Shannon: Door 1, Week 1

Because whims in Sims 4 are not like wishes in Sims 3, the challenge will be a little different and this is a test of the new rules.  The challenge is still to let the sim take the lead – the only direction I will be giving will be directly related to fulfilling her whims and career or aspirational goals.  It will still be up to Shannon to take care of her needs to decide the direction of her life.  This challenge will be a new way of playing for me since I generally ignore the whims, and since the in-game option was recently given to hide whims, they have been hidden. For this challenge, obviously, they have been unhidden.

Shannon will begin her first life with the traits of Noncommittal, Outgoing, and Romantic.  She has the Serial Romantic aspiration and the bonus trait of Alluring.  

She will begin each life on the same 30×30 lot in Newcrest – Tranquil Crescent – with the same house downloaded from the gallery, uploaded by SkyriderZzpjx.  

She has her very small house set up and ready to go – and it is very small.  I made minimal changes, mostly selling the trees and adding a computer, bookcase, and easel, upgrading the bed slightly, switching the tub for a shower/tub combo.  Little things really.  The lot traits are set at Romantic Aura, Home Studio, and Sunny Aspect.  Shannon is left with §0 to begin each life.  

With the gritty decided, Shannon begins door #1.  

She is not required to take a particular job – but she has no money so this will be interesting to see if she whims a job, or an activity where she can make some money to pay the bills and buy food.  So far her whims are generic and her free will has been to watch TV and browse the web.

She finally rolls “Kiss Someone” and Paolo is in the neighborhood.  As the only single young adult walking by at the time, she runs out to meet him.  They never get to the kissing stage before he leaves.

She notices Akira Kibo sitting over in the playground area, so she runs over to meet him.  

Much better luck with Akira as they get to the kissing stage quickly.

Akira leaves as she whims to go steady so she heads home to take a cold shower and work on charisma instead.

When she rolls the whim to send a flirty text, Akira responds with an invite to an outing.  While there he agrees to go steady and then once again disappears leaving Shannon alone in the bar. 

She rolls another whim to send a flirty text and just to be ornery – and because she is a serial romantic – she texts Paolo.

Nothing comes of her text to Paolo, so Shannon heads home to find Akira waiting outside.  She spins up several back to back romantic whims, which she uses Akira to complete and then slipping into playful, she runs outside to play in the rain. 

Dirk Dreamer, a proper celebrity is walking by.  Cool.

Back inside with Akira, Ms Noncommittal rolls the whim to marry Akira.  That was fast.  This has been pinned until their relationship is just a little bit higher.

It doesn’t take long for the whim to woohoo to roll up.

The next morning Akira and Shannon scrounge for breakfast.  Shannon still has no money and Akira hasn’t moved in yet.  

While they are eating Shannon rolls the whim for a date – yay – which they immediately begin.

During the date, she finally rolls the whim to get a freaking job.

First date-woohoo…

While Akira sleeps/recovers from the date-woohoo, Shannon calls around and finds a job.  If only it were that easy in real life.

There is an opening in the secret agent career as an Agency Clerk – processing expense reports, answering phones, and making bagel runs.

More romantic whims and a second date.

Another round of woohoo.

And Shannon decides it is time to propose.  

She should have waited.  Akira has been here for a long time, without food or a shower.  

Shannon is, of course, very embarrassed and heart-broken.  But new whims as flirty is no longer her dominant emotion.

After giving herself a pep talk in the mirror, she buys a writing journal and writes about how embarrassing it was to be turned down.  Especially considering she is the one that is noncommittal and all.

Akira is still hanging around, but making himself useful at least.

Still working off the embarrassment, Shannon calls someone – Paolo in this case since she only knows Akira and Paolo.

Then she tells a self-deprecating joke to Akira.  He doesn’t think it is funny.  And he really needs to take a shower.

He really needs to go home and refresh himself.

Akira has finally left, and Shannon will wait to invite him back over.  In the meantime, she tackles her first work task – browsing the intelligence database.

Oh look, he’s back.  And feeling much fresher.  But not – he is cleaner but heads straight for bed once Shannon asks him to spend the night.

Shannon realizes she is pregnant – risky woohoo is risky.  35% means something when you woohoo three times in less than 24 hours.

Shannon goes in to let Akira know – and he is happy about the news.

It is time to fulfill the whim to marry Akira. 

He accepts the proposal this time.

They elope.  And, the whim doesn’t complete.  Apparently there is a bug with some of the whims not completing and this is one of them.  They eloped, then got married at the arch in the park, and finally just eloped again.  Whatever.  I will leave the whim active until “tomorrow” then it will be deleted/canceled. (It must have completed eventually because I noticed later it was gone and I am pretty sure I didn’t cancel/delete it)

Akira joins the household with a job (Tech Guru level 1 – Live Chat Support Agent) and The Curator aspiration.  Thankfully, he is not the focus of this challenge, but he will be following the same guidelines for directions – whims, career, aspiration.

