Shannon: Door 1, Week 6.1

Welcome back to yes shit is broken again.

Natalie was going to do some yoga – 1am is the perfect time – but then she decided to watch Shannon and Akira sleep.

She isn’t alone.  Lilly had a nightmare, is filthy, has diaper rash, and really wants someone to put her back to bed.

While Lilly begins the process of waking everyone up, Natalie has a conversation with “her friends”.

Akira heads for the kitchen and Lilly heads for her next victims, leaving Natalie talking to herself and Shannon awake.  Who needs to sleep through the night anyways.

Lilly’s mission is complete.  Everyone is awake.

Stacie tries to figure out what Lilly wants.

Natalie doesn’t even try.

Eventually Lilly figures out how to ask for food and she ends up in the high chair.

While she is crying, Natalie is making her food and Akira seems surprised to see her.  Not sure what part surprised him though.

He moves along though once she has food since there doesn’t seem to be anything for him to do and she is apparently not fruit from his loins.

Shannon sums up the general feeling in the house – overwhelming discomfort and sadness.

So I forgot to cancel the Neighborhood Brawl holiday and they just had a horrible Love Day so I thought I would let them participate in this holiday.  It figures this gives them a positive relationship.  They fought three times and improved their relationship to Good Friends but they still haven’t gotten gold so I don’t know how many times they actually have to fight.

Lilly is avoiding her bed.  Unfortunately she chose the living room and Stacie keeps turning the radio on which keeps waking Lilly up.

Stacie finally checks on Lilly and puts her bed.

More fighting – this time it is Akira and Shannon.

In between all of the fights, Shannon and Stacie find time to chat.

There is no excuse for this – both toilets are working.

Never will anyone sleep through the night as long as there is a toddler in this house.

And the target is always Akira.

She doesn’t even hang around once he is awake – her next goal is the dollhouse – but she forgets where she is going and ends up just standing in the hallway for about an hour.

Eventually she gets around to asking someone for food.

Hanging out in the high chair since everyone is busy.  Actually, right now she is pooping.

Stacie can always be counted on to check on Lilly and she gets her first bath.  She hasn’t met the potty chair yet.

Back to the high chair since her earlier meal landed on the floor.

Charity is cleaning.  She has been quiet lately.  As the kids get older, they seem to attract less attention.  Their whims are mild, their actions tame.  Even Shannon and Akira haven’t been rolling many “fun” whims recently.

Drive-by kisses are a thing. and Shannon rarely gets dressed these days.

Natalie was cooking and set the kitchen on fire.  Finally, something exciting.  Maybe someone will die!  Nope, Natalie had her extinguisher out before I could see the flames and Stacie was right there beside her.

Shannon picked up Lilly and they ran outside with Akira and Charity leaving the fire-putting-out to the fire-starter +1.

Safely waiting for the all-clear.

Stacie is like “What fire?”

Akira is working on his muscles by taking out the trash.

Lilly is still sad about the fire. I forgot she wanted to play with a toy so I sent her to play with a toy and then she wouldn’t stop on her own.

Shannon rolled a whim to paint a masterpiece {hah}.  She has level 5 painting skill so that is going to take awhile.

Lilly is halfway through her toddler age and she hasn’t seen the potty chair yet.  So, it is time for Shannon to teach her.  Lilly disagrees.

There is the after-potty tantrum.

Natalie is in a fixit mood as she has just gone around and fixed all the broken crap on her own.  Unfortunately, more stuff broke.

Shannon wanted to tell a dirty joke.  Akira then wanted to get flirty.

Next thing I knew, MCCC had them trying for a baby.  It wasn’t even a whim, it was autonomous.  Just great.

Lilly is late- it is already 3am.  She is Rested and Ravenous.

And she just wakes Akira up and then heads to the kitchen to eat whatever food was left out.

In this case a leftover stale sandwich or two.

Then she poops her diaper, because no one is going to make her use the potty.

Shannon gets up and gives her a fresh sandwich for breakfast, because the stale sandwiches were yucky.

Natalie makes veggie burgers for breakfast.  Yeah.

