Shannon: Door 1, Week 3

While everyone sleeps, Natalie plays with the blocks.

It is about this time that I remember that we decided that the slider would be able to change aspirations and part of the challenge would be to complete more than one aspiration.  The last week was surviving the first toddler so that was not in my thoughts but now it is bubbled to the top.  Since the aspirations have to be unique to each slider, I decided to start within each category.  Since this Shannon is in the Love category, she will do both Serial Romantic and Soulmate.  She is on the third tier of Serial Romantic, but went ahead and switched over to Soulmate and started working on that with Akira.  She isn’t throwing up whims to divorce him so they she must want to stay together.  So she is now married to her BFF.

They then proceed to have five gold dates in a row, despite the fact that he tries to go to bed between every one of them.

While they are having their dates, Natalie strips down to do some wandering.

Stacie wakes up with a nightmare, but she doesn’t get their attention so she grabs some food that was sitting out and goes into the living to join Natalie, who has put her clothes back on and gone back to playing with the blocks.

I don’t know who TF this ghost is.  I remember someone dying on the edge of the lot days ago, but it was a random sim.

They both had whims to play with toys.

Still going strong on the dates.

At least ghost lady is making herself useful by cleaning up the dirty dishes.

After the dates, Shannon still had about fifteen romantic gestures to complete so she followed Akira into the bathroom.  RGL came in to mop the floor.

Natalie was also in there to ASK TO POTTY.  Notice the tub and the toilet are broken by this time.  This is because RGL has broken both by haunting them.  I tried to see where RGL went when the sun came up but she just disappeared in the middle of the living room and I looked all over the lot for a grave, even around the edges of the lot.  I have no idea where she died – but when I find it, it is getting deleted.

Stacie is still throwing fits because she is still exhausted.  Akira put her silly-not-silly ass to bed.

I finally moved the toddlers over to the other room, but just remembered that I didn’t move the radio for the lullabies.  Stacie wakes up with another nightmare and heads for Akira.

It is her birthday and Akira is making her birthday cake.  Therefore she must have one last tantrum.

Blow out the candles and please grow up.  Maybe she will roll neat and clean the house…

Stacie has grown into a Self-Assured child with the Social aspiration.

Shannon has been rolling a lot of get creative whims, which is great for their bank account.

Akira rolled the whim to cook dinner.

Stacie is much happier now – she is headed out to meet other sims for her aspiration.  She also has the whim to make a friend.

Natalie is a lot happier than Stacie was – she is also being allowed to ask for potty help whenever her potty need is in the orange, until she reaches level 2.  Then she will need to go on her own, if she will.

Babbling with the bear.

Akira is out collecting and he stops to play in the pile of leaves.

Checking back in on Shannon and Natalie and apparently Natalie wanted food, to throw on the floor.

Akira in the background was headed to the bathroom, but didn’t make it.  The house is a mess once again.

Shannon is back to working on her aspiration of serial romance.  She is only rolling whims related to Akira, but she needs to finish out kissing 10 different sims and have had 8 boy/girlfriends to finish it up.  Right now she is going through her contact list – if she knows them, she is kissing them.  They have all agreed to go steady except Nancy.

Natalie is in the normal napping spot for when they can’t quite finish potty training before passing out.  I am so glad there aren’t points taken off for passing out.

Everything in the bathroom is still broken.  Despite having auto repair enabled, no one has felt compelled to repair anything, so the second bathroom was furnished.  Hopefully, some day soon, someone will repair things.

Shannon had this pop up at work.  Since there is an obvious drawback to one choice, she had an ethical conflict.  How to make such a major decision?

She rolled for it… and kept her job.

When Natalie woke up from being passed out, she went into Stacie’s room, and pooped her diaper.  No point in going back to the potty to try again.  This is a common theme I have noticed.

Then she made a mess on the floor in Stacie’s room.

Before going to lay down for a nap.

Akira slept through the entire thing.

Shannon came home to a warm welcome from Natalie.  Not really.  Natalie had a nightmare and she went out for comfort from Shannon.  Shannon picked her up, put her down, and went to bed, leaving her outside to cry.  Then everyone went to bed, except Natalie who refused to sleep until later because of the nightmare.  But I didn’t take any more pictures of that.

Stacie was complaining to Akira.

Then Shannon came to vent to Akira.

Shannon had the whim to hug someone so she woke up Natalie to give her a hug.


Then the anger surfaces.

Food always helps push the anger down again, at least for a little while.

Shannon journals to keep the tension at bay.  She has never had a single whim to change jobs or leave Akira.  She does feel trapped and smothered a lot.

There has not been a meal yet that hasn’t ended up on the floor.

Every scolding results in yelling.

Which results in more scolding.

And more yelling.  Natalie and Shannon do not have a good relationship.

Shannon goes to work, leaving Natalie in the high chair.

Nanny Diane comes in and heads straight for the bedroom to pickup toys.

When Natalie calls for Diane to pick her up, Diane takes her into the bedroom and puts her in the corner.  I was really hoping she would leave her there.

She didn’t.  I am not sure how she is giving her a bath in the broken tub.

Well, it was only half a bath – Natalie’s hygiene was only improved by half.

The milk improved her attitude a smidgen.

But again, it only lasted a very short time.

OMG – please find water.

Yes, Natalie, I feel your frustration.

