Shannon: Door 1, Week 2

Welcome back to a world where Akira wants to try for baby but thankfully Shannon does not.

Shannon does want another boyfriend and still needs to have three strong romantic relationships at the same time, so when Paolo invites her out, she accepts.  Then I remember she is already going steady with Paolo.  It is Sergio that she needs to hook up with.  So she invites Sergio to join her.  She leaves Paolo at the entrance and finds a quiet place then calls Sergio over.  They both start towards her together.

She gets lucky and Paolo stops to do pushups giving her time to ask Sergio to be her boyfriend, completing that whim.

She really needs to take a shower.

Then she heads home so she can pass out in her own living room in privacy.

At home, Akira decides to repair the fridge.  He doesn’t get fried.

At least someone remembers how to use the shower in this family.  I am still wishy-washy about how much needs control to give them.  I am basically doing none, ISBI style unless it ties directly into their whims, career, or aspirations.  The rest they have to do on their own.

With a new baby in the house, about to become a toddler, it is time for a larger house.  Since they basically cheated their way into this house by way of a #cheap house (one that is downloaded for a lower amount than its true value – don’t ask me because I don’t know how its done), I only added back in the furniture they already had and then I removed the remaining funds, leaving them at §0.  They gained a larger house + washer and dryer and one large closet.  And I just realized that they have no trash cans and no money to buy one.  I also realized it is Stacie’s birthday and they have no money for any of the toddler items.  So, she will be left in the bassinet a little longer.

Shannon is the first one to find the shower in the new house.  Finally she will get rid of the green stink cloud.  Now the dirty laundry has a green stink cloud.

Akira is jealous, which means if Shannon isn’t around he gets tense.  And he want to relax in the sauna.  The sauna that they don’t have.

Matching wishes with no money in the bank.  Crap.  They will try for baby, but Shannon will not take a pregnancy test unless she whims for one.

I guess it is time to try for another baby.  Hopefully they can get some money for Stacie’s toddler bed and potty and other crap soon.  Yes, I know – it was my choice to cheat them into this house and then punish them by taking away all the money.  On Sunday morning when they don’t have work until Monday and so far they haven’t wished for anything related to making money.  But I like the house so it is worth it.

Akira rolled the whim to find a collectible and while he was out Miko ambushed him with a passionate kiss.

Then I remembered his inventory is full of crap that can be sold to pay the bills and buy toddler stuff for Stacie.

Shannon spent the day writing a book – she had spun the whim to get creative, which I finally realized meant to “do something creative”.  Since they didn’t have the money for a canvas, she couldn’t paint.  So she wrote a children’s book.  I also forgot to add back their bookcase.

Akira finally is home, Shannon went to lay down, so it is time to clean out Akira’s inventory and buy stuff so Stacie can become a toddler.  They also have enough to get the bookcase back.  The first thing Akira does is goes to put up the book from his inventory.

Shannon self-publishes the book she wrote – I decide that it is allowed since she had the whim to get creative, she is allowed to sell the fruits of her labor.

Then it is Stacie’s birthday so Shannon gives her a cuddle and a kiss.

And Stacie becomes a silly toddler.

Shannon and Stacie watch Akira chatting on the computer.

At first I wasn’t sure if toddlers had whims, and Stacie starts off in fine and stays there for awhile.  Since neither Shannon nor Akira had any whims to interact with her, she was left to run amok.  And she did.

Then she found her blocks.

Finally, she became happy and threw up some whims.

She was able to get her communication to level 1 before she satisfied the whim to talk to her stuffed bear.

At which point, dinner was ready.

Akira is throwing a jealous fit and Shannon is just watching him.  Stacie has a lot of whims related to Akira and almost none for Shannon.

Stacie will only choose to nap and Shannon hasn’t gone to bed yet.  She keep making coffee instead, so the coffee pot is about to be sold.  Akira is tense again because he can’t see Shannon.  This is getting old.

Yeah, so try for baby was successful and there is another baby on board.  Yippee.

Stacie is angry because she isn’t making good choices – napping instead of sleeping for instance.  She isn’t throwing up whims for anything useful and neither are her parents.  And no one has even considered potty training her yet.

Just as she might have gotten some help, exhausted Shannon left for work.

