Shannon: Door 3, Chapter 1

Because whims in Sims 4 are not like wishes in Sims 3, the challenge will be a little different and this is a test of the new rules.  The challenge is still to let the sim take the lead – the only direction I will be giving will be directly related to fulfilling her whims and career or aspirational goals.  It will still be up to Shannon to take care of her needs to decide the direction of her life.  This challenge will be a new way of playing for me since I generally ignore the whims, and since the option was recently given to hide whims, they have been hidden. For this challenge, obviously, they have been turned back on.

Shannon will begin her third life with the traits of Noncommittal, Outgoing, and Kleptomaniac.  She has the Renaissance Sim aspiration and the bonus trait of Quick Learner.

She will begin each life on the same 30×30 lot in Newcrest – Tranquil Crescent – with the same house downloaded from the gallery, uploaded by SkyriderZzpjx.

She has her very small house set up and ready to go – and it is very small.  I made minimal changes, mostly selling the trees and adding a computer, bookcase, and easel, upgrading the bed slightly, switching the tub for a shower/tub combo.  Little things really.  The lot traits are set at Romantic Aura, Home Studio, and Sunny Aspect.  Shannon is left with §0 to begin each life.

Shannon gets a makeover for this life, and hopefully it will go better than the last one.

The first thing Shannon wants to do is start a new career.  This is a new feeling – Shannon wanting to do something productive.  Let’s take a moment and enjoy the feeling.

Now that there has been time to appreciate the newness of this feeling – what job should Shannon take?  She is going to become an Astronaut.  Of course, now she needs a chess table, which she has no simoleons to buy.  So, she will be fishing until she comes up with another idea that sounds better.

After making the rounds collecting what little is available, Shannon stops to greet the ladies out at the park.  She has the whim to enthuse about the steal, and Lily Feng looks to be the right target for that comment.

Shannon was right and she and Lily have a positive reaction to each other.  Who knows, this may be Shannon’s future best friend.

Heading home, Shannon wants to level up cooking, which means she needs to sell some of what she collected so that she can afford to cook some meals.

There is no explanation for this face.  It was random and came out of the blue.  Shannon has been in a fine mood all day – not good or bad, just fine.

The next day is a day of work and then time spent gathering the plants that have started growing.  Akira calls and invites her out but the option went away before she could respond.  Then she spent §10 on a cupcake.

Vlad finally comes over to greet Shannon and welcome her to the neighborhood.  She gets up to greet him back since she has the whim to have a chat with someone, and he is a someone.

Then she heads off to read a book and play some solo chess leaving him standing at the door.  Eventually he leaves and when morning comes, Shannon heads off to work.

It is Tuesday evening and for the first time, Shannon is in a mood other than fine.  She is happy.  She finally has a whim that is emotionally-based – she wants to send a happy text.

She picks her future best friend, Lily, and they meet at the Von Haunt Estate, because Lily is weird.  Shannon needs to play chess for her job and level chess for her aspiration, so she and Lily play chess while they get to know each other better.

Then Lily leaves Shannon there with someone dressed up as a knight.  Just great.

After finding the bathroom, Shannon heads home.

Vlad comes back that night and Shannon is able to wake up in time to avoid the mesmerizing.  He has already changed into his dark form, but she distracts him by asking if he would like to cloud gaze with her instead.

Well, this is different, but sure.  Count Vlad and Shannon spend the night cloud gazing and Shannon attempts to avoid the feeding.

Well, crap.  That didn’t work, it just delayed the drinking.

With time to kill now before work, Shannon reads another book, if that is what you call it.

Then she trolled some forums so she could level up mischief.  Apparently, the kleptomaniac trait works better with a high level mischief trait.

Then her coworker, Liberty, invited her to one of the lounges before work, so she went and had a drink (because its okay to go to work tipsy).

Nothing like coming home from work with a hangover and exhausted.  Hopefully she finds her bed before she passes out in the street.  (she did – find her bed before she passed out)

The next day (I think) she barely gets home with her promotion and Liberty is calling to congratulate her on her recent promotion to Technician (level 3).  And with the congratulations is a trip out to celebrate.

Shannon doesn’t even have time to shower and change and ends up sitting in a corner because she smells really bad.

Nancy Landgraab is there and she goes into labor.  Shannon is about to swipe her drink, but Nancy downs it between contractions.

Before leaving Shannon meets Baako, who doesn’t seem all that concerned about the odor.  They were flirting with each other, either though neither were flirty, and they don’t have a romantic bar – so it was just a casual flirting, I guess.  Shannon called it a night and went home because she is about to pass out, as usual.  There are a lot of pregnant sims walking around, but Shannon isn’t one of them.

Food, shower, or bed – she needs all three pretty bad, but which one will she choose first?  Bed, of course.

It is a good thing she got some sleep, because the next day is Love Day and as soon as the holiday started, Baako called her up and asked her out on a date.  Of course she hasn’t showered yet.  And no one has mentioned his wife out loud yet.

They both head to the bathroom first, where Shannon washes her hands a few times (apocalypse-learning), then she heads over to the bathroom where Baako is talking to the talking toilet.  Soon the bathroom is so crowded because apparently it is the place to be.

Damn celebrities.

Deciding to try to complete a few of the Love Day traditions, Shannon is sharing the Love Day spirit.

She even tries singing about Love Day.

She gives Baako a daisy.  And still the damn traditions hasn’t completed.  But he liked the daisy, which he is the first sim to ever like the daisy.

Damn celebrities.

At this point, they are on their own, holiday traditions be damned.

Baako can’t resist the siren call of the talking toilet and leaves Shannon to spend the rest of the date on her own.

She joins the celebrity stalkers in pissing me off.  At least she got gold for the holiday.  After she got home, she decided she wanted to woohoo, literally an hour before she had to leave for work.

Shannon goes to work, then comes home and crashes.  When she gets up the next morning (and has three days off) she grabs some breakfast and notices that “something stinks”.  Yeah, wonder what that might be.

Shannon wanted to play chess, until she was playing chess.  But the whim was pinned to play chess until she leveled logic, so she plays chess.  When she does level up, she decides she wants to buy a microscope.  She didn’t get the microscope yet.

She rolls her first whim for a painting, and at least this life (so far) there isn’t anyone that will be stealing them off of her walls.  Although she will probably just sell it.  Yeah she sold it as it was poor quality.  Then she started painting something on her own that looks like a landscape.

Shannon steals something from work every day, and she needs to start picking better items.  Dirty dishes aren’t really helping her finances any.

Scoring: Nope


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