Shannon: Door 1, Week 5

Stacie is taking out the trash – cleaning the potty chair, which means Charity must have used it “recently”.  And it looks like Charity is on a mission to wake up Shannon or Akira.  She looks like a comet with her green fumes trailing behind her.

Shannon, why do you look very pregnant?  Seriously?  I went back and checked the last update and you were not pregnant when I left you.  Yet here you are…  2nd trimester in 24 hours, which means you just realized you are pregnant yet you look like you are going to have the baby at any moment.

And who is the daddy?  {checking} Nope, once again, it isn’t Akira.

Akira is off trying to collect a crystal for a whim.  {Spoiler alert: he doesn’t.}

Charity is streaming green fumes, needs to potty, and is hungry – but she wants Shannon to read her a story.  Good choice.

Regrets much?

Akira comes home with the whim to kiss Shannon.  Shannon has the whim to kiss someone.  Close enough.

Or not…

Akira flexes his sexy muscles for Shannon.

That works.

Then Charity asks for a bath and Shannon takes her away to dump her into a tub of water.

Leaving Akira alone in the bedroom.  With the whim for a cold shower.  True story.

Stacie and Natalie were supposed to be making friends with each other, but they just refuse to get along, even when cloud-gazing.  They are having an abhorrent conversation and ended up having to be separated.

Once again it is New Year’s Eve in one of my games – everyone suffers through the evening, staying up by protest until midnight for a successful tradition.  This may not be a whim, but I have included holiday tradition in the allowed actions, but just until they reach gold.

Party like it is 2019!

Natalie and Stacie stay up after everyone else goes to bed and they are actually having a pleasant conversation for a change.

Oh geez.

Charity didn’t stay in bed for very long.  She is hungry and there isn’t any food sitting out that isn’t spoiled, which makes her very angry.

Akira is her target.  The problem is that he doesn’t stop to see what she needs as he walks past her.

She will show them by repainting the bedroom carpet.

Charity is equally exhausted and starving so she goes back to bed.  But she can’t sleep.  So she goes to see what Akira is cooking.

Akira, being the wonderful daddy that he is, made something for himself with no intention of sharing.

Nope, none at all.

Nope. He is making a point to not make eye contact.

Shannon comes through and puts Charity in the high chair and gives her a sandwich.

As angry as Charity is, I am surprised when she eats the entire sandwich without throwing it on the floor.

But now Charity has a new problem.

All alone, stuck in the high chair.

Finally rescued from the high chair, Charity heads off to take out her frustration on the bear but passes out in the process.

Akira and Shannon getting their flirty on, and progress to woohoo just in time for Natalie to walk through on her way to take a bath.  Timing is everything.

With the family growing, there comes a time when maybe the house needs an expansion.?.?  Akira needs to clean out his inventory to see what they can afford.

Akira takes advantage of his time out of the house, full advantage.

Stacie is getting close to the birthday and will soon be a teen.

So, Shannon is standing out on the sidewalk in not a lot of clothes, so that must mean there have been changes made to her house.

I thought about giving them a new house, but then decided to just renovate their existing house.  Then I decided to just make the living area bigger and give them more stuff.  Akira is always rolling whims to buy shit, so I sold almost everything in his bags and bought them a bunch of crap.  Most of this was stuff someone has had whims for, everything is activity based.  I moved the house back on the lot, and pulled the front porch forward making it a lot bigger.  Then I made the living room bigger, leaving the bedrooms and kitchen alone.  That gave them a lot of room for activity items on the porch and let me add more seating in the living room.  Then I added a small pool in the back yard – they constantly roll whims for at least a 1×1 pool, so they now have a pool.  With all of the purchases, they now have §79 remaining, and it is Sunday evening, so they are broke going into time to pay the bills.  Timing is everything.

What I didn’t do was replace the broken crap – they still have to repair everything that is broken.

Charity hasn’t reached the state of filth of the other girls because she will regularly ask for a bath.

While Charity is getting a bath, Stacie gets to blow out her candles.

Stacie rolls outgoing to go with self-assured and picks up Master Mixologist for her aspiration.

Instead of going to bed, Charity asks Akira to read her a story.

They are both exhausted, which we will use as Akira’s excuse for totally not getting this right.

Shannon is complaining to Akira about the state of the kitchen.  The fridge has been broken for days.  The coffee pot and the tea pot both need to be cleaned out.  The girls are actually pretty good about cleaning up the dirty plates.  And the Lin-z is broken again.

