Shannon: Door 2, Chapter 1

Because whims in Sims 4 are not like wishes in Sims 3, the challenge will be a little different and this is a test of the new rules.  The challenge is still to let the sim take the lead – the only direction I will be giving will be directly related to fulfilling her whims and career or aspirational goals.  It will still be up to Shannon to take care of her needs to decide the direction of her life.  This challenge will be a new way of playing for me since I generally ignore the whims, and since the option was recently given to hide whims, they have been hidden. For this challenge, obviously, they have been turned back on.

Shannon’s first life was romance – love and family.  Shannon’s second life will be creative – painting, writing, and music.  Maybe not so many kids.  We’ll see what she chooses this time.

Shannon will begin her second life with the traits of Noncommittal, Outgoing, and Good.  She has the Painter Extraordinaire aspiration and the bonus trait of Muser.

Déjà vu

She will begin each life on the same 30×30 lot in Newcrest – Tranquil Crescent – with the same house downloaded from the gallery, uploaded by SkyriderZzpjx.

She has her very small house set up and ready to go – and it is very small.  I made minimal changes, mostly selling the trees and adding a computer, bookcase, and easel, upgrading the bed slightly, switching the tub for a shower/tub combo.  Little things really.  The lot traits are set at Sunny Aspect, Home Studio, and Natural Light.  Shannon is left with §0 to begin each life.

Shannon got a makeover, so hopefully this doesn’t throw everyone off.  This is still Shannon though, just with more red/orange than pink, and more a creative view on life.  And she cut off the bangs for this life.

While Shannon waits for someone to walk by for her first whim, she chooses to play a computer game.  She has two whims to choose from – to meet someone new and to buy something.  Since she has zero funds, the winner is a new someone.  Then I remember, she needs a job, so she calls and takes a job as a Painter.  After making the call, she goes right back to playing the game.  She doesn’t have the money to start painting, so she is waiting.

After giving the game a chance to send sims walking about, Shannon finally leaves her game playing and heads out to meet someone new – Alex Moyer.  The game has sent no single male sims out for her to meet yet.

After Alex decides that it is time to go, Shannon plays in the rain.  She seemed to enjoy it although she is not enjoying the feeling of being soaked.

Deciding she needs some money, she makes a circuit around the neighborhood collecting crap to sell.  She finds enough to buy her first canvas so that she can begin painting for her career tasks, her aspiration, and for her whim to get creative.

Shannon’s first day is fairly tame and kind of boring.  Now we get to watch her eat a grilled cheese sandwich.

She rolls a whim to go to the museum, so she calls up Alex and off they go.  And then I wait to see what she does…

I am impressed because she heads inside and meets people – Nancy Landgraab and someone named Stefan Lawson.  Alex also joins them and they talk until Nancy and Stefan leave.  She now knows three sims, and it is just her first day.

After Nancy and Stefan left, Shannon went home and painted.  After painting the same painting three times, she completed the task for work, was about halfway through the first tier of her aspiration, had almost reached level 4 painting, and had become a Notable Newcomer with the Noticeable fame perk.  Not bad for her first day in the new life.  Oh, and she has §543 in savings.

While Shannon is at work, Stefan stops by but he leaves before she comes home from work.

He is still somewhere in the vicinity so she tries to watch TV with him, but he never shows up.

Her next whim that doesn’t involve painting is to buy a musical instrument, so the cheapest one is the violin.  Since she is working on the creative aspirations, she gets a violin.

Then she wants to play in the rain before work.  I keep thinking that a few lightning strikes this early in the challenge would make for a short life, but nothing happens and she heads off to work safely, and in one piece.

She even comes home with a promotion to Art Book Collator, level 2.  She already has the painting skill needed, so she only needs to create some paintings for her daily task.  For her aspiration, she needs to create a painting while inspired, and she has a whim to sell a painting.

Shannon has a late night visitor and introduces herself to Vlad.  By greeting him, she is able to keep him from drinking from her for at least one night.

As she walks away, Vlad shows his evil side.

Shannon’s second nighttime visitor is Caleb, who comes by in disguise.  Shannon gets the opportunity to meet him also.

