Shannon: Door 1, Week 4

Having completed both Love aspirations, Shannon switches to the Super Parent aspiration for her third aspiration.  She automatically completes the first tier and most of the second tier.  She will need to discipline a child five times.

Reloading the game finally fixed the relationship between Shannon and Natalie.  Previously they were stuck in Abhorrent Conversation.  Even with green positive reactions, their relationship was going down in the red fast.  Once it was reloaded, the Abhorrent Conversation changed to Pleasant Conversation and their relationship is now moving appropriate to the reactions, positive and negative.

Akira either doesn’t suspect the baby isn’t his, or he just prefers not to think about.  Their relationship is 100% maxed out.

Stacie and Natalie are headed outside to cloudgaze.  Sisters bonding.  I also realized Natalie never got her makeover.

So, Natalie is erratic and is telling herself a story while Stacie is trying to put herself in a confident mood.  Someone needs a bath.

Akira rolled a whim to woohoo someone.  And he had a whim to flirt with Miko.  So, sure, Miko was over at the picnic area, this sounds like some fun.  They can woohoo in the leaf pile.  At the same time, Shannon had a whim to kiss someone and Johnny was standing next to the leaf pile, and you know, drama, right?  Nope, I give up.  Shannon checked out the fact that Miko was woohooing the leaf pile but she was completely unconcerned that Miko was woohooing with Akira.

All I want is some drama that doesn’t involve the lack of bathing.  Please!?!  I even checked my jealousy settings in MCCC and No Jealousy is not enabled.  They just aren’t catching each other at the right time in the interaction to trigger the jealousy but it is almost like do whatever because they know at the end of the day they will still be together.

Natalie knew that Shannon needed to discipline a kid five times so she decided to help her out.  She was mean twice allowing Shannon to get two disciplines in back to back.

Then Shannon rolled the whim to insult someone’s face.  She didn’t have the option for it to be Natalie (umm, good).  But she did have the option to shove Natalie (umm, no)

Instead she destroyed the dollhouse while Stacie was standing there.

Traumatize these kids more than they already have been.

Natalie continues to do her part for Shannon’s aspiration.  This time Shannon yells at her instead of expressing disappointment.

Natalie cleans up the mess afterwards.

Natalie continues her streak of giving Shannon fodder to work with by yelling at Akira, this time ending up in a time out before school for being mean.  She never looks at Shannon the entire time, but Akira doesn’t object to the punishment.

After school (must be Monday) the girls work on their projects all afternoon and evening.

Shannon comes home from work looking miserable, and she is still just in the second trimester.

Shannon goes straight to bed, leaving Akira feeling all flirty.  With woohoo on his mind and no specific target, Akira looks to Diane, a very good friend.

Things heat up, and he rolls the whim for a date, which culminates in some closet woohoo.

In the same room where Shannon is sleeping.

The noise in the closet wakes up Shannon, who really has to pee.

I really, truly give up.  You know she knows – she has caught him with Diane and Miko.  And you know he knows that baby isn’t his.

Shannon is tense but not because of Akira and Diane.  She is tense because she is feeling smothered and trapped.  Really?

Diane is autonomously fixing the fridge.  We are waiting to see if she survives.  She does.

With a promotion on the line, Shannon works on logic.

Akira is trying to find a crystal for a whim.  This one is either going to give a metal or a trophy or a map, but you have to clear them all so the respawns will be fresh.

Shannon is checking out the trash Diane left behind.

Akira got an interesting offer at work, and he needs to make a major decision.

Once again, using the time honored way of major decisions – he rolls for it.

Shannon is late for work because Charity is being born.  After a quick nip of the boob, Shannon leaves for work and Charity is sent to daycare.

Stacie and Natalie get right to their homework when they get home.  Baths still are not a priority.

These girls are not well-behaved.

Diane came over and let herself in.  Since she started cleaning, she can stay as long as she likes.  I am almost tempted to move her in, except someone has to whim it to make it happen.

Of course, Akira comes home before Shannon and immediately rolls the whim to woohoo Diane.  Specifically, not generically.  I am curious as to how many times they can woohoo in the same room with Shannon before she does something.  Shannon was changing Charity’s diaper by the time Akira and Diane headed for the closet.

They were already in the closet when Stacie walked into the room and started laughing.  Shannon walked into the room and went straight to bed.

Everyone went to bed except Diane who continued cleaning and repairing crap.  This is one weird-ass household.