Both bathrooms are falling into a state of disrepair.  Only one toilet and one sink are working.  The tubs and shower are all still working, for the moment.

Shitstorm is coming – the only food in the house is Stacie’s birthday cake and Charity is having a piece instead of going to bed.  Although the cake is actually looking pretty good at the moment.

Shannon is sick and uncomfortable.  As a result, she is not rolling any whims that are actionable.  She is literally just sitting here pouting.

Sugar rush then sugar crash and Charity is taking it out on Natalie.  She finally rolls a whim that sends her into the other room.

Shannon finally moves…

…to the one working toilet, which she breaks.

Charity refuses to go to bed.  She makes a mess, then passes out.

When she wakes out, she is thinking hard on who she wants to wake up.

Her decision is made…

One piece of cake remaining and three people are heading towards it…

Akira wins the cake race.

Charity decides to sleep in the living room instead of her bed.  She hasn’t been in her bed in two days.

With both toilets broken, the first to lose control is Stacie.  She is very embarrassed and hides in the tub for a really long time.

This is why Charity never gets as filthy as the older girls.  Someone is always checking on her.  Except Akira.  He never checks on her.

Stacie is right there when she finishes eating, to take her to her bed.  Finally.

Another FINALLY – Akira repairs the fridge.  He doesn’t get electrocuted either.  Look at him looking so proud of himself.

Someone also repaired one of the toilets.  But only one.  Checking around the house, the Lin-Z has also been repaired.  It looks like all that remains broken is one toilet and one sink, in opposite bathrooms.  Also the lullabies radio in the toddlers room.

Shannon decided that was the right time to ask Akira how was his day.  His day had only just begun.  It was now time to go to work.

Everyone had to go to work and school, leaving Charity home with the nanny.  Charity slept all day long while Diane cleaned a lot of the mess.  I was hoping she would finish the repairs, but she didn’t.

Akira gets off work several hours before Shannon and he is glad to see Diane.  It has been awhile and they rekindle their romance.

While Akira and Diane are getting flirty inside, Stacie and Natalie are playing cards outside.

And then Charity wakes up, with perfect timing.  Diane decides it is time to leave because Shannon just came home and the girls finished their card game.

Charity is back at her usual 2am spot, deciding who to wake up.  She has a preference for waking Akira up at this hour, but it looks like her only choice was Shannon.

Then, she heads in to wake up Natalie next.  But Natalie beats her to the punch by waking up before she can get there.  They are both needing to see some bath time, but this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.

Finally, Charity talks Shannon into some bath time.

The only problem is the bath is cut short when Shannon has to pee really badly.

Charity tries to get another bath but ends up trapped in the high chair for awhile – but the good part is Akira makes breakfast.  Food, glorious food.

After she eats, she decides going to the potty is too much work, so she hangs out on the couch until she is done pooping.  No one will notice the extra odor at this point.

She is right – she asks Shannon to read her a story and Shannon pees herself while reading.  Everyone stinks now.

But then she is left behind when Shannon goes to work.  That wasn’t in her plan.

Shannon isn’t gone very long.  Her boss sends her home early (that §28 will go a long way to paying bills) and tells her to come back another day.

Shannon walks in and sees Diane and rolls up the whim to MARRY Diane.  Seriously?  She hasn’t had a relationship with Diane in ages.  Akira is the one that is in a relationship with Diane, although officially Diane is still her girlfriend and Akira hasn’t had to whim to go steady yet when Diane is around.  Anyways, Shannon’s romantic relationship with Diane is very red because of Diane’s relationship with Akira so the “marry Diane” whim is a surprise.  But, Shannon goes to flirt with Diane and Diane rejects her.  Shannon being cranky because she was in labor rolled the whim to breakup with Diane, which she did.  Boom.  So she is full green friendly but full red romantic with the nanny.  It’s Very Complicated doesn’t even begin the tell the whole story.

Shannon spends her labor playing in the mud puddles in the thunderstorm.  I was half hoping for lightning.

Charity finally got a full bath.

Lilly is born – Paolo’s daughter.

Charity watched but didn’t have a reaction to the newest sister.

She is sad for so many other reasons that a new sister didn’t even register.

It has been a long day.

Akira finally got his bee box.  He has been rolling the whim since the challenge began.  Now he gets to collect the honey.

They started rolling mud fight whims, so I sent them out to play.  But they were really too tired and couldn’t get it going.

Despite his exhaustion, Akira found time to play in the mud puddle by himself.  Again, I was looking for the lightning, but the storm had passed.