Stacie decided to track down Akira for food.

The problem with that is Akira is not on the lot.  He went looking for frogs.

That is a long trek for a little girl, and she didn’t quite make it before she forgot where she was going and stopped to have a tantrum.

She finally made it to Akira and he gave her some milk that he had in his back pocket.

Then I took pity on them and told Akira to take her to bed.  She passed out twice on the way back to the house.

Akira reads her to sleep.  Taking care (feeding and sleeping) of babies and toddlers will be free actions without depending on whims going forward.  Neither Akira nor Shannon have had any whims related to Stacie yet.  Training/skills will not be free actions – those will only be done based upon whims or free will.

Bills are not cheap.  And more than they have in the bank.  Thankfully Shannon brings home enough to cover the bills with §62 to spare.  Akira took the day off for vacation (whim) so he will be getting paid shortly also.

Shannon is maybe regretting the whim to try for another baby with Akira right about now.

I really thought Stacie was going to ask for a bath.  Instead she got on the couch and started watching TV and telling jokes.  Akira is in his jealous mood again.

Stacie finally gets someone to give her food – and she throws it on the floor.  Shannon is right there to scold her.

And Akira adds his two-cents also.

Then Akira and Shannon roll whims to kiss.

And flirt.

Stacie finally gets their attention to let her out so she can poop her diaper again.  At some point I am hoping the potty chair is part of this story.

With her parents attention finally on her, Stacie goes for a round of hugs.

How about a bath for the toddler?  Anyone?

Nope.  Let’s put Stacie back into the high chair.  Shannon plays in the trash – it was a whim but she did it autonomously.  Akira is listening to Stacie tell jokes.  At this point I am praying for hysteria to take someone.  There are so many dirty plates that I am not even going to try counting them.  And the trash Shannon is playing in is the food Stacie threw on the floor.  Oh, and there is partially cooked food on the stove.

Now there are two piles of food on the floor, thanks for Stacie.  Every surface is covered with dirty dishes.  And Stacie still seriously needs a bath.

Yes!  Akira managed to drop Stacie into a tub of water and improve her hygiene immensely.  Finally.  This is the first bath of her life.

Despite having her hygiene maxed out, she still looks filthy.  Ignore the toilet that no one has bothered to clean recently.

Akira decides he needs a shower too so we watch.

After Akira heads off to work, a nanny comes to take care of Stacie.  For the first time, Stacie actually has the whim to go potty like a big girl.  Not wasting any time, Nanny Diane, gets her introduced to the potty.  Still want to ignore the toilet.

Clean, nanny, clean!  It helped when I remembered that I forgot to give them a trash can and I gave them two trash cans.

Stacie is exhausted and starving – which is what happens when you throw your food on the floor.  Since she is the only one home, she is getting to explore her whims.  She wanted to yell at the nanny.

Then she hit her bear and threw a tantrum.

While Stacie was abusing her bear, Nanny Diane went back to cleaning – she cleaned the trash off of the kitchen floor.

This is why Stacie is exhausted.  Generally my toddlers go to sleep – I am not used to toddlers choosing to nap instead.

Shannon comes home from work with the whim to hug someone.  I thought she could hug Stacie and maybe there would be a whim that would allow her to put Stacie to bed.  Instead, this happened.

Then this happened.

Finally both are awake enough that whims be damned.  Shannon is putting Stacie to bed.  Diane is leaving for the day.  She cleaned everything except the damned toilet.

There is a definite mismatch in this picture.

Stacie wakes up because of a nightmare and is torn between who to wake up first.  She has a whim to watch Shannon, so Shannon it will be.

Stacie heads in to wake up Shannon and is successful in just waking up Shannon the first time.  She wakes up Akira when she starts crying the second time.

After watching each other for a little while, and chatting a little bit – Shannon rolls her first Stacie-whim – Shannon asks Stacie what she wants.  I was hoping for a potty, but Stacie asked for bed.

With Stacie in bed, Akira is off collecting fossils and frogs – Shannon is writing in her journal.  She is feeling really trapped and smothered at the moment and I was really-really-really hoping for a whim to fix that.  But nope, she just wanted to take a shower, bath, bath, and mud bath.

