Shannon: Door 1, Week 7.1

I was reading back through the rules and realized that I could, should be training the toddlers through level 3 in their skills without whims.  That can be considered the same as school, career, or aspiration for them.  Since I have played this long without putting a lot of effort into pushing for Happy Toddlers, I don’t know that I will change how I am playing them in order to keep it consistent.  But, the option will be open.

The other reminder is that this challenge is focused on Shannon.  The rest of the family is fringe.  They are here to make or break Shannon.  A quick recap of where Shannon is standing at the beginning of this update.

  • Aspirations
    • Serial Romantic -completed 4/4
    • Soulmate -completed 4/4
    • Super Parent -completed 3/4 (needs to reach level 10 parenting and go into full parenting mode)
  • Career
    • Secret Agent -level 6 (needs to level up logic skill)
  • Skills
    • Charisma -level 10
  • Age -Young Adult (2 days till age up)

Shannon and Akira have this relationship, dysfunctional as it may be, but neither one has ever rolled a single whim to break up.  They roll many whims for other people but they also roll many whims for each other.  And they have both had an affair with Diane., standing there in the kitchen, taking care of their children.

Zack is really tired.  I have never seen them throw a fit with the plate still in their hand.

Shannon tried to put Zack to bed, but she is also exhausted and ran out of steam before she could finish the task.  Diane was there to gloat.

She didn’t put Zack to bed.  She made faces at him, or something, which upset him instead.  Shannon woke up around this point and put Zack to bed, and then went to bed to get some sleep.

Shannon and Akira show some domesticity at midnight as they try to beat the clock for New Skill Day.  Akira never did get a skill gain to register, while everyone else was able to have a good holiday.  Then everyone was sent back to bed.

Shannon sneaked in some potty training to increase her parenting skill a little more while Akira was preparing to try to find the elusive Dirt frog.  That is the only frog he is missing from his collection.  The common Dirt Frog.

Shannon is feeling pretty proud of herself, cleaning the potty all by herself.

And then she topped it off by playing chess, which she needs for her job.

Zack rolled the whim to talk to the stuffed animal so his queue was filled up with that activity.  By the time he was done, he has reached level 2 communication.

Charity was released from the science table once I remembered that is where she was parked for new skill day, and everyone went to bed for one last nap before school/work starts on Monday.

Akira is still looking for the last frog – he needs a Dirt Frog, he finds the Leaf Frog.

He also has everything he needs for a promotion.  He already has the check mark, so I am not sure why he didn’t have the promotion last time he went to work.

No one in this household wakes up in a good mood.  Zack is ravenous and very angry.

Nanny Diane puts Zack in the kiddie pool, in the thunderstorm.  They noped out of that pretty quick.

And yet, still stood outside to change his diaper.

Akira finally earns his promotion.  His choices are Start-Up Entrepreneur or eSport Gamer.  I can’t remember if he needs one or the other for his aspiration.  Oh right, his aspiration is Curator, which is why he is collecting the damn frogs.  So, his choice.  And he chooses the Start-Up Entrepreneur for the potential Flat Screen TV (assuming Akira lives long enough to reach level 10) and the normal hours.

Akira actually has the whim to snuggle Zack when he gets home.

Akira shows no discretion and rolls a whim to kiss Diane.  Shannon never notices.

Then he wants to play in a leaf pile, which he does in the thunderstorm.  The lightning doesn’t come.

Shannon is helping Natalie with her homework – she is close to maxing the parenting skill.

Natalie dismisses Diane, since she literally hasn’t left in a week.  She will be back tomorrow I am sure, but for now she went home.

Then, Natalie makes a birthday cake.  This week is a lot of birthdays.

Now, we wait.  Today’s birthday is Shannon’s birthday to Adult. (finally).

What are you doing back?  It isn’t tomorrow yet.

Seriously, go away.  Go home.  Stay there.  She came in and introduced herself like she had just been hired.  At least she is clean again.  And she is still cooking meals.

This was Akira’s whim.

Shannon is never going to get promoted again.  Her performance bar is barely moving, her mood/needs/emotions suck all day long.  She should have been promoted two days ago.

She goes straight to the cake because she has no energy remaining for anything else.

She is finally a full adult, and she is celebrating by going to bed.  Alone.

Zack is going to be the first toddler to master the potty, and he might be the first Happy Toddler in this family.  He is heading for the potty on his own.

Dumbass, sat down long enough to bump up the skill but not long enough to actually take care of his need.  He still needs to use the potty.  But right now he is going to bob to the music instead.

Because toddler attention span.

Now he is going to take care of his business.

Yay, pregnant Stacie is fixing the broken sink!  Stacie married someone named Ullal Ngo and is currently pregnant with her first baby.

Yes, share your illness with the toddler.  Give him big hugs while you are covered in a rash.

Zack really has it a lot better than the girls, especially the older girls.  He is well on track for Happy Toddler, just needing 50% for movement and 6% thinking.  The other three skills are already to level 3.

I just found Lilly like this.  No one is on a normal sleeping schedule.  They rarely go to bed on their own, normally I will send them to bed sometime in the early morning so they get some sleep before school.  But otherwise, they do a lot of napping or “napping”.

After her “nap”, Lilly went back to the dollhouse to play with Charity.  Since it is 2am, I sent everyone to bed for a few hours.  As they were getting up, Lilly gets the notice that she has maxed out creativity.  As I am looking I realize that Charity has also. This is the first time in a week that Diane has not been in the house when everyone has gone to bed.  Speed 3, how I have missed you.

Wait!  What is that I see?  Is that a smile?

Could it be?

Zack wakes up with three happy moodlets… Comforting Light, Rested, and Sunny Aspect.  He does have two sad moodlets and one angry moodlet but the happy moodlets are stronger for the moment.  And he is heading straight for the potty.

And, then he noped out of going potty and decided he wanted food instead.

Now he is heading for Nanny Diane, which means he will probably be using his diaper instead of the potty.  Dumbass.  He was so close.

Color me surprised.  Zack ate his food, and then called for Diane to let him out so he could go potty.

Zack made it back to the potty without an accident.

Yes, I am pretty excited too.

After a successful potty, Zack heads into the living room to watch Diane and brings his thinking skill to level 3.  That just leaves movement.

Right on cue, Zack heads over and begins dancing to the music.  He dances for awhile, but not quite long enough.  This was all Zack on free will.  I was just watching.

WTF Diane – you do not live here.  Go home!

And you brought your son?  Oh wait.  He came home with Charity or Lilly today.  And, he has been cleaning up.  This is Farhan, Akira’s son with Diane.

This is the point where Zack reached level 3 movement and officially became the first Happy Toddler in this challenge.

It is now Charity’s birthday.

She rolls Insider and Outgoing with the Renaissance Sim aspiration.

Zack was tracking down Akira to welcome him home.  Akira had gone to collect a frog – he is still looking for the Dirt Frog.

Shannon finally got promoted to Secret Agent, level 7.  That took for… ever.

Shannon then tracked down Zack, who was still being held by Akira so that Zack could welcome her home.

There was this weird, tense standoff between her and Akira for a few minutes.

Then he left to go cook dinner.

And Shannon got to pick up Zack.

Scoring: Nope


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