Shannon: Door 3, Chapter 2

Shannon has a quiet weekend and basically piddles around the house.  I have been watching The Crown and really distracted, so that means she has been also.  But at least she survived my distraction this time.  Besides she has only been rolling whims to cook, so she has been cooking.

Shannon’s quiet weekend is slowly coming to an end and she has increased both cooking and painting to level 4 for her aspiration – all based on her whims.

Count Vlad calls and invites Shannon out to a party at the bluffs

They stand around talking and talking and talking.  Finally Shannon goes to lay down, which means it is time to end the dance party and go home.

On Monday, her last day off from work, Shannon decides she wants to level up logic.  She is lonely, but hasn’t rolled a whim to actually talk to anyone or go anywhere.

Shannon actually spoke to the mail lady, who happens to be married to Vlad.

She hung around and chatted for a bit and then left.  Shannon made a run around collecting things and then went to bed.

Seriously?  Vlad comes back for more Shannon, and not in the pleasant way.

She tries to distract him but he isn’t having any of that.  He gets what he wants and leaves her asleep on the floor.

When she wakes up, she spends some time researching the strawberry plant outside.  Random, but that is Shannon.

Liberty invites her out to one of the bars for alien night and even though she is exhausted she goes.  She does meet several new potential friends before she heads home.  She had a whim to play the game but she was so miserable that playing wasn’t an option.  So she went home.

With some time before work the next morning, Shannon wishes to go to the gym and there she meets up with Isaac.

Then she goes for a jog and does some push-ups, which bumps her up to level 2 and gives her the requirements for her next promotion.  She needs to bring one more skill to level 4 to complete this tier so she isn’t changing jobs yet – and she hasn’t had the whim to change jobs yet.

Shannon does get her promotion and Lily calls and asks her out to celebrate but Shannon decides to stay in tonight and get some sleep.

Shannon is rolling fitness whims so it looks like that might be her fourth skill, if she can figure out how to stay on the treadmill.  She might be better off just jogging though, since she doesn’t fall down when she jogs.

Shannon decides she wants to go to the gym.  She doesn’t invite anyone she knows because she wants to see who she meets.

She watches TV.

She eats peas.  I got to say that I never thought peas smelled all that appealing.

She took care of every need except social – she showered and peed.  She kind of spoke to Brent but not enough to add him to her contact list or raise her social any, and then she went home.

Liberty invites her over before work and she finds out that she has a toddler and another one on the way.  Or maybe not, since the toddler is Isaac Scott and Liberty is/was married to Dennis Kim.  Dennis is now dead with his gravestone on the corner of the lot behind Liberty.

Shannon greets Isaac and asks him if he wants to play – he, of course, says no.

So, of course, they play.

Shannon takes him inside to the couch where she reads him a story while Liberty plays on the tablet.

Then Liberty gets up and leaves for work.  Maybe she invited Shannon over to babysit?  She still hasn’t explained who Isaac is and what exactly is going on here.  Shannon just goes with it for now, but she keeps expecting him to poof away to daycare.

After reading him stories, and chatting with him, and playing with him, she gives him a sippy cup of milk – which really makes him excited and happy.

Then she leaves him standing there as she heads back home, and off to work.  Bye Isaac, go to daycare now.   I guess he actually lives here with Liberty.

The holiday Night on the Town pops up so Shannon heads out after work and introduces herself to a random sim standing outside the bar.  Then he disappears.

Inside the bar, it turns out it is ladies’ night.  She orders tapas and then she tries to take the tapas platter that she ordered but it was considered stealing and everyone was shocked.  That doesn’t seem fair.

Back home, Shannon decides to work on fitness some more.  She is close to completing the second tier of the aspiration and she is ready to get it done.  She jogs for a little while but it is late and she wants a shower.

After the shower, she jumps on the treadmill and runs until she reaches level 4.  Of course, now she needs level 5 in 5 skills and her aspiration says it is time to change careers.  Shannon’s whims, at the moment, want a workout machine, another level in logic, and some bees.

She gets the workout machine, and her bedroom is expanded to make room for it.  The desk and computer are moved into her room since it is now the largest room in the house.

She also gets the bees and she immediately rolls the whim to bond with the bees.

After playing the bees, she wanted to meet someone new, and Caleb walked by.  She went out and introduced herself and they had a long conversation.  She didn’t have any whims, but they kept the conversation going themselves.  They talked long enough that she now has a higher relationship with Caleb than with any other male she knows.  Only her female friends are higher.

Until eventually Shannon couldn’t keep her eyes open and she headed into the house, leaving Caleb standing at the street, watching her walk away.  And he did watch her walk to her house, waiting for her to get inside before he left to go home.

EA accessories strikes again.

Caleb is spending his days working at the local food stall which works out well when Shannon decides she wants to see him again.  Because, yes, this is the sim Shannon has had the best reaction to meeting.

Then the Romance Festival comes to town and off they go.  The only direction given is to drink tea together.  The rest is up to them.

They don’t seem to have any problem with that.

Shannon needs to paint a painting while she is here, so she goes to do that.  Caleb was standing at the punch bowl so she called him over while she was painting and he stood with her until she finished.

Then they flirted and told jokes and rolled whims.  Shannon was rolling wants to woohoo, which can’t be done here so those were canceled.  Then she was rolling whims for kissing and finally a whim to have a boyfriend.

Of course, the instant the festival was over, Shannon was heading home.

Caleb followed her home but as Shannon was already in bed asleep, he stood outside all night.

Baako sends Shannon a text message, which is interesting because she has never stolen anything from him, and has never been in his house.

Shannon’s next attempt to bond with the bees doesn’t go as smoothly as her first.

Scoring: Nope


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