Akira will start to cook something, then it will drop from his queue when he heads to the stove.  It will then sit until it spoils.  Every single time.  At least Nanny Diane has been cleaning when she comes during the day.

Making two different types of messes.

Make that a third mess.  So gross.

Nanny Diane gets her into the bath.

And she is finally clean, 100% clean.  It is possible.

Shannon comes home from work in a mood.  I must be in a mood also, because Akira is getting on my nerves.

Shannon has a few whims that do not specify the target.  Akira is not due home for a few hours.  Hello, Paolo.

While Shannon and Paolo are taking care of Shannon’s whims, Nanny Diane and Stacie are watching TV.

“Seeking Trouble”

Oh Paolo – if only Shannon would give me the opening…

OK, this is awkward.

Even more awkward.  While Akira is having a jealous snit, Shannon and Paolo are flirting, and Stacie is telling jokes.  Nothing  happened to trigger a breakup though.

Jealous fury…

Rant and rave…

Then Akira goes off to collect fossils.

Shannon feeds Stacie and promptly passes out.  Eventually Shannon wakes up, Akira comes home, and everyone goes to bed.

Woo, Shannon – you do remember how to clean up the dirty dishes.

Baby sister is born, waking up big sister Stacie.

Stacie watches Shannon feed Natalie.

Nanny Diane reads a book to Stacie.

During which Stacie has a meltdown.

When Shannon comes home, she heads straight for the bath.  Akira heads in to take care of Natalie.  Nanny Diane heads home, or wherever Nanny Diane goes.  This leaves Stacie alone on the couch.

A little baby love to try to get Natalie to sleep long enough for Stacie to sleep through the night.

It didn’t work.

If only this would complete the whim.  Shannon cleaned the high chair instead and eventually Stacie asked for another bath.

She kept rolling the whim to play a tablet game – so they finally broke down and bought a tablet.

Stacie rolls another trip to the potty.

But passes out before she can getting anything useful out of it.

Akira watches her sleep.

When she wakes up, she poops her diaper instead of trying again.  The puddle on the floor behind her wasn’t there before she stood there pooping her diaper, so I am pretty sure that is overflow from her diaper.

Then because she is hungry she goes for food.  On her way back to bed, she passes out again.

They really aren’t doing well.  Akira is in just as bad of shape as Stacie.  This feels like it should be an ISBI and I am so tense watching them.

He went and sat beside her.  She was trying to ask him for a bath but it kept dropping out.  They sat and looked at each other for awhile.  Then Shannon came and picked up Stacie and took her for a bath.  Akira went and took care of Natalie.

After her bath, she passed out again.

When she woke up, she decided to try the potty again.  Well I did, and she finally made it to level 2.  Now, if she will just decide to use it on her own.

I had enough – I sent her to bed and she made it.  Then Shannon was invited out for ladies night, so she went.  Yeah, it was all ladies.  When she came home, this toddler was standing outside.

Not yours – back away slowly.

Tripping, falling, and down for the count.

Inside Stacie managed to get some rest while Shannon was gone but was out of bed when she got home.  Akira puts her back to bed when we load back up.  She had a nightmare and wouldn’t go to bed without help.

She didn’t stay long because Natalie started crying again.  Yes, they should be in separate rooms.  I am lazy and don’t want to move them.

Stacie is hungry, and she needs fun.  She will take one bite, then put her plate down to go play.  Then she will go back to the plate for one bite, then back to the toys.  Too damn real.

Finally, Akira plays with her and gets her fun up enough that she finishes eating.  At which point, I sent everyone to bed.  They are stressing me out.

This is my very first autonomous woohoo.

Natalie is awake again, which means so is Stacie.

While Akira heads off to work, Shannon has the day off.  She is out front adding kisses to her list for her aspiration.  She is up to 5/10 sims kissed.

Stacie decides to try to talk to Natalie, but it doesn’t go well.

Woo Woo Woo – Stacie went potty on her own.

It is Natalie’s birthday – I almost forgot.  She is a wild toddler.  Just what we need.

Akira has the whim to teach Stacie her flash cards, so she still doesn’t get any sleep.

She doesn’t last long and everyone goes to bed, leaving Natalie alone to explore the yard and the house.


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