Artistic Prodigy

Newton… Neat – Social Butterfly

You can tell they spent a lot of time with Lyndsay as she weighted their choice of traits.  Although neat sure is better than some of the ones they could get.

Oh yeah, there was this one other thing I did…

Yeah, don’t ask me why.  I didn’t have to, it just sort slipped.

ONE pregnancy.  Triplets – one and done.  That was the arrangement.  You know we both have Fertile and the house is On Ley Line – the odds are in our favor…

Yep, that is why we have just loaded up the house with pets…  There is only one spot left to fill…


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