Shannon: Door 1, Week 6.2

Stacie starts off this update by taking the day off from school.  She will be helping Shannon with her aspiration to become a Super Parent.

Okay, you can stop laughing now.

Shannon needs one of her children to have three positive character traits and Stacie actually already has two: Manners and Responsibility.  She will be spending the day volunteering in order to build Empathy.

Charity is showing that there is hope for this generation by cleaning the dirty dishes.

Lilly wakes up on the edge of starvation.  There is food that hasn’t spoiled and she is on a mission to snag the plate.

Shannon goes to sit on the couch with her plate of food and Lilly moves over to sit next to her.  And just stares at her.

What?!?  Lilly had to eat stale food that was sitting out while Shannon made herself a fresh BLT sandwich.

Time for work.

Shannon left her unfinished sandwich on the floor and Lilly will be finishing that sandwich.

Feeling much better after actually getting some food into her belly, it is time to dance.

Oh even better.  Nanny Diane decides to take Lilly out to play in the pool.

This is the first time anyone has played in the pool, and it was completely autonomous.

Natalie comes home from school in a horrible mood and the only thing she wants to do is collect honey.

And talk to herself.

Charity meets Farhan – Akira’s son with Diane.


Stacie has three traits in range, now she has to keep them there until her birthday in three days.

Cleaning is great, repairing would be even better.

Another first! Natalie uses the swimming pool.

Green fumes, stinking to high heaven – she asks for a story.

Then she asks for a diaper change.  Should she dare?

So, bored.  So, boring.

Two things about this picture… Shannon has just entered the third trimester – she still has 24 hours before that baby will be born.  And Lilly is on the potty – she just made it to level 2.  Shannon needs to max out Parenting for her Super Parent aspiration and that means she actually has to interact with the kids.  This gets her to level 8 parenting – only two more levels to go.

Time for everyone to wake up.

Except Shannon.  She just watched Shannon and then went into the other room.

After four attempts, Lilly finally gets a bath.

After giving Lilly a bath, Diane cleans up the dishes.  She stops short of actually repairing anything.

Lilly takes a nap and wakes up from a nightmare.  It is her first nightmare.  All of the other times she wakes everyone up it is just because.  This time she is very sad but there is no one around except for Diane.

Lilly gets hot food for a change – food of her own, cooked (heated up) just for her.

As soon as this sad mood wears off, Lilly is going to be very angry.

Lilly gives the best whims, or the easiest to satisfy.

Then Charity wants to talk to Lilly.

But, it is Lilly’s birthday, so Akira baked her a cake.  As he brings her to the cake, she rolls the whim to go potty.  Well, it is too late now, chica.

Lilly rolls Outgoing and Social Butterfly.  If only she were the last kid.

Shannon comes home from work (Secret Agent, level 6) and Charity runs out (does the peepee walk) to check on her.  Shannon has the skills she needs for her promotion, she just needs to have the right attitude.  She is also off for the next four days.

Labor has started, so Shannon calls and hires a repairman to come and fix all the crap.

Diane has just been standing here for hours.  She might be glitched, but I am going to let her stand there to see how long it takes.

It’s a Boy!  Zack Kibo.

They are really struggling.  Despite having everything repaired when Shannon went into labor, no one has made use of the toilet.  I also figured out why Diane was just standing in the kitchen.  She and Stacie were stuck on Lilly’s birthday celebration.

When I reset them, they were reset into the bedroom where they are “watching” Shannon and Akira sleep.

Everyone is so stressed and Natalie has a little tantrum.

Breakfast of champions.

Akira left the lot on his own, so I followed him.  To a smelly pile of leaves where he played until time to leave for work.  Yuck.

Shannon get very playful and was rolling lots of funny and mischievous actions.  She used them on Diane – Diane didn’t appreciate it.

I was curious if she would get hysterical but once she started painting that put her into inspired and killed that idea.  (I am not hoping she dies, nope.)

Diane has not left in days.  She hasn’t slept, and I don’t think she has eaten, or anything else.  But she does take care of Zack and she is cleaning up after everyone.

Shannon is working on parenting so the girls are doing their homework at Shannon’s request so she can help then.  She gets up to 48% of level 8 before she gets distracted.

Akira and Diane begin flirting and Shannon finally decides she doesn’t like that.  Her pink relationship with Akira drops by half.

She wants to play in the rain, then she wants to bond with the bees.  Damn that mud puddle.  She fell in it twice.

Look at that – Stacie is growing up and moving out.  Someone is escaping from this house and this challenge.  Stacie rolled Unflirty to go with Outoing and Self-Assured.  She also earned Responsible, Compassionate, and Good Manners.  Her aspiration is Master Mixologist +Essence of Flavor.  Using the aspiration points that she has earned (3,685) she buys Observant, Night Owl, and Incredibly Friendly).

I take it back – Diane is taking a bath.

Akira must think he is living in a commune or something.  He is flirting and kissing on both of them randomly.

Lilly and Charity find a little time to play together.

Zack becomes a toddler – inquisitive, so maybe HE will want to learn to use the potty.

Smile for the camera  😆

Sunday is New Skill Day so Shannon tracks down Zack. Together they are going to work on some skills.  Shannon will be potty training Zack and in return she will be working on parenting.

Zack doesn’t want to learn to potty.

Zack is learning to potty.  Thanks to New Skill Day he is at level 2 + 61% after two times on the potty.

Zack is a sad boy.  He didn’t quite get all the peepee in the potty.

Shannon is still pissed about Akira flirting with Diane.  The dollhouse is taking the hits but at the same time she was rolling whims to kiss Akira.  Once she destroyed the dollhouse, she was fine.

Charity, on the other hand, is very upset over the destroyed dollhouse.  How horrible – but Diane came to the rescue and repaired it for her.

Natalie is so lonely, which – how the hell she could be lonely in this house is beyond me.

Shannon is still working on parenting.  Zack needs to go to bed, so he is angry because he is exhausted.  Instead of putting him to bed, Shannon is hugging him and telling him it will be okay.  This gets her to level 9 parenting.

Of course, she is eating cake in between each hug.  Because, cake!

Grumpy Zack is finally going to bed.

Shannon will give him some imagination with a bedtime story and she will get a little more parenting skill.  She ends this update at level 9 + 25%.

Scoring: Nope


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