Then she heads to bed, but both Vlad and Caleb invite themselves inside and make themselves at home.  Shannon does not feel threatened because she went to bed and went to sleep.

Shannon comes home from work with so much tension.  She is going to have to find something fun to do.

Instead of fun, she has a whim to sell a painting and her aspiration requires her to sell two more paintings.  She is too tense to paint but she wants to take a bath.  So, she is taking a bath, but it doesn’t help.

While she is taking a bath, she gets invited to a party at the Bluffs by Vlad.  She accepts, but any social interactions are now left up to her, so I sit back and watch what she chooses.

She runs off to dance leaving Vlad smoking at the entrance.  Hopefully the sun goes down before he bursts into flames.

As 7 pm rolls around Vlad joins the dancers, but still I have lots of worry that his demise is going to ruin her night.

In the middle of the dance party, she rolls the whim to do a cannon ball into the pool.  Afterwards, she heads back to the music in her swimsuit.  It might have just been an excuse to strip down, knowing Shannon.  Although, it is cold and she will spend the rest of the night telling anyone she talks to about the cold weather.

She rolls a whim to meet someone new, and this isn’t him.  She started up a conversation with this sim randomly, so the rest of the night was spent with him – any whims were aimed at him until the party ended.

She wanted to show off her muscles…

She wanted to make a friend…

When the party ended, she took her frozen ass home.

Getting home at 2 am and having to be at work at 9 am – but she took care of her needs first.  Food, pee, sleep – in that order.

It says something that she is actually promoted UP to Hungry Artist.  This is actually how she comes home every day – same pose, different picture.

She wanted to vent to someone, so she called and invited Tracy over and then proceeded to unload all of her problems on him.

Afterwards, she had a tiny bit of regret for telling him all of her problems, but he doesn’t seem like he minds all that much.

They stood there and stared at each other for a little while without talking.

Finally her tension is gone and she is happy enough to give Tracy a hug.

He plays on the computer while she paints a picture that I would have preferred to hang in her house, but sell it she must since that was the whim and the aspiration.  Then they spent some time stargazing to fill a whim.  The she went to bed and he left.

Shannon hasn’t been very good about getting into the shower in this life either.  The problem is that she wants either a mud bath or a bath with soaks and her tub doesn’t offer the option so she just doesn’t.

Before she can decide she stinks, Tracy invites her to go uptown for a night out.  It is Love Day but this isn’t a date, but who knows what might happen, so she accepts.  She heads straight for the karaoke and shows that singing is not her strength, even if this is the creative life.

Deciding to see if Love Day has a chance, Shannon attempts a flirt.  Despite the fact that Tracy followed her into the bathroom, he rejects her flirt.  She probably should have taken the shower.

Blowing him off – and not in the fun way – she heads over to see if she can get an autograph from Judith Ward.

Then she goes home.  Love Day officially sucks.

After Love Day comes Talk Life a Pirate Day.  Will the fun ever stop?

Shannon is not finding work fun at all.  Although all of her other needs are in great shape, she comes home with her fun non-existent.  She heads in to watch a cooking show on TV and then Tracy calls and invites her to the Romance Festival.

The required activity at the festival is to paint a painting, which Shannon does first.

Cute, and she sells it immediately.

Then because it is the Romance Festival, Shannon and Tracy drink of the Sakura Tea together.  This is the first time Shannon has been flirty in this lifetime.

They take their relationship into the romantic stage and have their first kiss.

Shannon even rolls a whim to ask someone to go steady.  With Tracy as her romantic interest, she moves things along until that is an option.

Immediately after asking him to be her boyfriend, she tells him about her commitment issues.  That goes over about as well as you would expect.

At least she warned him up front what he is getting himself into.

Wolfgang stopped by Shannon but, dude – you are still a teen so move along.

After taking a pee, Tracy comes back to let Shannon know they are still okay, then he heads off to get some food before they shut the festival down.

Shannon is freezing so it is a good thing the festival is just about over.

Home again, time to take care of some needs.

Shannon sends Tracy a flirty text (a whim) but when she calls to chat (another whim) he gripes that it is in the middle of the night and he is sleeping.  So, Shannon goes to bed.

Scoring: Nope


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