Shades of Blue: 3.9 – The Curator and The Renaissance Man

Trixie needs to do some collecting so she heads down to the park and collects what she can but she can’t quite make it back home.  While the trio had about 70 moodlet solvers when they started working on golden trio, they are out of potions now.  Everyone is having to do things the hard way now.  In other news, Trixie won the poll at Boolprop, 4-2-2-0, and has been voted Heiress for the generation.  She will have the responsibility for writing the last novel of the challenge.

Paige has been running around the neighborhood burning all of the piles of leaves.  If nothing else, it has been keeping her busy when she isn’t working.

The Golden Trio

  • Max three skills as children – check
  • Earn A in elementary school – check
  • Earn A in high school – check
  • Reach level 3 in teen career – check
  • Make one best friend – check
  • Make two good friends – check
  • Earn three positive character value traits – check

It is time for the trio to become young adults – WOO!

Oceana adds Outgoing to Neat and Good.  She earns four character traits: Responsible, Compassionate, Good Manners, and Emotional Control.  She has completed Fabulously Wealthy and is moving out.

Powell adds Gloomy to Erratic and Materialistic.  He earns three character traits: Responsible, Compassionate, and Mediator.  He has completed Painter Extraordinaire and is moving out.

Newton adds Ambitious to Neat and Bookworm.  He earns three character traits: Responsible, Compassionate, and Good Manners.  He had me worried with his Emotional Control as he was halfway in the red and was working hard to earn a bad trait, even though he wasn’t supposed to do so.

{crying for some random reason}

He will not be moving out since he still has to complete his aspiration.  He is on the last tier with 3/6 skills needed to get to level 8.  He already has 2/3 careers at level 3 so all he needs is one more job at level 3 which he should get when he takes his adult career as a Tech Guru.  Of the 3 skills that aren’t at level 8, they are levels 7, 6, and 4 – so close to being done and able to move out with his siblings.  But no, he is the slacker… but an adorable slacker…

I caught this random fella roaming around after dark.  He came toddling across the back yard, made his way into the park, took some food from the picnic table, then found a bench to sit on, and ate some dinner.  Then he sat there until midnight when he poofed home.  His name is Nixon Al Arabi.

And then my game crashed.

And as I loaded back into the game from the crash, Rhett’s time has come to an end.  At least he is wearing clothes.

Brandy <3 Rhett

Trixie slipped out of my grasp and when I went looking for her she was mourning.  I figured she was crying for her father, but no, she was crying for her grandmother, Lyndsay.

Focus, sims focus.  You have things to do.

This will be Trixie’s last project – the last project of the challenge.  If for no other reason, I will have Trixie take next Monday off from work.

When you come home from school in a bad mood, you can either jog or you can write.  Trixie chose to jog before I remembered that she needs to write a book and she has 10 days left to build her writing skill and write the book.  She should have chosen the journal.

With Rhett gone, Newton will be taking over dog walking duties while he is still in the house.  He might hang around even once his aspiration has been completed.  He is a sliver away from being done.  A couple of more jokes and he will have it done.

Brandy tries begging for table food.  She has plenty of food in her bowl, but is always asking for more food.

And with a final joke – or maybe it was a funny/outrageous story, Newton completes his aspiration.  I decided to let him stay in the house.  It is getting pretty empty – and it is a big house, although I was tempted to let him move out and take Z with him.

Apparently once you invite a ghost pet to move in, they are there for eternity.  I love Z but the ghostly meows are getting haunting and there aren’t as many sims to feed his need for social interaction any more.  I didn’t send Z to live with Oceana and Powell because his relationship with them was low and he has a full bar with Paige.

Another burning pile of leaves and Brandy heads straight for it.  She lays out next to it until it stops burning.  The one in the front went away after lots of burnings, but the one in the back is stubborn.

[sad}  Even Z is sad to see that it is Brandy’s time.  I guess Newton won’t be walking her any longer.

Paige has been doing so well, but after finding Brandy, she is back out mourning Rhett once again.

Trixie comes home from school tense; she comes home from work tense.  She has been collecting for her aspiration and is on the last tier.  She just needs to finish that and write the book and she will be done with the official requirements.  Then she has to complete my requirements – top her career and get three character traits.  She is being held to the same standards as the trio.

