Shades of Blue: 3.5 – And Then There Were Four

A quick look around the world and I noticed lots of triplets.  Even some close to home.  Of course, there are Rachel’s set: Leanne, Miracle, and Yang

There one of Buffy’s sons (Theo) has step-triplets: Elsa, Joy, and Miles (apparently they came with mom).  These were the only two changes in the family households.  But there are a lot of triplets throughout the world.

As Z and Brandy get to know each other and begin to play…

The trio begin the process of earning the Gold.

Oceana begins playing on the monkey bars building her motor skill.

Damn, Brandy is filthy.  Paige tried to give her a bath and the counter never moved.  Eventually I had to cancel the action and she was just as filthy as when the bath started.

I had the kids all join the scouts so they could earn the scouting aptitude trait.  It increases skill building by 25% once they reach Llamacorn Scout.  As they are earning the badges they are also building skills.  While Newton was always bringing up the rear as a toddler, as a child he is in the lead.  And yes, it is always a competition with siblings.

Powell is the straggler as a child.  He is two badges behind Oceana and Newton, who are racing each other to be first to complete them all.

I missed Brandy becoming an adult.  But isn’t she adorable?

Rhett is the official dog walker in the family.  He looks thrilled.

The kids are all working on the Sociability and Good Deeds badges.  Newton and Oceana started theirs before Powell was ready so they are working together.

When it was time for Powell to start on those badges, he paired up with Paige.

I didn’t realize “erratic” sims could talk to, and with, their books.

The Get Fit badge is the one that takes the longest so between badges I send them to dance.

Newton is working on Young Scientist.  They will experiment to level 4 and then make five potions to complete the badge.

Another walk – and Rhett looks a little happier.

I am not sure if Brandy is happy and dying from exhaustion.  She is a couch potato.

When they get back from their walk, Brandy heads straight for the food, where she finds Z.

This is just to show off the new hairstyle from the Caribbean release that was just added to the game a few weeks ago.  Isn’t it so cute?

Powell is still finishing up Sociability and Good Deeds.

Oceana takes her turn working on Young Scientist.

Newton is practicing his dance moves while Brandy sleeps nearby.  She is always close to someone.

Powell has finally caught up with the rest of the trio.

Paige gives birth to a little girl – Trixie.

The kids have been living on moodlet solvers:  Oceana is working on social, Powell is working on Young Scientist, and Newton is working on the Arts and Crafts badge.

Dude, clothes.  What is with the naked?  The kids are making a point to not look at him.  Even Z is staring at the island.

While the kids head off to school, Rhett takes a nap.

And then he wakes up and plays with a toy.  There is a whole level of creepy in this picture.

So, I had a baby and even though I really need that last promotion for my aspiration, I need to take family leave because my husband slipped out of the house today and went to work before I thought to stop him and have him take the day off so I will be there tomorrow instead bye.

I hate gardening.  I let the money trees die.

Paige is mad at me for making her go out in the thunderstorm to do something.  I don’t even know what I was trying to get her to do.

Orion, Mr Hates Children, beats Paige to Trixie to change her diaper and give her a bottle.  He even snuggled her.

Paige gets her own snuggle time.

Another walk with Brandy.

Trixie has her birthday and becomes a redheaded, silly toddler.  I was hoping for a blue-skinned, red-headed girl, but I am happy with this cutie.

While Rhett potty trains Trixie, Paige loves on Z.

The family heads to the park so Oceana can play on the playground while in a playful mood (although I forgot to let her get in a playful mood first so we had to wait for her mood to change).  While there they were able to do some cleaning to work on the Civic Responsibility badge.  This is the last badge they all need, which is extremely hard to get in their house right now before there are NO messes to clean up.

While the kids are doing their thing, Paige is flashing the cards at Trixie who is not liking something Rhett is saying to her.

Or maybe she was objecting to the flash cards.  Either way she got up, they hugged, he went off to play with the kids on the playground and she played some with Paige.

When they came home from the park, Rhett told her it was time to potty and she did the silly defiant thing.

So, you might ask, why are all three kids making messes? Especially as you might know how much I hate when the kids make messes.  Well, it turns out, this is an excellent way to get the Civic Responsibility badge.  They take a hit on Responsibility for making the mess (which they will recover by cleaning it up and then doing their homework).

Then they get credit for the badge when they clean it up.

And Oceana is done – Llamacorn Scout – and the scouting aptitude trait.  Powell and Newton still need more credit so they make another mess.

And Newton, despite being the leader most of their childhood days, ended up one mess behind.

While the messes were being made downstairs, Rhett was taking care of the mess upstairs.  She had done the potty and was settled in for her nap with a story.  That hat doesn’t do him justice.  Makes me realize I never gave him a makeover when he moved in because I would have eliminated it.

Paige comes home from work with the promotion she needs for her aspiration.  She hasn’t maxed the career but she has completed her aspiration.  First thing she does is take the next day off for vacation.

With the scouting done, the kids are back to working on aspirations and maxing skills.  Newton is working on social and trying to make a BFF.

Powell is working on creativity by playing piano.

Oceana is type-type-typing away to master motor.

Trixie wakes up hungry around the time Paige gets home so Rhett carries her down stairs as she hasn’t leveled her movement skill yet.  Once downstairs, she fills her belly and then spends eternity on the slide.  It feels like eternity because the slide is a scary, scary thing.  She is the first toddler I have had where the sad scary moodlet is the primary moodlet.  I have had them before with the moodlet but it has never been their primary moodlet.



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