Shades of Blue: 3.6 – Just a Little Update

So we start off with an exhausted (but level 5 movement) toddler.  Torture those sims, I say.  Once she has recovered she will be moving on to communication with the bun-bun.  Those will be the only skills she masters but dammit she was going to master them.

She paid me back for my persistence by jacking up bedtime.  Between her trying to go to bed herself, Paige checking on her and then queuing up her own actions to put her to bed, and my directions to read her to sleep, it took forever to actually get her into bed.  I finally had to reset her in order to remove all of the conflicting actions.  That will teach me.  Not.

The trio is being boring right now because they are working hard on leveling their three childhood skills.  I am so worried that they will not get them done, that I am making them chug moodlet solvers and work around the clock to get them done as quickly as possible.  And I am not taking a lot of pictures of the boredom.  I did take a picture of Oceana becoming the first to max three skills – Social, Motor, and Creativity.  She is still a B student, so that is her next task.  I hope they will be not boring once they are done with the crap they have to do for the golden trio.  The only requirements that must be fulfilled as children is the three childhood skills and the A in elementary school.  The friends and the character value traits have to be completed by the end of their teen years, so they can begin working on them now, but have time to complete as teens.

I received notification that Rhett was BURNING TO DEATH.  I paused and quickly found him…

…seriously…?  I am still trying to find the fire.  It is like one of those puzzles.  Can you spot the fire in this picture?  (yes I posted the same picture twice, it’s a puzzle, people)

Okay – I live in Texas – I would be dying in this outfit – I admit that.  But don’t freaking scare me like that.  So, I told him to stop walking Brandy and go home.  He stood there and shrugged and gave me a route failure.  Brandy peed and they just stood there.  I was so tempted to just let him stand there until he died of heat stroke.  But I didn’t want to lose the damn dog too.

So, I had him unleash Brandy and had Paige call Brandy home…  She had no trouble figuring out how to find her way home.

Dumbass changed into his hot weather clothing and slumped his way home.

Brandy gets home and goes straight for the food because she is starving and the next thing I see is a freaking fight by the food bowl.  What the hell?!?

I don’t even… I can’t even…  I figured Z was going to be the winner.  I was shocked to see that Brandy beat up the poor elderly ghost cat.

And the monster is up…

I have never had a sim walk around naked as much as Rhett does.  I have no idea what is going on with him but I have seen his naked but way too much.

Can anyone guess what skill the monster is working on today?  I have been trying to give them a toy to play with that matches their personality.  For a silly toddler, she is a little monster.  I have had silly toddlers that were actually silly.  I would never have guessed she was silly except for an occasional stray laugh here and there.

She gets sad when Rhett leaves for work and then sad from playing with her toy monster, so she and Paige do the flashcards for awhile.  They, of course, have an entourage.

I think instead of running to the other end of the house when a thunderstorm scares them, they should run TO their parent not FROM their parent.

Someone left a present on the front doorstep.  They really should poop somewhere that is not on the front doorstep – or any doorstep.

Someone stepped in the present on the front doorstep.  I wonder who the lucky recipient of that present would be?  (Newton, it was Newton).

Speaking of Newton, he was the second child to max three skills.  All three kids came home with A’s the day Newton stepped in the poop.

They also all entered phases at the same time that they came home with A’s – Newton and Oceana are now clingy and Powell is a bear.

I think I figured out Rhett – he is erratic – and now he is showering in the rain.  This is the front porch, front door.

The monster awakes!  Wait, really?!?

My interpretation of this scene.  I might be a little frustrated.

I died laughed – despite my attempts to squash all of this actions to pick her up, I missed one.  She was on her way to the potty when he got to her.  Rhett put her BACK TO BED!  She did not get to potty or to eat.

Powell brings up the rear and finally maxes out his third skill.  The children have all earned A’s in elementary school and maxed three childhood skills.  Oceana and Powell completed their childhood aspiration and Newton needs to complete his – social aspiration {boo}.  They will begin working on their friends, and can hopefully hang onto them throughout their teen years.

The kids have begun working on emotional control.  I know they will have Responsible – all of my kids get that.  They will also get Empathy (volunteering as teens).  It is the third trait that I am working on – if I can swing it, I would love to have all five, but I am not going to kill myself, or them.

A final look at the flamingos with the additions for Trixie (I have been calling her monster and had to stop to remember her name).  I also made the gnomes different for the pets – Gnomingo (15) is the gnome required by rules and the other two are for Zzyzx and Brandy.

Rhett is still walking Brandy – neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night…


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