Lilly wants to dance.  Lilly wants to listen to music.  Lilly is waiting for Shannon to fix the Lin-Z. Unfortunately, Shannon leaves for work after fixing the Lin-Z without turning on the music.  Sucks for Lilly.

Lilly will be the first toddler to never reach level 2 potty.  She refuses to roll any whim related to the potty.  She insists on using her diaper.

School sucks.  We can just leave it at that.

Bees suck pretty hard too.

Lilly is on a mission and it has to do with the potty!

NO!  Crap…  That is just gross.

Yeah, green and stinky.

Natalie comes to the rescue, late but here she is.

No, Natalie.  She needs a BATH.

Don’t just leave her there.

Either feed her or bathe her.  Choose one or the other.

Neither was not the right option – napping is not what she needs the most.

Shannon finally comes home with another promotion.  This one took forever because she just didn’t want to level logic.

Lilly comes out for a hug.  I was hoping Shannon would either feed her to bathe her.

But nope, she put her back to bed.  Social services is sending notices.  Putting her to sleep is not going to make the problem go away.

Lilly gets up because she is literally starving to death.  On her way to beg for food, she passes out.  This is the definition of neglect.  Social services has to be camped down the street.

As Lilly is passing out, Shannon realizes she is pregnant, again.

Shannon and Akira are both hungry.

Lilly finally, FINALLY, gets her point across that she needs to EAT.  There is nothing in the kitchen or the fridge.

Shannon takes her to the high chair and microwaves her some chicken nuggets – she is actually not getting a sandwich this time.  But damn, Akira sets a bowl of chips down just out of reach.  That is cruel.

There is the usual teasing pickup/putdown before Lilly is allowed to eat her food.  But, she is allowed to eat finally.  The child will live!

It is at this point I realize the problem.  Both the fridge and the stove are out of commission.

After Lilly eats her chicken nuggets, she takes a nap while Akira sadly eats his chips.

One more pooping picture, because she is determined not to let anyone know she needs to potty.

WTF are you doing up again?  This is punishment because I had to close the game to go to work, so now everyone (Akira) has to wake up.

The culprit has been found.  Someone changed the station from lullabies to Latin pop and turned it up loud.  That has been fixed so now Lilly can sleep.  It might have been me when she was wanting to dance and Lin-Z was broken.  She never did dance and I forgot to change it back.

They finally got a new stove, but the fridge is still broken.

With everyone at work, Lilly finally asks Diane for a bath.

And will wonders never cease – she actually rolled a whim for the potty.  Her skill level stopped just short of rolling over into level 2.

She gets a few hugs in before the whim registers.

The girls come home stressed and they all get some form of water – Charity claims the kiddie pool and the teens each grab a bubble bath.

Clean Lilly plays with the blocks.

Akira comes home with the whim to kiss Diane.  That is the only whim he rolls for her and then she leaves.  They need to make up their mind – at this point they are just playing around.

Stacie takes Lilly in for food, but it looks like she fell asleep in the time it took Stacie to give her the sandwich.  Then then she threw it on the floor.  Ungrateful little brat.


She doesn’t look very contrite.

Once she is finally let out of the high chair – without any replacement food – Lilly heads to bed.  She doesn’t quite make it, and I am not feeling any sympathy.

She won’t stay in her own bed, and decides to sleep in the living room.  Stacie turns the Lin-Z volume up to HIGH to see how long Lilly will sleep.  It isn’t long but she doesn’t seem to mind the volume and just gets up to play.

Shannon isn’t sure what that foul odor is that she is smelling.



I started this challenge where each update covered one week.  But lately it has gotten to where each week is huge, so I am going to break the weeks into two updates in order to keep them at my normal update size.  This update is the first part of week 6, ending Wednesday morning, before anyone leaves for work/school.  I do plan on moving the kids out as they become Young Adults, and this will be the plan across all the doors.

Current Ages:

  • Akira is Adult (10 days from Elder)
  • Shannon is Young Adult (4 days from Adult + pregnancy)
  • Stacie is 3 days from Young Adult
  • Natalie is 8 days from Young Adult
  • Charity is 7 days from Teen
  • Lilly is 1 day from Child
  • Shannon’s pregnancy is early 2nd trimester

Scoring: Nope


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