YES! Charity found the potty chair on her own again.

Repairman call #2 for this challenge.  I am going with the premise that if nannies are allowed then service sims are allowed.  But I am doing so in limited fashion, meaning pretty much everything has to be broken, or the really important things have to be broken.

Additionally, Shannon had the whim to meet someone new.  So, she met the repairman as he was repairing all the crap that needing to be repaired.

I am impressed – Charity asked to get out of the high chair so she could GO TO THE POTTY.

She didn’t finish going potty because she had to stop and dance.

But then she went back to the potty and finished going.  I have high hopes for this one.

Shannon is the last one to leave each day and Charity is “left behind” each time.  She was going to watch Shannon, or hug Shannon, but then Shannon left and Charity was left behind.  Again.

Charity tries to talk to Lilly but that doesn’t go so well.

Akira was collecting honey and he was struck by lightning, but only once so he survived.

Charity was heading out to give Shannon a hug when she came home from work, but changed her mind when she realized it was raining.  Nope, no way.

Akira was sent out collecting – because he had a whim.  Then Shannon had a whim to flirt, so I sent her out to flirt with him.  They stood there and ran through their whims to socialize until they ran out of whims that they could use on each other.  I was still half hoping for another lightning strike.

Charity let me down.  After using the potty so well, she sat here and pooped her diaper.

Then, I wanted to test the mod Livvielove made for Diaper Changes and had her ask Stacie to change her diaper.  They were both standing in the kitchen at the time of the request.  Then they both left the kitchen.  As I watched, Stacie ran away, and Charity followed.  I continued to watch in disbelief as they went all the way across the damn neighborhood.

Then, Stacie changed Charity’s diaper.  (the mod worked great – hygiene improved just under halfway, which is about right for a diaper change in the park)

After her diaper was changed Charity laid down to take a nap and Stacie went home.

Leaving Charity asleep on the ground.

Alone at the playground.

Then, Charity woke up alone.

She had a fit, then she was fine.

She started home but only made it halfway when she just had to stop and dance.  And forgot where she was going.

Charity realizes she has missed curfew and she begins to run.

That feeling when you are sneaking into the house at 4am hoping no one notices.

That feeling when your youngest comes in at 4am and you are already up making breakfast.

That time you decided to sleep on the floor in the bathroom after a late night out, just in case.

Shannon and Akira have their own matters on their mind.  Shannon wants some woohoo and she doesn’t mind who, so Akira makes sure he is the only sim in range.  For the first time I have noticed, she immediately rolled a second whim to woohoo after getting out of bed – but it was time to go to work.

When Stacie gets home from school, she bakes a cake for Charity and helps her blow out the candles.  It is time to grow this toddler up.

Charity becomes an insider child with the creativity aspiration.  Hey look, she has hair.

Also having a birthday today is Lilly.  Lilly becomes a silly toddler.  She doesn’t look anything like Paolo either.

Akira never even comes into the house – he just goes straight into collecting to satisfy his whims.  He still needs to take a shower at some point.

Lilly has been fine since she became a toddler and hasn’t yet rolled a whim.

Shannon and Akira have a complicated relationship.  Shannon has four children and Akira has four children.  But they aren’t the same four children.  Akira has a son with Miko and a son with Diane.  They are finally old enough for him to invite over.  There is a weird glitch going on with the NPC toddlers and umbrellas.  Miko’s son is wearing the hat and Diane’s son is carrying the umbrella.

As soon as Farhan arrives, Diane picks him up and takes him home.  Akira will have to invite him over another time.

Aarav gets to stay for the evening.

Lilly finally begins rolling whims, but she is free willing.  She dances a little and then asks Stacie to read her a book and finally everyone goes to bed.

Aarav could have gone home a lot earlier.  He woke up Charity, then Natalie, and finally Akira.  He was sent home at midnight.

The next morning Lilly was headed in to talk to Shannon and she turned right around when she was told to get out.  She stood outside the door until they were done too.

Friday is the day Shannon stays home with Lilly and everyone else goes to work and school.  This Friday, they read – Shannon read a book about vampires and Lilly looked at a picture book.

Moving along to Friday afternoon, it is Natalie’s birthday so she gets to blow out some candles when she gets home from school.

Stacie is in a very bad mood – a mood swing – with a tantrum and everything.

She even destroys Natalie’s project.  The project that she has been working on all week.

Natalie rolls unflirty to go with erratic.  She is going to be a joy (for someone else) when she moves out.


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