The realization of what she has done sinks in…  And the fact that now someone has to repair it before they can play with it again.

I really wanted Akira to yell at her, but he wanted to hug her.  She didn’t want hugs.

Now he yelled at her.

I have no clue what Stacie said but the look Akira is giving her.  And Akira looks just as dirty as the girls.

Nanny Diane is wondering how she can get out of this house.  I don’t think she has left in several days.

Shannon comes home from work and Stacie runs out to check on her.  Shannon does not want to enter the house of hell.

Shannon doesn’t even go inside.  She turns around and heads over to Vlad’s house to continue working on her kisses.

While she is there she rolls the whim to woohoo – check.

Then she goes to see Baako – rather, she takes Baako to the park.

Another whim to woohoo – check.

With her energy depleted, she heads home.

Everyone has survived her absence.  Natalie is letting Akira hug her now.  And someone attempted to repair the dollhouse.

But damn if her cleanliness isn’t short-lived.

Natalie spends a lot time staring at the computer.

Another half-attempt at a bath.

But finally, she gets into the working tub.

Only to get kicked out before finishing because Akira wants a shower.  Still dirty.  Dumbass.

Nanny Diane fixes the dollhouse.  If only she would repair the broken plumbing.


Natalie makes what will probably be her only potty trip by herself.

I wasn’t even watching – I believe she hit Diane and then had a tantrum.  She is always hungry, filthy, and tired.

Everyone comes home tense with the whim to shout profanity.

Nanny is putting her to bed, again.

Stacie did get a B – so now she has homework and extra credit work.

Rain – thunder – lightning.

Thunderstorms and nightmares – Natalie never gets to sleep until she is fully green.


Nanny keeps Natalie entertained. Not really.

Akira and Shannon both rolled the whim for a mudfight – sure, go…

Trying to feed her again.



Shannon is done with her shit.

Damn RGL is back and she just broke the rest of the plumbing in the house.

Such a happy family.

Shannon escapes for her last kiss.

Back home she has a woohoo with Johnny whim that she tries to complete by accepting an outing but when she ends up in Selvadorada she cancels it and goes home.

Johnny is no longer showing in her travel list, so she is looking around the neighborhood for him and we finally find the damn grave for RGL – she is sent off to never bother us again.

They almost look like a happy family.


Natalie is still wandering looking at things.

I decided that repairmen are freebies – once a week.

Shannon is feeling particularly flirty today.  I couldn’t tell who she was looking at – Akira or Diane.

Since Akira was getting ready for work and Shannon had the day off, she found Johnny finally and invited him over for a date.  She still needed the last three gold dates to complete the serial romantic aspiration.

While they were working on date #1, Stacie and Natalie were doing stuff inside the house.

Akira hadn’t left yet (this was the date yet, this was the whim to woohoo Johnny) so they used the rotting leaf pile down the street.

Then they started the date, just as Nancy walked by.  She was not happy with Shannon.

Inside I missed Natalie getting a bath!

Nancy walked off during the date, and even though Shannon got to gold without the woohoo, she rolled another whim to woohoo Johnny as they were finishing up the date.  Some random chick was trying to play in the pile as they went back in for the woohoo.  Then Nancy came back for the finale.

Sending Johnny away, Shannon went home where Stacie and Akira had left for work and school.  Shannon tried to spend time with Natalie but every interaction was negative and they are in disliked status at the moment.

Nancy stopped by to chat with Akira when he got home from work.  I don’t know what they talked about…

With Akira home, Shannon sent Diane home for the first time in a week.  Then she left for date #2 with Baako at the park.  Again, they reached gold without the woohoo, but she rolled the whim so, woohoo she got.

Satisfied and exhausted, she headed home.  One last gold date to finish the aspiration, and Akira would be her date for that.

Getting right to it when she got home, the kids were sent to bed and she began working Akira.

However, they reached gold and she never rolled the whim to woohoo.  She rolled progressively/regressive whims once the date was gold – from romantic to friendly.  From kissing to hugging to talking.  Finally she ended the date and they went to bed, without any woohoo.

Natalie had a nightmare – the nightlights and lullabies are not working.

Before Shannon went to bed, she rolled a whim to POTTY TRAIN a TODDLER.  Hot Damn.  Wasting no time, she snagged the toddler and placed her on the potty.

After which, she passed out.  I really should pin those and wait until they aren’t exhausted to do that.

Shannon realizes she is pregnant, and also that Akira is probably not the baby daddy.

Natalie is getting better about finding her way to the potty, most of the time.  Maybe not so good about getting everything into the potty.

She is a hitter – she hits the bear, and is just as quick to hit someone.

It is also her birthday – yay!  The 100 baby challenge spoiled me, being able to age them up when they were level 3 in everything – not that either of these girls have reached level 3 in everything.  But they have been toddlers for so very long.

She is erratic – Whiz Kid.

There is a thunderstorm and everyone, except Shannon, has the whim to play in the rain and play in the leaf piles.  So, go – maybe there will be lightning…

Shannon and Natalie still have a bad relationship.  Their default conversation is Abhorrent.  Shannon begins trying to win her over, by using any friendly whims she rolls on her.

Akira continues to roll whims for Shannon, and follows her around on free will.  Shannon has gotten to where she rarely rolls whims for Akira though, but maybe that is just how things have played out the past few days.


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