Shannon: Door 1, Week 9

Charity is the first one to respond or even react to Eric’s cries.  All freaking day.  They received two warnings from social services before someone decided to feed him.  I was curious how long they would leave him, or how long it would take social services to show up.

Shannon decided to get out of bed to pass out.  Everyone else went to bed without a problem.

Akira came out to play, but spent most of the night crying.  He stopped by to see his son but didn’t do anything to make him feel better.

Shannon wanted to tell someone a dirty joke, so hey here’s Akira.  She greeted him with a passionate kiss, told him the joke, and then wandered off to the living room to watch TV,

She is holding court with the kids before they leave for school.

While everyone is at school, it is Eric’s birthday and Shannon is there to help him out of the bassinet.  Cutie-patootie.

He is wild and hits the ground running.  He can smell food and is tracking it down, while Shannon is feeling poorly.

The interest in the toddler seems to have been limited to Zack because Shannon has rolled no whims to interact with Eric, and when he walked up to give her a hug, she walked away.  Then he pooped.

After pooping he went to play in the toilet.  He doesn’t quite have the connection between the toilet and the pooping.

Ignoring her kids, Shannon goes shopping.  She buys a pond filled with piranha, a rodent of some kind, and a wishing well.  She sells the bees and the telescope.

Eric is not happy about being ignored.

Not happy at all.

Charity gets him into the high chair and gives him something to eat.  But he only is content to eat half of it before throwing it on the floor.  Shannon just happens to be walking through the kitchen on her way to stock the pond when she catches him making the mess.  She takes the time to scold him and then continues on her way.

Lilly comes over to see what he wants, but then leaves him there to take a nap.

He ends up taking two naps before he wakes up enough to realize he wants down.

Zack can’t help as he wanders by with a piece of birthday cake.

Charity rescues Eric and takes him to bed.

But it is a little too late, and he gets out of bed to pass out on the floor.  She waits patiently for him to wake up and then tucks him into bed.

He doesn’t stay asleep for very long, and when he gets up, he goes straight for the dollhouse where he promptly destroys it.

Shannon is right on his tail and is there to scold him while Zack stands there crying his perfect little heart out.

Eric is starving and exhausted and proceeds to throw, not one, not two, but three tantrums in a row while Shannon sits there until he finishes.

Then she takes him to feed him.  He takes three bites – I counted – and throws his food on the floor.  Shannon was waiting and is ready to scold him again.  He is cute, but I am ready for social services to come get him.  Just kidding.

Zack is a bear.  A bear cleaning someone’s mess.

Shannon is standing guard over several messes.

And Eric contributes a little more to the mess.  Shannon still has not rolled any whims related to Eric.

Out of all of the household members, Eric chooses to wake up the single sim who cannot do anything for him.

Then, he goes to sleep in the chair.  This he does, because someone went into the nursery and changed the radio from lullabies to talk radio.  Side-eye at my husband.

Shannon takes a few minutes to feed the rodent but she can’t be bothered to feed her toddler.

She also feeds the piranha.

Then she falls in, and I hold my breath… but she climbs out in one piece.

Eric catches Shannon’s attention long enough to get a bath, which is good because his diaper was turning green.

Then he headed for the cereal.  He actually picked up the cereal and went to the couch to sit down.  Sat down.  Then got up and walked back to put the cereal down so he could throw a tantrum because he is hungry.

Then Shannon put him in the high chair and gave him peas.

Three bites and the bowl hits the floor.  Again.

Shannon was waiting…

Eric heads back to the dollhouse that Shannon repaired and destroys it once more.

Then he cries because someone destroyed the dollhouse.  Because toddlers.

Shannon yells at Eric because he destroyed the dollhouse which makes him sad, then it makes him mad.  He is so misunderstood.

Once she leaves for work, he heads outside to destroys the older kids projects.  Lilly distracted him before he could do anything to that particular one.  The other destroyed projects were Charity’s handiwork because everyone sucks.

Speaking of Charity, she just received word that Johnny (her father) died.

And it is her birthday.  Charity rolls Foodie, Insider, and Outgoing.  She also picks up Responsible and Mediator – seriously, she has positive Conflict Resolution.  Her aspiration is Renaissance Sim, so she also has Quick Learner.  Good-bye Charity – Congratulations for escaping.

Lilly tries to feed Eric again.  Peas, again.

This time he only takes one bite before relocating the peas to the floor.

He sits and waits to see if Shannon is going to say anything but there were no witnesses this time, so there are no consequences.  She literally walked in as he was throwing them on the floor so technically did not witness it, and cannot scold him for it.

Shannon heads outside to feed the piranha.  {please fall in}

Then she rolls the whim to make a wish.  She wishes for happiness, but what she got was nothing worth writing about.

Inside Charity checks on Eric and lets him out of the high chair.

Eric heads outside to hug Shannon but decides to throw a tantrum by the time he gets to the bottom of the stairs.

MCCC is right on the ball and the moment Charity moves out, she is married and has adopted a baby…  They are living with Paolo because there weren’t any empty houses and I didn’t feel like putting down more.

Natalie is married to Ellis Jang and has a little girl, Terra.

Stacie is married to Ullal Ngo and has a little boy, Uriah.

Lilly is now the oldest in the house, and the last to go to bed.

Zack discovers the dollhouse is broken once again.

Shannon rolls the whim to make another wish, so she wishes for happiness again.

Black smoke is not a good sign for Shannon, but I am laughing so hard right now.

This is the death outcome and I am {so} ready for this.  This has been a very stressful reality for everyone.

The wishing well grants her happiness in the form of hysteria.  About this time, Eric has gotten up and is headed to the couch to eat something.  Shannon sits down with Eric and I have no idea what that conversation was about, but he sure doesn’t look impressed.

Then she starts laughing and she just can’t stop.

Eric keeps right on eating because that camper’s stew is dee-lish-ous.



{just a little more}

{hmm, something might be wrong with this picture – I think the bowl is almost empty}

Eric is really enjoying his lunch.

Eric has finished eating and realizes that there is a stranger in the house.  This isn’t right.

The stranger made his mommy disappear and now he is looking at Eric.

And at that moment, the power company turned off the power.  Oops

Since Lilly is at school, the nanny was called.  While waiting for the nanny, Eric asks the Reaper if he can fix Shannon’s booboo with a band-aid.  {spoiler: the answer was no}

Nanny Diane is back.  She checks on Eric, and he wants a bath! {giggle}

Playing in the bath and Eric is happy for the moment.  Then Lilly comes home and pays the bills, and she now has to raise Zack and Eric.

But Door 1 is complete!

Shannon’s progress:

  • Aspirations
    • Serial Romantic -completed 4/4
    • Soulmate -completed 4/4
    • Super Parent -completed 4/4
    • Successful Lineage -completed 2/4
  • Career
    • Secret Agent -level 7 (needs to level up logic skill)
  • Skills
    • Charisma -level 10
    • Parenting -level 10
  • Age -Adult (13 days till Elder) ~I think

Scoring: Nope


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