Shades of Blue: 3.7 – I See a Light

I keep thinking that I am so close to being done.  And then I remember that Trixie still has to grow up also.  Just saying.

Newton needs to complete his social aspiration so he creates a club and adds three children and two adults.  He starts a gathering and they sit around and have a great time getting to know each other, slowly building the relationships, checking off the friendships, one by one. 2/2 adults, check.  2/3 children, check.

He makes friends with both of the adults and two of the children – and literally minutes before he makes friends with the last girl child, this happens.  Thankfully, he had already made friends with the first two girl children so they counted 2/3.  The last girl didn’t count because he went to friend status right after she become a teen.  Sucks to be Newton.

So he removed all of them from the club, after I said a lot of bad words, and he added one more girl child to the club, and started a new gathering.  He and Naomi became friends about 30 minutes before he had to leave for school – completing his aspiration.

If this were a normal legacy, or if this were not the last generation – this would be his potential spouse.  And he would be my favorite for heir.  Look at those side-eyes they are making at each other.

This is the second time Rhett has forgotten how to come home while walking Brandy.  He stood there so long he peed himself.  That is what caught my attention.  Dumbass.  I don’t know what has gone wrong with this man – maybe he is on drugs or something, but he is getting worse every day.  I am getting scared to send him out to walk the dog, he doesn’t always come home.

The monster is awake.  She has to pee, she stinks to high heaven, and she is starving.  She walks by her potty, directly to wake up Paige, then heads downstairs to help herself to breakfast – which was sitting out the entire time.  There was no reason to wake up anyone, except to share her misery.

Dude, I don’t even want to hear it.  He and Trixie are both reeking and they sat in the living and chatted like it wasn’t even a thing. No one stayed near them for very long.  I am not sure but he might have gone to work like that.

Once everyone left, Trixie asked Paige for a bath.  She had to ask twice, but eventually she got a bath.

Princess Plumbob’s Castle

Little Antonio braves the forest to find the long lost Princess Plumbob, but with cherry red emotions he fumes that she isn’t in this castle, but is in another. Where is Princess Plumbob’s castle? Can it be found? Don’t flip forward as you’ll ruin the surprise! 

MaxisMan Saves the City

Look to the lower atmosphere! What do you see? Is it a choo choo careening off the rails? Or a wanton bear looking for artisanal honey? No, it’s MaxisMan and he’s here to save the day!

Trixie has actually maxed four toddler skills, leaving only thinking (surprise, surprise), finally maxing imagination with the creative chewing of several books.

The trio has identified their third character value and each has chosen something different from the others.  While they will all work on earning Responsible and Empathy, Oceana will be earning Emotional Control, Powell will be earning Conflict Resolution, and Newton will be earning Good Manners.  If they can hold on to their progress, they have all made it into the zone for the moment.

Newton is the first to max all four childhood skills as he maxes creativity.

Oceana is not far behind when she maxes mental.

It takes Powell a little while longer, but with 2 days until their birthday, he finally maxes social.

Speaking of maxing all skills, Trixie has moved into level 4 thinking, which means she is now spamming Ask Why?

Paige is ready to pull out her hair and Trixie seems to sense she is pushing her mother over the edge.

Just a little more.

Just stop!


Finally she is done!  Top-Notch Toddler, right here!

Passed out toddler, right here!  She was on the way to her bed and made it to the top of the stairs.  That is where Rhett found her when he got home from work.  Paige had to leave for work and couldn’t get her to bed before she left.  When Trixie woke up, he took her to bed and tucked her in properly with a story, so hopefully she will sleep through the night.

It is time to start having birthdays.  Paige is first going from young adult to adult.

While I am waiting for Trixie’s age bar to start bubbling, I leave the cake out and hope that Z doesn’t decide to eat the cake.  When he gets close, Oceana distracts him with treats.

When the age bar tells me it is time, Rhett brings Trixie to the cake for her turn to blow out the candles.

She rolls Bookworm and Whiz Kid.  That means this generation I actually rolled one each of the childhood aspirations.

The next birthday is actually a set of birthdays as the triplets are coming up in a few hours.  While we wait for them to bubble, Rhett reads to Trixie to check off her aspiration requirements.  She also works on her scouting badges.

Some filler spam of Brandy and Z while we wait on the triplets to become teens…

Oceana added Good to Neat and rolled Fabulously Wealthy.  In order to make money for this, she will be painting.

Powell added Materialistic to Erratic and rolled Painter Extraordinaire.  Oceana will be selling his paintings for her aspiration except where he has to make the actual sell for his aspiration.

Newton added Bookworm to Neat and rolled Renaissance Sim.  Doable since they will have about two weeks as young adults before Trixie reaches young adult and ends the challenge.  Newton always makes the best faces.

To complete the Golden Trio, the triplets will need to get A’s in high school (they currently have a B), reach the top of their teen careers (they all joined the Fast Food career, level 2), earn three positive character traits (they are in the zone for two each), and make one BFF and two good friends.

This is my first abduction of a male in this challenge, or pretty much any game I have played, and I am so glad he CANNOT get pregnant because I am so close to the end and I am counting the days until Trixie becomes a young adult and the challenge ends.  And at the same time, I am sad, because it is literally the first time I have had a male abducted and he CANNOT get pregnant because the house is full.  So many conflicting feelings.

Aww, Brandy is not feeling well.  At first I thought they would have to take her to the vet and then I remembered that I started off having Rhett learn the vet skill, so I added the vet table and had him examine her.

He did a very thorough job taking care of her, although he had to pause the exam once to let her pass out.  But once he was able to complete the exam he determined that she had Derpy Doggy Syndrome.

He prescribed an Antifungal Spray and immediately administered it to her and she was feeling much better.

Being golden is tough on a girl

Dude!  Where did the red hair go?  When did I miss your birthday?  Are you you getting in bed to cry?

Trixie is an A away from completing Whiz Kid.

I didn’t think I was pushing him hard.  Although he still needs to increase charisma to level 4 and I was having him talk to Paige.  Maybe he should just be allowed to retire.  He made Regional Manager which is way more than I ever expected.

This is getting to be way more common than it should.

I believe this is the first time anyone has taken Brandy for a walk other than Rhett.

This is a very dark picture, but Trixie has maxed motor to go along with mental.  She isn’t working on aspirations, at this point she is just maxing skills.

The trio has come home without promotions again.  Every time I type the trio I think of the sixth season of Buffy and “The Trio”.  Warren, Andrew, and Jonathan.  For those of you readers that are familiar with Whataburger – that is what their uniforms remind me of when I see them.

I look over and he is just standing there, in all of his glory.  Doing nothing in particular.  I have never had a sim that spent so much time naked.

I feel like I should have content warnings on these chapters

Trixie has maxed creativity.

The Trio has returned home from work with two promotions.  Lone man out – Newton.

Oceana is the only one that has three character values in the zone.

Trixie wastes no time maxes out social.  That checks off all four childhood skills.  She still has six days remaining so she may go ahead and work on her aspirations now that she maxed the skills and completed her scouting badges.

And finishing up the productive night, Paige comes home with a promotion – the second maxed career of the challenge.

Golden Trio Status Check

  • A’s in high school – check
  • reach the top of their teen careers – two maxed; one slacker
  • earn three positive character traits – Oceana has three in the zone; the boys have two in the zone
  • one BFF – not even on the board, but created a social club – this will be the last/next thing they work on)
  • two good friends – nope, not yet, but see above


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