Left on freewill, Shannon finishes making something to eat.  For herself.

It has been a busy two days – and Shannon finally heads to take a nap before her first day of work.  Akira is working on his work task of playing video games. 

Shannon had to leave for work at 7am, exhausted.  Akira waited until right before he left at 10am to make breakfast.  With no “Hand of God” I am sitting here looking at the plate of food that is going to sit out and spoil…

Shannon comes home missing her promotion by a hair.  She heads straight for bed, ignoring the plate of food sitting out on the table.

Akira comes home a few hours later with the whim to make a friend.  He calls up his old roommate, Miko.  She comes over and they stand around and chat until the friends thing is done, then he wanders off to bed.

Miko, you can go home now…

Ahh, Vlad.  I deliberately did not pick Private Dwelling for the lot traits, to spice up the challenge some.  It didn’t take Vlad long to make a visit.

He went for the deliciousness of Akira – his words, not mine.

Shannon got up to pee and saw what was happening.

Afterwards she just had to text Paolo.

Then she realized Vlad was standing down the street so she ran over to him to introduce herself.

Among other things.

Vlad didn’t hang around long enough for Shannon to roll whims to do more than hug and kiss him though.

Akira is using Miko for his non-romantic whims.  He is showing her his muscles.

But he should probably be sleeping more often instead.

Then everything gets a little twisted.  It is the day before Love Day and everyone is randy.  Shannon has already left for work and Akira really wants to woohoo.  Yeah.  Hello, Miko.

It doesn’t take much for Akira to get her into bed.

And then he runs off to work, leaving her asleep.  When she gets up, I realize that this isn’t her first woohoo.

Nope, she already has a nooboo incoming.  Baby daddy is Don Lothario.  After this Miko married Mitchell Kalani.

She cleans up her puke and then leaves before Shannon gets home.

Shannon also comes home ready to party.  And she has an aspiration to work on at the same time.  

Since she literally only knows three people, and one won’t come out in the day – it is time to bring Paolo “into the folds”.

She sent him a flirty text and then invited him over – he showed up ready to roll.

Marcus approves – but not everyone agrees…

…bunk beds..?..

Checking off whims – a date, making out, along with the third first kiss for her aspiration – Paolo is extremely accommodating.


Even when Shannon stops in the middle to pass out.

They are still sleeping when Akira gets home.  And he comes home wanting to woohoo.  Since they were just sleeping, he doesn’t care that they were in bed together – what he doesn’t see he can pretend didn’t happen.  Paolo gets up and leaves, and Akira and Shannon take a turn in the bed.  This bed has seen a whole lot of action today.  A “hole” lot of action.

Of course, Shannon goes into labor later that night.

Akira was the first one to figure out that Stacie was hungry.  It was the third thing he tried, but he eventually got it right.  Shannon is in the kitchen eating.

Drinking coffee.

Shannon rolls a whim for a boyfriend and she is going to need that for her aspiration on the next tier, so when Paolo invites her to one of the festivals while Akira is at work, she accepts.

He agrees to be her boyfriend.  They agree that Akira and Mila don’t need to know – Paolo is married to Mila at this point.

Since it is Love Day, the rose gets passed around between Paolo and Shannon and Akira.  

Then Akira wants to meet someone new and he is still flirty (Shannon has passed out on the sidewalk) so he meets Alex Moyer.  He gives her the free earbuds he got.

Finally the festival is over and everyone heads home.

One last gift because Akira’s holiday never updated – and it ended with Shannon getting gold and Akira just glad it was over. 

Both Akira and Shannon are home on Saturday so the expectation is that it will be quieter.  Until Shannon starts rolling whims to meet new sims.  She attempts to introduce herself to a proper celebrity.  That doesn’t work out for her.

Then Baako invites her out but once they get to wherever they were going, she doesn’t roll any whims to interact with him and she decides to go play chess instead.  This works out for her since she needed the skill point. 

While she was playing Bjorn came over, sat down and made a move, and then poofed into thin air before she can say anything.

Moving on to the next available sim – she has the whim for a new boyfriend – she finds Sergio.  Sergio is actually married to Siobhan, but whatever.  Shannon introduces herself and asks him out.  He agrees to a date with someone he just met and knows nothing about.  Since Akira is at home, they go to a club in Windenburg.  Available meaning willing…

Finally the date is over – gold of course – and Shannon is heading home.

She probably should have made taken a potty break first.


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