Shannon: Door 1, Week 8

As they get older, they are getting calmer and really boring.  Akira rolled the whim to bake an apple pie.

Zack is cleaning up someone’s mess.

Charity is taking out the trash.

Everyone had to either go to work or school today except Shannon.  She wanted to meet someone new and make a friend so she ran out to meet and greet Don Lothario who was walking by.  Afterwards she played in the leaf pile until she was freezing.  I would have left her there but she had to pee and waddled her way back to the bathroom.  It could have been a really short update.

Home from school, the girls head for naps while Zack plays with the doctor set.

Charity begs Shannon to hire someone to come to the house for repairs, and then she pees on herself.

Shannon realizes that both toilets are broken, along with the shower and the stove, and decides to hire someone to come repair everything.  Maybe the repairman will be cute.  Spoiler: he was an elder and Shannon didn’t show any interest.

Finally, someone rolled a whim for something that didn’t involve buying or collecting or watching TV or playing a game.  Their whims have really gotten boring.  Shannon has the skills she needs for her next promotion, Akira needs to level programming but he won’t sit and do it for any length of time (and it is boring).  Of course, with risky woohoo, Shannon will probably end up pregnant again.

They still got it.

But maybe Akira should have not used it all at once.

Shannon looks strangely unmoved by what is happening.

She is still just staring at him.  Maybe she is trying to figure out what just happened?

Or, maybe she just wants to take a nap.

Grim takes pity on the family and cleans the bathtub before he leaves.

Lilly has to get out of the house for awhile and goes far, far away to build a snow pal.

Akira left one last gift as Shannon realizes she is pregnant again.

Deciding it is finally time to cover Shannon up since she rarely changes, she gets a different outfit that covers her ass up.

Zack continues to clean up after the mess-making slobs that live in this house.  They are really boring right now.  Seriously, they are doing nothing but crying, eating, mourning Akira, and chatting.  They aren’t rolling anything fun and they aren’t doing anything fun.

Shannon wanted to paint a sad painting, which is pretty cool when she is done.  She thought about keeping it, but she sold it instead.

And it is also Winterfest, so they get a tree.  Shannon is making a grand feast for breakfast and everyone will start opening presents after breakfast.

The family gathers for the meal, in their typical dysfunctional fashion.

I didn’t take a lot of pictures of the presents, but Father Winter must have known Shannon had a “hand” in Akira’s death because she got nothing but “sadness and lies”.

Then she peed on herself in the hallway, because being pregnant is hard.

The kids get up when Father Winter shows up.  They get presents from him and then everyone opens more presents from the pile of presents.

Then it is time for Lilly to blow out her candles.  I don’t know why she got dressed to blow out her candles.  Maybe she was going outside to mourn Akira again when it was time.

She rolls Vegetarian and Outgoing with the Bestselling Author aspiration.

Lilly gets to stay home her first day as a teen since she had her birthday late at night, which she takes advantage of with the drinking of coffee and taking of selfies.  Isn’t she so cool?

Speaking of cool – Zack went for a swim in the freezing cold.  This is what happens when you don’t watch them – they slip out of your grasp and do stupid stuff.  And is starting to make me interested in starting an ISBI.

I wanted to see him freeze to death but he was smart enough to head inside to warm up.  {I was not controlling him – he made the decision to swim in the winter and then made the decision to go inside to warm up.}

Akira comes out to haunt and the first thing he does is break the shower.  Then he mops of the water, and then he fixes the shower.  After cleaning up the dishes and taking out the trash, he breaks the shower one last time.  He did attempt to go back and fix the shower a second time, but never finished, so it remains broken.

Since Akira’s death, the kids have started taking turns sleeping with Shannon.  Generally it is whoever gets there first.

Every week, I set out their projects and wait to see who will do what.  None of these belong to Stacie or Natalie.  Charity has started four projects, Lilly and Zack have each started one.  I take it back – the broken project was probably Stacie’s but was broken by one of the kids a long, long time ago.  Charity’s birthday is in four days, so she is about to be directed to finish these projects because they are irritating me.  This will be their weekend activity – to finish all of the half-completed projects.

Everyone starts working on the projects, and Shannon pitches in to help also.  They actually get all of the started projects done Friday before the go to bed.  The projects that haven’t been started will continue to sit in their boxes until someone starts them, and then that sim will be the one that will have to complete it.

Yummm, those chicken nuggets look really good.  I know what I am going to have for lunch or dinner today.

Make room, Shannon is coming through – labor has started and she is miserable.  She really needs to stop having babies.

She has a boy – Eric.  She is really hoping he is the last baby she has, but I guess we’ll see what whims she has over the next two or three weeks.

Happy New Year’s.  I realized this would have been a better a picture if I had taken it a few seconds later.  At this point, it just looks like the TV is broken.

Shannon’s progress:

  • Aspirations
    • Serial Romantic -completed 4/4
    • Soulmate -completed 4/4
    • Super Parent -completed 4/4
    • Successful Lineage -completed 2/4
  • Career
    • Secret Agent -level 7 (needs to level up logic skill)
  • Skills
    • Charisma -level 10
    • Parenting -level 10
  • Age -Adult (16 days till Elder)
  • Children
    • Stacie (Akira Kibo))
    • Natalie (Akira Kibo)
    • Charity (Johnny Zest)
    • Lilly (Paolo Rocca)
    • Zack (Akira Kibo)
    • Eric (Akira Kibo)

Scoring: Nope


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