Hey, I can’t come to school today because I have to write a book instead, Bye

The books have been written:

  • Xia Zaffre, Founder (comedy), written by Xia
  • How Not to Hate Children (children), written by Orion
  • Cooking with Paige (cookbook), written by Paige
  • Zaffre Collections (short stories), written by Trixie

You would think the mail service would have weather appropriate clothing for their mail delivery personnel.

With two collectibles remaining to complete her aspiration, I sent Trixie out to make the rounds.  Not quite weather appropriate, and I was making fun of the mailman.  Then to add insult to injury, she collected a broken fossil, which doesn’t count.

A change of clothes to something more appropriate and she moves on.  She collects a treasure map (doesn’t count) and a prehistoric bird (24/25).  Finally, she find a surfer eggplant frog – and she is done – the aspiration is complete.

Time to run home.  Run, run, {fall}!

With her promotion to Customer Support (level 3), Trixie only has to raise her character values into the zone and she will be done.  She has a week remaining.  I have about two hours and I was hoping to be done tonight.  We will see.  I don’t actually expect a lot to happen the remaining week – no one should die – so it should fly by…

I have noticed that Paige has started spending a lot of time at the bar.  A lot of time.  Her mixology skill is up to level 6.

Well, I wasn’t going to do this, but Brandy came out to visit and she was so sad, and then I did the thing, and it made her so happy.  I wouldn’t have done the thing if the challenge wasn’t about to end.

Paige is happy I did the thing.

I think.

Two character values are in the zone – Trixie has built up her empathy with a full day of volunteering.

I was hearing this sound that sounded like shuttered that weren’t fastened.  So I looked all around the house and found Z – going in and out and in and out.  He wants out, but the storm keeps sending him in.  And he is looping.  This has been going on for game-hours.  I finally reset him to get it to staap!

Emotional control is next/third one in the zone – they are getting so many notifications that someone has died, so she needs to have that one as her third.  The sadness is constant at this point.  First it was Lexi 🙁 then someone that I guess was related to Rhett since only the kids got the call and not Paige.  (I need to stop taking pictures and just playplayplay so I can finish tonight).

Mortification, thy name is teenager.

Stinking to high heaven isn’t helping.  Take a bath, please!

This is your life, Newton Zaffre.  Walking the ghost dog, in the middle of the night, while it is freezing, and during a heavy snow.

Brandy is a couch potato, so she comes in from every walk, heads straight for the food, and most times passes out.

As we count down the days, Paige has her birthday – she makes her own cake…

And she looks pretty good with gray hair.

Newton asks Paige to take a selfie with him, which is cute.  The flash almost made it impossible for me to get a picture of them taking the picture.

Rhett comes out to visit and he and Z get some loving done.

The day between Paige’s birthday and Trixie’s birthday is Winterfest.  I had counted it up and thought Trixie’s birthday was on New Year’s Eve but I was off by two days. Paige makes a turkey dinner for their Grand Feast.  Trixie is so hungry I have to keep canceling her action to eat chicken nuggets.

Well, Paige starts a turkey dinner, but Brandy gets the first one.

Finally, the dinner is ready for the sim part of the family.  They sit down and almost eat the entire meal together.  They started to get up and do other things before they finished, and I had to bring them back so the tradition would be recognized.

After dinner, they opened their presents and then Trixie takes Brandy for her walk while they were waiting on Father Winter.

She rushes back so she doesn’t miss Father Winter.  It is like she knew because she came running into the house.

She surprises him by giving him a present first.  She had a camera that she no longer needed and he loved it.  He then gives her a gift.  I forgot what he gave her but the camera was way better.

Everyone comes out and they exchange gifts outside and talk for a few minutes.

Afterwards, they watch a movie until he needs to poof off to the next house.

And that is the last thing I take a picture of.  They all go to sleep and the next morning, Trixie is bubbling and it is time to blow out her candles.  The challenge is over.

Trixie added Neat to Music Lover and Bookworm, and earned three character value traits: Responsible, Compassionate, and Emotional Control.  She completed her adult aspiration and reached level 3 of her teen career, Retail (Customer Service).

The Challenge is Over!


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