Shannon: Door 1, Week 7.2

Shannon is looking for ways to increase her parenting skill the last little bit she needs.  This doesn’t do it.

Natalie reads Zack a story but it is too cold for him and it makes him really sad.

I also finally did makeovers for everyone that has had birthdays recently.

Lilly decides to redecorate the house and Shannon puts her into time out for her choice.

Charity takes Zack to the potty but Lilly runs her out and they have a joint potty session.

After they finish with their joint potty session, Lilly cleans up after Zack.  She even takes the trash out also.

Natalie’s Domestic trait is the one that has her always seeking out the toddlers to interact with them, I do believe.

It takes almost his entire life, but Akira finally breeds the Dirt Frog, completing the frog collection and completing his aspiration.  He does all of this while making a Grand Ham Feast for Harvestfest.

Natalie tries to sing but she needs a day job and it shouldn’t be as a singer.

Akira keeps rolling whims for Zack.  He is showing a definite preference to spend time with Zack that he never showed with the girls.

Even Shannon is doing more with Zack on her own, but maybe that is because their parenting skill is higher now than it was in the beginning.

Natalie chills in the pool while Akira bakes her a birthday cake.

Shannon puts Zack to bed and heads to bed.  Charity and Lilly have already called it a day.

Natalie will be blowing out her candles alone.  She is moving out of this madhouse.  She rolls Unflirty, Erratic, and Foodie to go with her Super Parent aspiration.  Thanks to her time with the younger kids, she has already completed the first tier of her aspiration.  I noticed she was hysterical right as she blew out the candles but she down-graded to very playful as she aged up.  That was close.

Natalie doesn’t waste any time – she is married and pregnant within an hour of moving out.

I bought them an ice cream maker and had Akira make a tub of Taste of Diet ice cream which is sitting on the counter.  Then when it is close to spoiling, I had Shannon make another tub.  It is up to them to eat it though.

Charity is the first to eat enough to see the benefit.

Little dude here is going to be an overachiever for this house.  He has mastered the potty – waking up to rush to the potty to avoid an accident, and he is at level 4 communication, and level 3 in everything else.

Shannon decides to repair the Lin-Z and someone else repaired the broken plumbing.  There is nothing broken in the house at the moment, and that is without hiring a repairman.  I keep thinking that since Shannon never gets dressed, that maybe she should choose something different for this outfit category.

Zack has a bowl of ice cream because that is what is sitting out.  I don’t think the diet ice cream works on the toddlers though.

Charity asks what he wants and he asks for a story.  This gets his imagination to level 4.

Shannon and Akira have a flirty moment and I realize that Diane hasn’t been hanging around.

This gets his thinking to level 4.  His movement is still level 3 but it is getting closer to level 4 also.

The struggle is real – cake or ice cream?  And in this case, one makes you fat, and the other makes you thin.  Spoiler: Akira chose the cake.

Charity had a hard day at school.  Lilly did too, but she made it inside to her bed before passing out.

Zack wakes up when Lilly comes in and changes his radio station from lullabies to something that isn’t lullabies.  Now he is angry because he is starving and he wants cake but he also wants to let everyone know he is angry.  Because he threw a tantrum he was put into the high chair and given a sandwich instead of getting cake.

After dinner, he asked to watch TV for a little while.  Then everyone went to bed, all by themselves.

Charity rolled the whim to run on the treadmill.  She is regretting that now.

Shannon is avoiding the ice cream.  She wants real food.  Carbs.  Noodles.  Garlic Noodles.

Zack wakes Akira up Saturday morning at 6am.  For no other reason than it is 6am on Saturday morning.

He has a happy face as he walks into their room to wake up Akira.

After waking up Akira, Zack heads to the potty, and Akira heads for the kitchen.

Zack continues his skill progression, reaching level 4 movement by playing with Charity.

Akira continues his weight progression.  Even though he makes the ice cream, he never eats a bite.

Zack rolled whims to talk to the stuffed bear and then to hit the stuffed bear.

This is the face he was making as he maxed out communication.

Akira checks on Zack and decides to put him to bed.  Good decision.

Shannon eats a cone… she needs two servings for the ice cream to have an effect.

But that being said, it does look like it has helped a little bit.  Maybe not.

Zack has now maxed out imagination.

Akira has reached his elder birthday.  He is getting closer to escaping this reality.

Getting older is not for the weak or the faint of heart.

That is the look of a boy that loves his daddy.

I missed the announcement of Shannon maxed out parenting – level 10.  All she needs now is to go into full parent mode to complete her aspiration.

Continuing the maxed skill train, Zack just maxed thinking by watching Akira.  All he is lacking is movement and he will be a top-notch toddler.

Charity seems to be energized most of the time so she is randomly doing sit-ups or push-ups and rolling whims to hip bump or enthuse about her interests.

Lilly is very energized and just wants to clean things.

Zack puts himself to bed at 1:30 am.  The rest of the family follows soon afterwards.

The birthdays continue with Zack’s birthday to child.  He did not make top-notch toddler, missing out on the movement skill.

Zack rolled Outgoing and the mental aspiration.

Shannon manages to complete her Super Parent aspiration, surprising just about everyone.  She switches to Successful Lineage next.

Shannon and Akira are still rolling whims for each other.

Shannon’s progress:

  • Aspirations
    • Serial Romantic -completed 4/4
    • Soulmate -completed 4/4
    • Super Parent -completed 4/4
    • Successful Lineage -completed 1/4
  • Career
    • Secret Agent -level 7 (needs to level up logic skill)
  • Skills
    • Charisma -level 10
    • Parenting -level 10
  • Age -Adult (19 days till Elder)

Scoring: Nope


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