Shades of Blue: 3.8 – Rotting Leaves

The rotting leaves are killing my neat sims.  Oceana won’t do anything outside because she gets an uncomfortable moodlet and then she is too uncomfortable and everything is grayed out.  This is pissing me off.  I finally sold the rocket because the only place to put it was next to the leaves that were always rotting.  I wish there were some way to make them go away.  I had to move the money trees for the same reason.  And there is a pile of leaves in front of the house and another behind the house, so they are screwed except for one small area on one side of the house.  Oceana and Newton pretty much have to stay inside.

Slacker (Newton) finally comes home with his promotion to level 3 in his teen career.  Now they just have to make their three friends (one best and two good) in the next week and maintain their three character traits.

I like this family, I really do, but they are irritating me right now.  Or maybe it is the lot I chose.  It is small and cramped and it is pissing me off.  I am used to the big lot in Newcrest but I tried something different with the smaller lot in Willow Springs and I don’t like it.  Yeah, I know, that is my problem, get over it Teresa.  The challenge is almost over.  Suck it up, buttercup.  Three more game weeks.  As long as no one accidentally gets pregnant.  Again.

I loaded into the game to find Rhett standing outside next to the grill, in the middle of the night, in the rain.  Doing nothing.  At least he has clothes on this time.  Brandy is in the background, next to the rotting leaves staring off into the bushes at the fence.  This is a weird generation.

I spoke too soon.  Rhett decided to take a shower in the rain but first complained about the rotting leaves in the background.

So, mapping out the plan for the trio’s last week of their teens:

  • Sunday – make friends with Charlie, Shari, and Chana.  They will all be using the same threesome as good friends, and each will be BFF with one of the three.
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday – take vacation from school and work to work on skills needed for aspirations
    • Oceana – sell money fruit to count towards aspiration
    • Powell – needs 6 excellent paintings, then 5 masterpieces + max painting
    • Newton – needs level 8 in 6 skills; as an adult he will need to bounce through 3 careers at level 3, so he needs to purchase Connections trait
  • Thursday is HarvestFest holiday from work and school – complete holiday traditions, continue skill building, money making
  • Friday – go to school, work (out of vacation days)
  • Saturday – birthday, so everything must be completed

Charlie, Shari, and Chana are another set of triplets that were floating around the world.  They are related to the trio as their mother (Rita Lewis) is Rhett’s half-sister, so they are cousins.  I was going to match them up but the game recognizes them as family and isn’t giving romantic options, so they will all just be good/best friends.  Now that I think about it, cousins are related, so I don’t think they are going to count.  I was thinking related = living in the household; not related = relation.

At the end of the day, progress has been made.  Maybe, if the cousins that have never lived in the challenge household is allowed to count as friends.  I had actually forgotten that Newton had already made a BFF so he is one ahead of the rest of the trio.  Kasen is not related according to their panel.  Only the triplets are cousins.  Okay, I am taking the cousins out.  They will be making unrelated friends for this.

I don’t even have any words left.  At least he is in the right challenge.  I know this picture is dark, but in this case, that is really a good thing.

While the boys are working on skills, Oceana is working on making friends.  Friends that aren’t related.

With that harvest, Oceana completes her aspiration.  Now to make a BFF and she will be set.  It is up to her brothers to do their part.

Powell maxes painting and just needs five masterpieces to complete his aspiration.  More nakedness on the wall.

AHA! Fleas!  The answer is … Parasite Killer Spray!

I think Trixie is feeling a little left out and forgotten this chapter.  I am starting to stress out over the golden trio and I keep getting confused over what needs to be completed before they become young adults and what needs to be completed before Trixie becomes a young adult. Two different deadlines.  This friends thing is stressing me out.  But then I think about the fact that they all need to complete their aspirations by the time Trixie becomes a young adult because the challenge ends at that point, and the base game bonus requires initial aspiration completion.  That being said, I will be changing Trixie’s aspiration to one that can be completed as a teen, once she has her teen birthday on game-Friday, which is in two game-days.  The trio has three game-days to make their friends.  So I need to stop worrying about their aspirations right now and focus on the FRIENDS instead.