Vlad calls Shannon and invites her over and since she wasn’t busy, she accepted.  They started off flirting but she didn’t roll any whims related to Vlad or generic enough to let me give her direction, so I just watched.

He followed her into the bathroom and then played on his phone.

He really wanted to offer her vampirism – this kept showing up then dropping out, over and over and over for the entire time she was there.  That is not me canceling it – the X is just from me hovering to get the tool tip to show up.

And they just stood there and stared at each other.

Finally she left for home.

Because it is Winterfest and she needed to get home for the Winterfest traditions.

Soon after getting home she received notification that Vlad was pissed at her.  Well, okay then.

They had to put the tree on the front porch because there really wasn’t any room in the house, and I didn’t feel like rearranging the house for a few sim-hours.

Stacie finally was going to give Shannon the last disciplinary action she needed for her aspiration, but it dropped out of the queue and then it was just gone.  Stacie so got away with this crap along with being mean.

Down the hall, it looks like Natalie is throwing a fit because she never got that lucky.  Shannon never dropped a discipline action with her.

Shannon and Stacie having a pleasant chat in the middle of the mess Stacie made.

Shannon and Stacie working on Stacie’s homework.

Akira aged up alone because I missed his birthday.

The family’s Winterfest feast.  I don’t know why Stacie is insisting on sitting at the bar.  Probably because the location of the ham platter makes those side chairs not a good place to sit and eat.  I guess.

Father Winter arrives just as they are finishing dinner and the girls are there to meet him and ask for presents.  Then everyone goes to bed.

With the house quiet, Father Winter helps himself to a plate of ham before heading off to the next house on his list.

Oh looky, Stacie is having a phase.

Akira wants another “new” girlfriend, so he starts working on Nancy, but she runs off before he can get her to agree, and then the whim goes away.

After that Shannon rolls up whims to kiss him.  These two are so dysfunctional, it is funny-not-funny.

Shannon heads off to work leaving Akira home with Charity, since he rolled the whim to take a vacation day.  That means he gets to age her up for her birthday.

The pile of presents and Christmas tree are still here, so she gets excited and it would be cruel to take away the gifts without letting her open one present first.  I forget what she got but it made her happy.  Then the tree and presents were sold.

As the older girls came home from school, Charity stripped down a run through the house.  For the record, Charity is a charmer, she isn’t wild – but this was her whim.

She wanted to dance, and Akira came over to join her.

Shannon comes home from work and Charity toddles out to give her a hug.

Shannon finally decides to check on her and Charity asks for a diaper change.

Then Johnny calls and asks Shannon to come over to his house.  Okay, sure.  After all, Charity is his daughter, it would be good for him to meet her.  Only Johnny has a wife, Nina.  And a daughter already.

Shannon and Johnny head into the trailer, leaving Charity outside with Nina and Madelyn.  Charity tries to share the love with Nina but that is rejected.

Madelyn is willing to share the love with her new sister.

Inside things are getting a little awkward.  Shannon watches the season premiere of whatever the show is that is premiering.  She and Johnny do some light flirting that keeps pissing Nina off.

The toddlers come inside to join the adults and we discover there is brother also – Damian.

Charity does her part to distract Nina by asking her to read a book.  Surprisingly, Nina does.  Madelyn decides enough already – she doesn’t like this at all.

Apparently neither does Shannon.  She and Johnny have a falling out – probably something to do with the fact that he invited her over while Nina and the kids were there.  I did mention it was really awkward, right?  She picks up Charity and leaves.


Literally moments after getting home, she found out that Nina and Johnny were going to have another baby.

Charity had a rough night after that.  She would not go to sleep, she would not stay asleep.  She woke up everyone in the house.

But she is the first toddler – this is the very first meal that did not end up on the floor.

Shannon needed to help someone with their homework so she has been trying to catch Stacie and Natalie when they are working on theirs.  Charity had to “help” also.

After the fiasco with Johnny, Shannon was feeling a little put out, and when she rolled into the flirty emotion, she started wanting to put out.  Akira was heading out to work as Paolo walked in.

Charity entertained herself with the stuffed bear quite nicely.

Shannon entertained herself with Paolo quite nicely.  She is starting to run out of boyfriends.

Charity has her first meltdown – and heads straight for the dollhouse.

Shannon happened to be standing in the kitchen and started scolding her immediately.  While Shannon was scolding her, Stacie and Natalie were crying over the damage.  Charming Charity was never even bothered one little bit about it either.


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