I just realized that Renaissance Sim, Jack of Some Trades, counts the teen career level 3 as “Reach Level 3 in Any Career” so Newton has checked that off.  He is stuck waiting to become an Adult and then hopefully will be able to complete the rest of his aspiration with a career bounce.  In the background, you can see that Powell has now painted 4/5 masterpieces and fingers crossed is working on the last one now.  Oceana is just killing time while we wait for daytime.  Now let’s go make some friends.

It is necessary to take the teens to the park to work on their friendship building because of the rotting leaves at the house.  I decide to have everyone make good friends with Brennen and Natalia and then they will have a unique best friend that is not Brennen or Natalia.  We are on sim-Wednesday at this point.

Oceana is the first one to get her three friends at the right levels. Her BFF is Gina France.  I didn’t get a picture of Newton and his BFF because they have been friends since they were childred, but he finished up second; his BFF is Kasen Lewis.

Powell is the slacker on the friends-making.  I think the erratic trait can be a hindrance sometimes.  He is trying but it is taking him a little longer.  His BFF is Naomi Walsh.

During the stress of the rotting leaves, I didn’t get a picture of Brandy’s sparkles but she is now an elder.

With the friends situation resolved, Newton can now focus on the six skills that need to be level 8.

And Trixie was able to join the teens on the playground for awhile – she is really not liking being ignored this update – so she is now working on the motor aspiration by practicing typing.  The office has really bad lighting.

Oceana is at loose ends so she is cleaning.  One guess where Rhett and Paige are and what they are doing.

I finally parked Oceana at the piano to keep her out of trouble and out of everyone else’s hair.

HarvestFest brings us another notification that Rhett’s time is coming to an end.  I was hoping that the challenge would end without anyone else dying but it doesn’t look like that is going to be the case.  Rhett is the first person awake, so I let Rhett make the Grand Feast.  He chooses to make a ham dinner.

This will forever be known as the PeePeeFest.

Trixie decides she needs to do something to get some attention so she makes a mess in the dining room.  She gets attention – a time out, then instructions to clean up the mess and afterwards to go outside and play on the monkey bars until she makes it across three times.

I don’t think that is what she wanted.

Trixie {grumble, grumble, grumble}

Rhett {grumble, grumble, grumble}

Friends Status (finally, talk about cutting that close – they finished up on Thursday evening and their birthday is Saturday)

  • Oceana: BFF – Gina France; Good Friends – Brennen Gauthier, Natalia Yassine
  • Powell: BFF – Naomi Walsh; Good Friends – Natalia Yassine, Brennen Gauthier
  • Newton: BFF – Kasen Lewis; Good Friends – Natalia Yassine, Brennen Gauthier

YES!  I was not sure they were going to get it done.  And none of the friends are related.  Golden TRIO is on target to be completed – they just have to hang on to their character traits for two more days… and not die…

And with a painting of a killer robot (?) Powell completes his aspiration.

Trixie has completed 3/4 of the childhood aspirations and I just don’t have the energy to push her through the social aspiration in less than 24 hours.  So she is done.

Paige, Oceana, and Newton are being thankful to complete the traditions for HarvestFest.


I wanted everyone to take Friday off as it is Trixie’s birthday and they have been working hard and deserve a day to just play.  They are out of vacation days for school though so they are all calling in sick.  Except Powell who gets told no.  So, Paige writes him an excuse and it works.  He gets to stay home sick also.

Trixie joins the teens as teens for a day.  She gains the Music Lover to add to Bookworm and rolls the aspiration of The Curator.

Trixie takes a selfie to add to the wall and the picture portion of the Family Scrapbook is complete.  All that remains of this mini challenge is one last novel, which needs to be written by one of the last generation kids.  Which means one more poll to decide who will be writing the novel.

What do you mean there has to be a poll?  For what?  To write a novel?  Seriously?


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